May 5, 2019

Ep 053 - Weight Loss For Health Reasons

Do you wonder how you can lose weight for health reasons without it becoming another diet?

Do you have a health condition (or just want more overall wellness) and a doctor has recommended you lose weight?

If you are interested in learning how to lose weight for health reasons, tune into this episode.

We cover:

If and how you can lose weight when it's not about looks and vanity.

How to improve health overall.

What to focus on and not focus on if you are wanting to be healthier in your body!

We get asked this question every now and then and it was asked about in our free podcast community the How To Love Your Body Podcast Community.

If you want to get your questions answered in the group and on the podcast be sure to join the free community now!

Much Love,

Lauren and Jenna 

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