July 16, 2019

Ep 063 - Can I lose weight and THEN do Intuitive Eating?

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I’ll just lose weight first then I’ll do intuitive eating...

This is a comment we get from quite a few women when they’re inquiring about The UnDiet and Intuitive Eating.

And we get it - it does seem to make sense to get to the size you want to be and then start listening to your body and then you’ll be free AND thin right??

Unfortunately that is not the way our minds or bodies work.

Getting deeper into the dieting mindset and the diet cycle by focusing on weight loss will never bring you to a place of balance. 

The only way to do this work is to stop what you’re doing now (even if youre not in your dream body), THEN you work on healing your relationship with food and your body.

THEN you find yourself in a place of balance and ease with food and wellness without the obsession.

It’s like when you’re dieting, you’re digging a hole and this logic of losing weight first is like continuing to dig in the hopes that you’ll pop out the other side, it does not work.

You have to put the shovel down and then start building a ladder out. 

Even if you do lose the weight that you want to lose, the destination will never be enough, there will always be something new to fix (im sure you’ve experienced that with weight loss before). Since it wont ever be enough you wont ever begin the journey of IE if you think you need to get your dream body, or even just lose weight first.

We do not promise weight loss or any body changes but this work also doesn’t mean you’ll never change.

You can still value your health, you can still exercise and eat nourishing foods, do all the things that matter to you without the strings of diet culture attached.

Just starting is the answer. Even if you’re scared, even if you’re not sure that you can accept this body you’re in at this moment. Even if you want to lose weight.

The only way to get out of the dieting madness is to start doing something else, now.

So if you are ready to begin (even if you’re scared) we encourage you to check out all of the details about The UnDiet Academy.

This is our 90 day program that gets you out of the diet cycle, away from binge eating, and into a life of wellness without the obsession.

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