July 2, 2019

Ep 060 - QUICK COACHING: It’s hot out and I’m afraid to wear short sleeves!

Welcome to another episode of How to Love Your Body!

Today we are going to be doing a quick coaching episode on something that comes up a lot as we enter into warmer weather- also we’ll be sharing about a really exciting giveaway so stay tuned until the end to hear how you can enter! 

"It’s so hot but I’m scared to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts." 

We get it! It can be scary to go out of your comfort zone AND you deserve to feel comfortable on a hot day and not suffer in warmer clothes. 

The thing- most likely people don’t even care what you have on. 

We had a woman tell us that she was so scared of exposing her arms and would always cover them up in sweaters. She lived in NYC and during the summers she would sweat like crazy because she wouldn’t allow herself to wear t- shirts. 

One day she said screw it and decided to wear a tank top that day and as she got on the subway and sat down she realized not one person even looked at her. Everyone was just going about their own day. 

She kept wearing shirts that showed her arms everyday after that and she said that each day it got easier and easier. 

Even though it was scary and vulnerable she knew the only way to get over this fear was to just DO IT. 

Next time you want to wear a t shirt that shows your arms, remember the story of this woman and know that you are not alone! 

Will you take on this challenge this summer?
Move past the fear and choose to own your body - because after all it’s yours and only yours.

If you are ready to be DONE with the food and body struggle this year - if you know it’s your time to finally move on with your life - we are so excited to announce a contest for a spot in July’s UnDiet Academy!

The UnDiet Academy is our 90 day program that gets women out of the food and body struggle and into a life of wellness without the obsession.

To enter here’s what you need to do:


  1. Be on our waitlist for info about the program - you can join this at bit.ly/undietwaitlist
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  3. Tag a friend under our Monday July 1st’s instagram post - you can tag as many friends as you like in separate comments to enter multiple times.
  4. AND you must share the post in your stories or on your feed.

Good luck!
We will be announcing the winner on July 8th!

Feel free to reach out on Instagram if you have any questions or need any help entering to contest!

See you next week!

Love, Lauren and Jenna

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