October 8, 2019

Ep 075 - 3 steps to make getting support easier

Welcome to How to Love Your Body, this is Jenna and Lauren, your UnDiet and Body Love Coaches.

Today we are going to be talking about why trying to heal the relationship with food and your body may be a lot harder when you’re going at it alone.

You can grab your worksheet here - https://theundiet.lpages.co/support-worksheet/

Of course you are an amazing and capable woman who CAN achieve being an UnDieter and finding freedom from food and there is no shame in getting support in what most find a challenging process. 

You may have been struggling with this from 10-30 years - no wonder you can’t just heal with the snap of your fingers … but we are here to tell you that this is absolutely possible and getting support in this area is one of the best things you can do to honor yourself. 

You may be in one of these 2 places….

You’ve been at this a long time and it still feels far away. No matter how many podcasts you listen to, how many books you read, how many body positive and intuitive eating instagram accounts you follow you still can’t seem to break through and be free from this…. You still may be Thinking it’ll work this time - but if you are doing it the same way you’ve always done, thinking things will change, is just another diet mentality. 

If it’s been years of trying to do this intuitive eating, body acceptance thing and you don’t see an end in sight, why not be open to getting support to get you there faster and have confidence that there is a way out and a new life out there full of freedom? 


Maybe you’ve just started this work and you’re very new to all of this - you’re excited and ready to dive into being an UnDieter. 


So how about instead of trudging through for a couple years, get support now to dive in strong and get to freedom faster, it’s been too much time wasted on obsessing over food !

What’s the value for you in getting support on your journey?

1. A safe space- A place to go when you have a rough day - we can talk you off the ledge. 

Halt the spiral. Always feel like you’re being “held”. No matter what day it is during the week, you know you have a safe portal to turn to with like minded women working on the same thing as you to reach out for support and guidance in whatever it is you may need. 


2. The brain that is keeping you from feeling free around food and your body isn’t going to be the brain (and only support system)  that gets you out of it. - getting another perspective/ support system is invaluable. Allow someone else to get in your brain and smooth out the kinds that may be keeping you stuck. 


3. You don’t know what you don’t know - allow someone to help you with the blocks. If there’s something that could be really helpful to your in your process with UnDieting - but you don’t even know what it could possibly be to help you- how can you make it through without someone opening your mind to new ideas and possibilities? Let some help you from the outside in! 


4. Asking for help can be hard- it’s okay to surrender to the process. This is a big one because a lot of people (especially women) think they need to put everyone else first. They sacrifice themselves for the sake of their kids or family or just makes excuses that they don’t deserve it or don’t need it. But the thing is- putting yourself first, prioritizing your needs, getting yourself to a healthy mental place would be such an advantage for your family and anyone in your life. You can also teach others around you that it’s okay to do nice things for yourself. You could inspire change in others. Getting help isn’t shameful- it’s courageous! You can’t pour from an empty cup which is why it’s important to fill your cup so you can overflow to others around you that count on you.  Allow yourself to get the guidance that you deserve to be free. This is for you first and foremost and also indirectly for the people you love. 


If you have gotten support before and you feel like it didn’t work- get curious to why you feel this way. Did you connect with the person you worked with?

Did you feel aligned in what they were telling you? Were you taking on all the advice and really putting it into action? We’ve had some people in our lives that we’ve hired that felt like they didn’t help and we know that everything teaches you something - so we move on, take our lessons, and on to the next. Just because one or 2 people didn’t work out for you doesn’t mean to give up altogether- if you feel it in your gut go with that- and it may be with us or it may not. Listen to that intuition and take risks! 


Clearly we are saying here that we are here to support you and we urge you to take the help.


But regardless of if you end up working with us or not, we want to give you an activity that will help you begin opening up more to the support around you in your life that us dieters often push away in EVERY aspect of our lives.


3 steps to take to become more supported in your life:


  1. Accept it when it’s given. Your first response might be of course! But you might be surprised how often you brush off support of all kinds (especially if you used to be a dieter). 

Really take a look at your reaction when:

  • People give you compliments -- is it usually, oh this old thing? It’s nothing…. No more of that, accept the support. Say, thank you.. Period.
  • When people offer small acts of kindness - your friend that offers to buy you coffee, the stranger thats holding the door, does it feel awkward?
  • When someone working in a store asks if you need any help, theres way too often that even I myself, will say no and then spend 10 minutes looking for what I want!! 

2. Go above and beyond and ask for what you need:

  • Sometimes support doesnt arrive on a silver platter and we need to ask for it ourselves
  • Take the initiative this week to:
  • Ask your spouse to help with xyz
  • Ask the clerk in the store where the ____ is
  • Ask a friend to chat if youre needing someone to talk to


The female martyr role is just too common, we cant do it all and we dont have to.

This doesnt help anyone, when you’re feeling supported and fulfilled, you are a better human for it!


3. Ask for something scary:

  • Afraid to ask your mom to stop talking about her diet?
  • Nervous about asking for a refund on something you werent happy with?
  • We double dare you!


Becoming brave in asking for what you want will always benefit you and those around you.

The answer to an unasked question is always no.

That being said, we want to share about our upcoming program called The UnDiet Academy! We open the doors in November 11th ! So mark your calendars and get on the waitlist if you have any interest to get support - this may be the exact program you are looking for. 

It’s a 90 day program with 13 modules. You get live coaching to answer any questions you may have along the course and you get a FB group filled with like minded women who are taking the course along side you.

We share the EXACT UnDieting Process that 100s of women have gone through while working with us and have found their freedom around food and their bodies.

No more points, no more weigh ins, no more feeling guilty for eating foods that you choose, no more bingeing- if you are feeling that nudge to join us in November - then listen, your inner guidance is trying to tell you something. 

Get on the waitlist here: https://theundiet.lpages.co/waitlist/ and you’ll get all the details. 

See you next week! 

PS - Don't forget to grab your worksheet here - https://theundiet.lpages.co/support-worksheet/


Lauren and Jenna

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