July 10, 2019

Ep 062 - Causes of Binge Eating + Solutions

The causes of binge eating and how to escape them:


  • Physical 
  • Mindset
  • All or nothing thinking 


The physical reasons behind binge eating are : 


  • not eating enough all together, your body has an animalistic reaction when it is hungry and needs food, eventually the willpower has to wear off so your body can get sustenance
  • BUT IM EATING ENOUGH FOOD, I eat tons of chicken, brown rice and broccoli!
  • It’s about allowing all foods physically as well, if you cut our or restrict any food groups etc your body will fight to get these foods into it, our bodies hate being restricted
  • Satisfaction - after you eat if you’re still thinking about food or counting down to the next time you get to eat, you were not satisfied by your last meal. This might mean you need to add satisfying foods to your meals (eX a piece of bread with butter to your bowl of soup) or you needed to allow yourself to have MORE of what you were eating




  • Eat more
  • Eat more variety and do not restrict certain foods etc (we can talk about this in the free training we will be sharing at the end of the episode if you have allergies etc, this can still work)
  • Get satisfied every time you eat



 2. The mindset behind it all:



  • Allowing foods MENTALLY, if you are physically putting bread in your mouth but shaming yourself the whole time this is not truly allowing. Getting rid of guilt shame and morality around food is so vital.
  • Judgement - There is so much should, shouldnt’s, cant, have tos when it comes to food. You are not running the show, it is all fueled by judgement and fear which always leads to burn out. You cannot maintain a healthy lifestyle that is fueled by hate, shame and needing to “fix” yourself. When we live in a place of judgement around food and our bodies we will almost always end up hiding in the pantry with our hand scraping the bottom of the chip bag.
  • Having an abundance mindset, not a scarcity mindset. You’d think that when you’re binge eating you have an abundance mindset, you’re definitely eating in abundance! But thats not how it works. When you feel like you’ll be cut off from these foods on Monday, or you can only eat pizza tonight and you have to be good tomorrow, your brain and body go into overdrive trying to get all the food in before the famine begins (even though it is self imposed).



SOLUTION: Work on the way you see food, when you eat it, be calm and appreciate the delicious food instead of beating yourself up for “giving in”

Stop your thoughts in your tracks when you hear yourself think should, shouldnt, cant or have to.

Work on having an abundance mindset - the food will always be there if you want it. 

3. All or nothing thinking - this is a part of mindset but it is such a big deal it requires its own section.



  • Binge eating happens when we live in an all or nothing mindset. Ate a cookie that wasn’t on your meal plan? May as well eat every carb in the house then and start again on Monday. This screw it attitude fuels binge eating.
  1. If you do binge eat, you feel like you need to counteract it by going so far to the other extreme, i’ll eat really healthy tomorrow etc which just perpetuates the diet/ binge cycle

Solution: End the cycle, next time you binge, just relax until you’re hungry again and then eat normally!

If these things seem pretty big to tackle right now on your own we invite you to join us for our free live training on Monday July 15th 5pm called “4 steps to stop binge eating guaranteed” - you can grab your spot at bit.ly/undietfreetraining

We will see you there live if you’re ready to stop binge eating and you just want to live a life of wellness without the obsession!

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