May 14, 2019

Ep 053 - Trying VS Doing VS Transforming

This journey has a lot of stages.

There are the early days. You just found out about Intuitive Eating. You know you've reached diet bottom but are unsure of really what to do.

You may have even read the book Intuitive Eating and it makes so much sense doesn't it?

I mean, clearly the meal plans and the strict rules aren't working. They leave us binge eating, obsessing over food all day and feeling out of control.

So, yes - listen to your body, let IT tell you what to do, eat, how to move.

This seems doable.

But here you are with the mind of a dieter and decades of dieting habits ingrained in you.

So you start TRYING this Intuitive Eating thing. 

You tell your friends you're trying to stop the diets.

You over eat at lunch and you promise yourself you'll try harder tomorrow.

The trying stage is the first step.

Then there's the doing stage.

This is where you really are committed to never dieting again, you mean business.

You are taking action - using the tools of Intuitive Eating, listening to the best non diet podcasts (I mean you're here after all!) and doing your best to tune into your body.

But this stage is still a lot of hard work. 

Lastly is the transformation stage.

This is where you are LIVING as an Intuitive Eater.

It just IS. You are transformed.

Listen to this episode to learn more about what next steps to take depending on which stage you are at right now.

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Lauren and Jenna 

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