June 25, 2019

Ep 059 - The Nutrition Ally PLUS our free journal

Welcome to How to Love Your Body, today’s episode is a tool you can use to find WELLNESS without the obsession.

This is one of the 5 “wellness without the obsession” tools we coach you through in The UnDiet Academy so those in the program know it well but we wanted to share the basics of this tool with all of you so you can use it now.

A lot of women get stuck in knowing how to introduce wellness without it getting diety again.

AND most women DO want that.

Being an UnDieter doesnt mean only eating the foods you didn't used to allow yourself to eat.

It’s about honoring your body, mind and soul so you can live a life of wellness without the obsession.

Nutrition is a part of this.

But when we say nutrition you probably start to think, points, macros, calories or cutting out specific foods.

NO! There is another way to consider nutrition without it being rigid, restrictive or unenjoyable.

NOTE: We only recommend getting into these kinds of tools once you’ve done the mindset work of freeing yourself from the dieting mindset. If you’re unsure if you’re ready to think about nutrition -- don’t worry about it yet. BUT you CAN check out our mindset episodes which you can find at thebodylovesociety.com/podcasts-mindset/, we will link this in the shownotes.

Now let’s dive into the Nutrition Ally:

How do we consider nutrition without it being the FOCUS and “be all end all” of our food choices?

First Let’s explain what we are talking about when we say NUTRITION:

What it isn’t:


  • Reading nutrition labels
  • Tracking anything - calories, points, macros, grams of ______
  • Having nutrition/ food rules of any kind
  • Foods being good or bad
  • Restricting certain foods


What it is:


  • Wanting to eat more veggies because you havent been eating very many
  • The main intention is to feel good in your body
  • Nourishing your body OVER TIME (not looking for perfection every day or even the same amount of nutrition every day)
  • Allowing all foods to fit into your life
  • Being flexible while still wanting to eat a vibrant variety of foods


 So here are 5 steps to find THIS focus of nutrition:



  • Redefining what nutrition means to you. If it still means calories or a certain number of veggies every day it will be so hard not to fall back into these rigid ways.
  • When you are intentionally choosing more nutritious foods, make sure you LIKE THEM! Do not choke down kale or a green juice just for the sake of some vegetables. This will lead to feeling forced and deprived which often leads to back lash AKA binge eating. Really explore what you love.



  • Eat in the colorful area ( the opposite of all or nothing thinking) - just because you had a donut for breakfast doesn't mean the day is ruined, it also doesn't mean you can't have a green smoothie with it. Just because you want to start considering nutrition doesn't mean you have to skip the pizza and JUST eat the salad, have it all! Its ok to put cheese on your dang broccoli, it doesn't cancel out the benefits of the broccoli.
  • Remember you don't ALWAYS have to consider nutrition at every single meal for the rest of your life just because you want to focus some more on it. If you're having a big pasta dinner and you don't want to make a salad with it, don't. It's not all or nothing now, consider it when you want to and let it go and enjoy when you don't.
  • There are no rules. Whatever happens each day, you have not failed. If you intended to eat more veggies and you didn't, that's ok! Whatever you do or don't do is fine. Remember -- this is OVER TIME consideration of nutrition. If you don't get any veggies in one week, no biggie, Just keep tuning into your body and it will even out over time. Feeling guilty for not doing what you said you would do just turns you back into a dieter… the shame, fear and self loathing cycle begins all over again.

Self compassion is key here.

Want to create this for yourself? - Wellness without the obsession?

As you work towards embracing wellness without it taking over your life, we recommend having a daily activity that is getting you closer to your goals.

A powerful tool is our WWTO journal.. This is a free 14 day process for you to transform your relationship with wellness, so you can have it all - freedom, enjoyment, wellness and nourishment!

Go to https://theundiet.lpages.co/wwto-journal/ to grab your journal - be sure to tag us in your insta posts and stories and share about your journaling.

See you next week!

Jenna and Lauren xo

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