July 22, 2018

Ep 016 - QUICK COACHING: The Grieving Process

Our first Quick Coaching episode!

In these mini episodes we will be sharing a quick coaching tip so you can move forward in your journey towards Intuitive Eating and Body Love with some tangible skills and mindset shifts.

Today's Quick Coaching is about the grieving process - this is a vital step in the process that a lot of people miss and therefore get blocked from finding true freedom.


What are you grieving?

  • The thin ideal
  • Your past body
  • The idea that you can control their body size
  • The idea that a diet will fix everything and that they work
  • The loss of the time and energy you put into dieting in the past
  • Grieving/forgiving yourself for being so hard on yourself for so long
  • Anything else you feel like you need to let go of

Let us know if you did the activity and how you think it'll help you moving forward by emailing us at hello@thebodylovesociety.com

If you are looking for DAILY support so you can actually become an Intuitive Eater and feel confident in your journey you may be interested in checking out the Intuitive Eating Academy -- www.thebodylovesociety.com/intuitive-eating-academy .


Much Love,

Jenna and Lauren

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