August 6, 2019

Ep 066 - Normalizing Hard Days as an UnDieter

Normalizing Sh*t Days!

So you may be in the UnDiet World - getting into this Intuitive Eating thing. It may even feel freeing. You are so happy to be done with dieting and it’s exciting to be able to allow all food and not feel constantly judged, shamed, and guilted for the food you eat. 

There are so many perks to UnDieting and a lot of the time it feels so peaceful. You wonder why you didn’t find this earlier because you feel like you could have skipped out on a lot of suffering in the past with the diet days. 

You may even have found yourself in a groove - having good feelings around all of this-  tuning into your body and having wellness without the obsession- of course you are still learning so much and this is still very new to you but you know it feels right! 

And now we want to bring the human into all of this--- 

We want to let you know that there WILL be some hard days on this journey to fully embracing being an UnDieter. 

One day you may feel free and the next you may be completely blind sided by a binge. 

One day you may feel good in your body and in a place of acceptance and the next day you’re having a meltdown that your pants feel snug and the body image thoughts go spiraling!

One day you may feel completely calm around eating dessert after dinner and stopping when you’re satisfied and the next you’re judging yourself for wanting dessert every night and thinking it’s not okay!




When you have a hard day - here’s what to do:


  1. Don’t panic- you aren’t backsliding - you didn’t ruin anything. You aren’t a bad and horrible person. You simply are human who had a tough day and felt challenging emotions. THAT IS LIFE. Amazing feel good emotions and harder challenging emotions will always co-exist. You cant have light without the dark - so remember when you feel these harder emotions- tell yourself that it’s okay to not be okay. These feelings will pass.

  2. Learn from the experience! - Instead of judgement get curious- ask yourself questions. What was happening that day? Did anything trigger it? Have you truly been allowing all food or has there been some physical or mental restriction? You don’t need to find the answer- it’s just get curious instead of judging yourself. Allow the feelings, be gentle with yourself, and let them pass. 
  3. Allow the feelings- don’t react- Just because you had a bad day doesn’t mean you need to react with a game plan on what you’re going to do to “fix” this- you don’t need to plan a diet or any type of restriction. You don’t need to plan out a workout plan or tell yourself you’re going to do better in xyz categories… Just BE. Humans will do anything not to feel uncomfortable emotions. Allow yourself to feel and just be with them. Let them pass. No need to react.

  4. Get support in this area of your life - so you don’t let the overwhelming days take you down- if it’s talking to someone you trust or someone who is also UnDieting - a FB group ( we have one) or you could look into The UnDiet Academy- the doors are closed for now but if you are interested you can get on the waitlist so you are first to know when the doors open :) 


So remember - when you feel like there are really hard days/ moments/ feelings - or you really don’t like what happened (like a binge etc) know that this IS NORMAL - it’s part of the process.

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Love, Lauren and Jenna 

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