August 1, 2019

Ep 065 - I don’t know what I want to eat!

Today on How to love your body we are talking about something that was brought up in The UnDiet Academy - what do you do if you don’t know WHAT you feel like eating??

"Something I’m having the most trouble with lately is knowing what I feel like eating, because I have difficulty tuning into what I actually want to eat. Sometimes I just dont eat at all or  I find myself asking what’s the “healthiest” option and after that question I just kind of give up, in an effort to stop labelling food, and I grab the quickest thing to eat (cereal, muesli bar) even if it’s not necessarily what I want."


This is a classic case of being too rigid with intuitive eating which then just turns it into another diet.


If your body is hungry, eat. It doesn’t matter if it’s not exactly what you want in this moment but choose from what is available, what sounds good and you think would feel good (note this doesn’t always mean the “healthy” option!). Cookies can feel amazing!


If you think you have to know exactly what you want in every moment, it’ll be too much pressure, too much perfectionism!

This is what lands us in situations where we go, screw it, ill eat whatevers easiest and move on.


Instead ask yourself these questions:

What COULD I have right now? 

Maybe its not realistic to leave the house right now, so whats in the fridge?

What of these options seems the most appealing right now?

Which would feel the best?

What is my body asking for?


Then you can choose something that will honor your body while it not having to be the PERFECT thing.

 When we get in food ruts-  this is a great thing to do (or when you go to the grocery store next) - we want you to open your eyes to choosing differently - choose things you have never tried before, what looks good, nutritious/ pleasurable- doesn’t matter. You may not even realize what you like - so it’s a time of exploration, curiosity, and figuring out what you truly like and not just what feels safe or coming from diet culture! 


 It’s easy to just pick a “go to food” because it’s what we know. It feels safe. 


You may not know what you want because you don’t even know what you like because there’s been so many dang rules. 


If there were no rules (there aren’t) - as if you forgot every diet rule there was out there - what would you choose to taste? To try? To explore? 


Maybe you freaking hate protein bars you just know it’s a safe easy food - Try a different one! See if it actually tastes good! 




Ex. I use to love these certain bars and protein cookies  ( they were a “cheat” in my mind) - once I started allowing food and I didn’t have to treat a protein bar like dessert and a protein cookie like a real cookie- I actually was able to taste them. 


I realized they didn’t taste as good as I thought. It doesn;t mean I’ll never eat these things ever again - it just means I was able to taste it for what it was. No some god like food and some cheat when it really wasn’t that amazing! 


We learned to explore food. To actually have likes and dislikes no matter what kind of food it was- I even have a preference on certain greens. I much rather have a kale salad than an arugula salad and I’d much rather have pizza than a bowl of pasta. I’ve learned preferences and likes and dislikes because of all the allowing and exploring! 

Go in with the intention of choosing new new new. That entire day - do things differently - driving to the store go a different way. If you always shower, take a bath etc… try it out! 


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