October 15, 2019

Ep 076 - The Complete UnDiet Process (The 5 Phases)

This week on How to Love Your Body we will be tackling the complete UnDiet process so you know what to expect the journey to look like.

There are 5 phases of the UnDiet process - the first you are likely well aware of and most of you are probably swimming around in it and the following 4 phases might sound familiar but their sequence and details are vital to getting to a place that is intuitive, free from restricting and dieting completely but still feels good - wellness without the obsession.

Next week we will be tackling the #1 fear on this journey - and that is weight gain or not losing weight… but for now we will be demonstrating the phases of the undiet process and these phases are HOW you can find balance in the end.

There is a worksheet that goes with this episode so you can track the 5 phases and take notes on where you are and what your next steps might be. You can grab this at thebodylovesociety.com/76


Phase 1: The Initial Exit 


It looks like this -

First you’re swirling around the diet cycle for years - restrict/binge, all or nothing thinking, on WW or meal plans, keto or “eating clean”...

And then there does come a day when you JUST CANNOT DO THIS ANYMORE!

Perhaps hearing about intuitive eating or the non diet approach gets you to officially quit or you stop because you just can’t do it anymore and then begin looking into things and discover intuitive eating and body positivity….

Okay great so you’re officially no longer on a diet, technically, and then comes…. The information overload..

You listen to 5 different intuitive eating/ body positive podcasts, you’ve read all the major books, you’re in 3 different IE facebook groups, you’re following a ton of body positive instagram accounts…

Okay here you are - you know some stuff, a lot of stuff….

But it’s just that… knowledge… and it hasn’t converted to food freedom, body love or embodying intuitive eating..

But this is the beginning and it's so vital.

You’ve exited the diets (technically) and now you know what makes sense and what you want for yourself… to be at peace with food, for eating to be easy, to stop binge eating, to feel good and have wellness without the obsession.

This leads us into Phase 2: The Diet Mentality Detox

You may have done cleanses in the past but this one is different (and the only one that will actually work).

The way we think in a diet is what makes exiting the cycle hard - it’s why we can’t just decide to stop dieting and magically be balanced and intuitive once we quit.

So what needs to happen here before we move forward?

Here are the changes that need to occur:


-  Diet talk needs to transform to UnDiet talk (language, thoughts and beliefs need to shift)

-  Getting rid of diet triggers - clearing your space

- focus shifts from how to look to how you feel

- releasing all or nothing thinking and the other most common dieting mindsets

This phase results in:

  • Stop thinking about food all day
  • Diet rules fade away
  • Clearer mind instead of the constant diet chatter

Phase 3: The Inner Self Work 

Once we begin thinking differently there is another layer that needs to be added -- deeper work involving:

  • Self worth
  • Self acceptance
  • Self love

A part of this is body acceptance and we of course love the term body love but it’s often misconstrued.

We don’t mean you now need to love your body and the way it looks all the time…

Honestly, the way your body looks is the least interesting thing about you.

WHO you are is what is interesting and it’s what we want to focus on.

Finding worth in ourselves APART from our bodies (because whether you lose weight, gain weight or stay the same on this journey, you’re going to want to be okay regardless. 

Self acceptance does not mean - face it lady, you’ll be this way forever, get over it.

What it does mean is -- Hi, you are you in this moment, and you’re in the only body you’ll ever have so instead of fighting against reality, let’s work with what we got! (This skill will allow you to embody intuitive eating when the phase comes!)

And self love - means learning how not to be so hard on yourself. Because woman, you’ve got it going on and you’re wasting the years away thinking differently. 

Once you’ve quit the diets, detoxed the diet mentality, created a deeper sense of self it is time to truly EMBODY intuitive eating….

You might be thinking… I have to do all that before I can eat intuitively? 


Well no - you can absolutely work on listening to your body signals etc before this point BUT if you go from the initial exit, to practicing the principles of intuitive eating, it is likely to stay on the surface, to remain something you have to think about all the time, something you can’t quite crack the code on and for many it just turns into another diet…

Phase 4: The Embodiment of IE


In phase 4 you use your new way of thinking and deeper sense of self to navigate you through BECOMING an intuitive eater. 


Listening to your body becomes natural and simple. Tap into your natural ability to know what your body needs. Imagine living life in a balanced and sustainable way without ANYONE ELSE telling you what you should eat ever again…

This is the dream people. 

This is when things like this begin to happen:


  • Forgetting you have ice cream in the freezer
  • Eating a cookie because you feel like it and putting the rest back for another day (no more finding yourself elbow deep in the cookie jar after everyones gone to bed)
  • Order the salad because that’s what you feel like (no more shoulds)
  • Binge eating ends


Okay -- well what’s phase 5?


I already know the elements of intuitive eating and I still feel pretty crappy physically. I’m allowing all food but its not feeling so good.


 This is where Phase 5 comes in: Wellness Without the Obsession


NO this is not a bait and switch and just getting diet-y again.

But it is ONLY at this point (when the other 4 phases are feeling pretty steady - note : its never going to be perfect) that we begin thinking about the more traditional elements of wellness…

At this point we begin to focus on things like:

(it will be different for everyone, YOU have to decide what wellness without the obsession looks like for you so not all of these things will relate to all UnDieters).


  • Wanting to get more veggies or variety into your life
  • Moving your body more/ at all depending where you’re at
  • Getting more sleep
  • Wanting to tune into your body more because you find you are overeating a lot


  • This is where the fine tuning occurs.

Where do these 5 phases lead you?


You’ll go from feeling confused about what to do now that you’ve ditched the diet (and like all you’re doing is eating all the food and living in fear of weight gain) to feeling balanced and at ease with food and in your body. You can now live in wellness without the obsession for the rest of your life.


Side effects of this process can include:


  • End binge eating
  • Body stabilization
  • Not thinking about food all damn day
  • The calculator in your head can stop
  • A naturally balanced, yet flexible life that WILL last forever - because it’s second nature. If something you have to work hard at, it’s impossible for it to last
  • Stop feeling addicted to food

On your worksheet take a look at where you think you might be in the phases - take a look at what your next steps might be, assess if you've missed steps along the way.

All of this will give you insight into why it might not be clicking yet. You can grab that at thebodylovesociety.com/76


And of course if you’re interested in the HOW for these 5 phases, these are the 5 phases of The UnDiet Academy that we can take you through so you can build YOUR life as an intuitive eater who gets to practice wellness without the obsession.

No more yo-yo, no more cycle, just a steady, yet flexible lifestyle that will follow you through all stages of life and serve you well no matter where life takes you.

You can get on the waitlist for more info and for a discount code at bit.ly/undietwaitlist 

We will talk to you next week where we will be tackling the fear of weight gain/ not losing weight. 

See you then!

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