June 4, 2019

Ep 056 - True Balance and How to Get It

Today we are talking about the true way to achieve balance.

We like to call it the pivot and push.

Have you ever been a dieter who said, “I just want to lose x amount of pounds and stick to my diet” and THEN I’ll be balanced.

From experience and from coaching many women we have never come across anyone who was restricting, on a rigid meal plan, and then after their 30 day detox was up they all of a sudden became a balanced eater where they went from eating no dessert or carbs for 30 days and then could easily eat them sometimes and feel really balanced about it.

That’s just not how it works- if you have an unhealthy relationship with food- dieting and restricting is not going to magically change that into a place of balance and feeling sane.

Even when you let go of the restriction - just DECIDING to now be balanced doesn’t create freedom because old ways of thinking and diet mentality will take over again if not healed.

So here’s how you can achieve TRUE balance:

First you must pivot. This means making a big shift in the way you think about food and your body.

You’ve got to start with letting go of all the rules. Seriously, give yourself unconditional permission to eat. Allow allow allow. Let go of rigid meal plans, stop making food good or bad, stop shaming and guilting yourself when you eat. You have to let loose and really learn how to tune into your body. To not eat according to any diet rules but rather what your body is asking you for. You and your body have got to learn how to trust each other again. This is all the Intuitive Eating work and most importantly the mindset work that helps you shift the way you think about food and your body.

This is clearly easier said than done and pivoting is something we support women in, in The UnDiet Academy.

Essentially the pivot means repairing your mindset and relationship with food and your body -

THEN and only then can you push yourself a little.

Many people think that when you become an undieter you can’t push yourself to do anything that doesn’t feel 1000% amazing at all times when it comes to health and wellness but this isn’t true.

When you have a healthy relationship with food and your body it feels great to push yourself a little now and then .

But if you do this without pivoting first, it will just turn back into a diet.

What this means is it’s okay to pivot your thoughts and push yourself (in a way that feels good to you) to add more wellness into your life.

Its okay to push yourself to:

- Cook a healthy/ satisfying meal a few times a week even though it’s a bit more challenging to make time to cook. But you push yourself to do it because you know it makes you feel good.
- Go move your body when you don’t necessarily feel like it but you know once you get there it feels really good.
- Add more veggies into your week because you know you haven’t had any for the last few days.
- Decide not to drink every single weekend because it just doesn’t feel great. You choose when it’s worth it.
- Skip the dessert when you just feel way too full and you know you can have some tomorrow.
- Take leftovers home instead of making yourself finish it just because it’s in front of you. You know your body just won’t feel good.
- Add meditation into your life because you know it will reduce stress and that will feel so good even if it’s just for 5 or less minutes.
- Go to bed earlier because you know how important sleep is for your health.
- Saying no to the freshly baked cookies because you just ate dinner and feel too full but will gladly take some home for another time (or maybe later that night.)

Bottom line - it’s okay to push yourself to do things that will improve your health and wellness - the thing is you must be honest with your intention behind your choices, and that will only come with repairing your relationship with food and your body.

If you aren’t eating the dessert (even though you are dying to have it) because you’re secretly hoping for weight loss that isn’t wellness and that isn’t honoring yourself and healing your relationship with food and your body- and it definitely is not wellness without the obsession.

You’ve got to do the work and get to a place where you can be okay with allowing all food, feel free around choosing a donut or the green juice (it just depends on what your body is asking you for) and THEN you can get comfortable with the push.

In this circumstance the pivot and push is not a slippery slope- it’s making choices that you feel in alignment with. You feel free and at peace- choices that you make do not stem from diet rules, they stem from your truth. It’s empowerment!! It’s honoring yourself and your body with an intention of wanting to feel good - having wellness without the obsession.

You’ve got to let go so you can get to that place of balance! YOUR balance- no one else’s. It may look different for everyone- we don’t eat the same as each other AND we coach this stuff for a living!

Get real with yourself and ask yourself -
Have I truly let go of dieting?
Do my choices still stem from diet rules?
Do I truly allow all food?
Do I feel a mindset shift around food?
Can I make choices that aren’t tied to weight loss (even if they feel like traditionally “healthy” choices)?

Wherever you are at on your journey to wellness without the obsession, that’s GREAT, it’s exactly where you are meant to be in this moment - and if you are looking to keep moving forward, learn the pivot and push and find YOUR balance we would love to invite you to join our waitlist for The UnDiet Academy that is officially launching in July.

It’s our latest program, completely revamped with our best coaching content as we’ve learned over the years what you need to know to get you to wellness without the obsession - we have the answer, and we can’t wait for you to experience this step by step program with high touch support in order to get you there.

As a waitlister you’ll be FIRST to know about all the details / bonuses and everything that comes along with this incredible experience! Go to https://thebodylovesociety.com/the-undiet-closed/ to get on the waitlist which you can also access in the show notes.

Until next time!!

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