June 11, 2019

Ep 057 - QUICK COACHING: What is Wellness Without Dieting

Want to find YOUR true definition of wellness?

You can go right to the podcast episode. LISTEN HERE.

On this week's episode we are talking about redefining wellness (and doing it in a way that feels great to YOU).

What is your definition right now? What comes to your mind first?

Something that may have popped into your mind:

Wellness means - chicken and broccoli, going to the gym everyday/ workout programs, drinking special shakes, being on a meal plan, staying away from carbs and sugar. Going gluten free (even without an allergy) etc.

What is your definition now?

Where did that come from?

Is that what YOU truly believe?

Is that what you want your kids to believe?

Is this something you want to bring into the next phase as an UnDieter?

If you stripped down everything and started with a clean slate, meaning:

It’s as if you never learned anything from diet culture (as if it didn’t exist)- You didn’t have predetermined opinions around body size, beauty, weight, working out, food, etc.

Imagine yourself being re born onto the planet into the person you are today, into the body you have today.

There isn’t anyone, anything (like society) telling you how to act or think.


What beliefs would you create around what wellness means to you.

This can still include traditional physical well being -


-Regularly moving your body

-Eating nutritious foods

- etc

But we also want to be sure that you broaden your vision of wellness to mind, body, AND soul: this might look like.

  • Listening to your body (this might mean rest, working out, pizza or salad on any given day)
  • Making time to be social
  • Enjoying your favorite foods without guilt
  • Being flexible and letting go of rigidity when it comes to food and fitness
  • Setting boundaries with those around you

This can include so many things - just think what would be the most important to you to include in your new definition.

Keep this definition somewhere you can see it so you can remind yourself everyday of what you are living/ working towards (this definition can absolutely be a goal, you might not feel this right now and might still be working on repairing your relationship with food and your body but if you don’t see where you’re going, you can’t head in the right direction).

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If you'd like to listen to the full episode on redefining your definition of wellness- LISTEN TO THE EPISODE HERE.

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We are here to support you!


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