September 3, 2019

Ep 070 - Intuitive Eating: So I just eat everything?

We want to talk about a question that comes up a lot in the UnDiet community.

Is the way to UnDiet to just eat everything?

Before we get started we do have a worksheet you can download that will help you get curios and figure out how to find wellness without the obsession without feeling like you need to eat EVERYTHING. Get it here.

There is going to be a phase where you just ALLOW, it doesn’t need to be crazy but it definitely is part of the process after years of restriction.

Your body has got to learn to trust you that you will allow yourself to eat the food you want - and that it won’t return to the restrict/ binge cycle / feeling like it’s in a famine. So consider this the “gaining trust” stage. ENJOY!

Once you really get the hang of allowing all food and realizing it’s okay to eat and these foods don’t have power over you - you MAY start to feel like you’re in this place where you are okay with allowing all food but you just don’t feel too great in your body…

and you don’t know how to have a balance between allowing all food and still consider nutrition/ wellness. You may be asking yourself - Do I just ALWAYS have to eat EVERYTHING now because I allow all food?

The answer is NO.

Here are 3 ways you can find yourself still allowing all food without feeling like you always need to eat everything…. Because as we always say- feeling good in your body matters too!


1. How to Consider Nutrition without it feeling like a slippery slope into dieting / restriction

When you choose to eat something - tune in - ask your body how it feels. What sounds good? What will honor your body?

Your body is going to be firing off different signals all the time- sometimes you’ll feel very hungry and know that a bigger heartier meal is wanted. Sometimes you may feel not as hungry but know you still want to eat something. Maybe it’s just a snack you want or maybe it’s a meal?

Maybe the day before, you were very hungry and your meals were filled with awesome delicious carbs and they next day your body was feeling like lighter meals? (of course you can still add carbs in any time, any day)

The point is our bodies ebb and flow along the hunger spectrum and it’s our job to connect to our body and get to know our signals.


If you are feeling like you haven’t eaten veggies in a while - it’s okay to purposely add more veg into your week - add it to a yummy meal and make sure to pick veggies you actually like.


Just because you are choosing veggies doesn’t mean they have to taste bad! Maybe make an epic salad with a bunch of colorful fresh veggies with your favorite dressing and toppings! Maybe it’s adding veggies into a pasta dish?


It can be whatever you want- it’s important to eat something you enjoy even if you are eating nutrient dense food. This doesn’t mean you are dieting- it just means you are noticing your body asking for some nutrients- it’s to feel good in your body AND enjoy what you’re eating.

You can always consider nutrition and see what will feel good to you and that doesn't mean you have to be obsessive about getting a veggie in (or whatever it is) every meal or even everyday.


It’s allowing yourself to marry nutrient dense foods and pleasurable foods and not making either of them wrong when you eat it - it’s coming from a place of tuning into your body and really having the main intention of feeling good in your body.


2. It’s okay to PASS or say NO (check your intention)

Just because you now allow all food doesn’t mean you ALWAYS have to say yes to food (if you don’t want it- if you truly want it go right ahead!)

The point here is we now have the power - we actually can choose to say yes to the dessert or no to the dessert - not because of the diet mentality - because of our own body signals and logic.

If the dessert looks good but you know it wont make you feel good it’s okay to pass and take some home for later or the next day - it doesn’t mean you are dieting.

It means your body just doesn’t want it. It may sound delicious and taste delicious but that doesn’t mean it will feel good.

There is so much power in saying no - because now it’s about honoring your body- not giving all your power away to diet culture.

There is ALWAYS a choice - you can say yes. You can say no. Just check in from where that choice is coming from- if it’s a choice based off of feeling good in your body with the mindset that all food is allowed. You can bet it’s coming from a very healthy relationship with food - and that’s amazing.


3. Having BOTH!

You don’t ALWAYS have to eat ALL THE THINGS. Here’s a great way to help with that...

Pasta may sound amazing to you- and you may say to yourself, "just a big plate of pasta won't feel too great so I’m going to have pasta AND lots of fresh veggies or a nice fresh salad.

Maybe a pizza is going to really hit the spot but you know you’d like to add something else with that so you opt for pizza AND salad - you’ve realized when you just eat a bunch of pizza it doesn’t feel good (maybe sometimes it feels great) so you honor your body by checking in with your body while you eat the pizza and also enjoy the salad along with it.

Maybe it’s a chilly night and a nice bowl of soup with a bunch of veggies sounds awesome but you know that it needs something on the side to satisfy you. You decide to add fresh bread and butter to complete the meal!

And so on and so on… it can always be BOTH!


Do you see by opting in for both you can feel good in your body without feeling like you are just EATING EVERYTHING and feeling like crap? You tune in - consider nutrition / what will feel good while still allowing all food both mentally and physically.


REMEMBER: THIS IS NOT BLACK AND WHITE. Sometimes you’ll eat pizza without the salad and a big plate of pasta without the veggies and that’s okay!! Sometimes you’ll eat the cookie even when you’re full because they just look and smell so dang delicious.. And that’s okay!!


Perfection does not exist and there isn’t one way to be an UnDieter. There are no rules or meal plans to follow. It’s really getting to know you and your body. To learn it’s signals and find trust again.

To emphasize being an UnDieter doesn’t mean you just eat EVERYTHING all the time, just because it’s there. You check in with intentions, how your body feels, and you use logic - all things are considered - not a black and white rule because ultimately it’s YOUR CHOICE and when you make a choice you get to make a POWERFUL one, be okay with it and move on with life.

Want to add veggies in your week - great, be intentional and powerful with that choice!

Want to eat dessert - great, make that powerful choice and skip the judgement and shame.

Whatever you do or how you live your life is your decision and you are not a good or bad person for the choices that you make.

You live for you <3

Don't forget to grab your WORKSHEET here.

Talk soon!

Love, Lauren and Jenna

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