October 29, 2019

Ep 078 - The 2 Ingredients you need to find balance with food

This week on how to love your body we are talking about the two key ingredients that make UnDieting work and help you find balance with food.

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So lets dive into today's episode - dont forget to grab this week’s worksheet at thebodylovesociety.com/78

People have different views on what intuitive eating and UnDieting is,  because there are 2 aspects that are vital to make it work but some people only see one side or the other and don’t combine them to create the balance and flow that undieting really is all about!

Ingredient 1: 

Some people think being an UnDieter means just allow all food.

Eat what you want, when you want it.



These people aren’t wrong. This is such an important part of this work - stopping the restrictions and realizing that food is truly abundant. 

But that’s not all it is!

With just this one ingredient you end up feeling pretty crappy, like now you’ve just stopped dieting, you gave up, who cares, just eat it all!

That isn't wellness without the obsession, that's not freedom and it isn't something you’re going to want to live in for the rest of your life - and we are all about sustainability. 

You’re either dieting or not dieting. 


Ingredient 2: Some people think being an UnDieter is just about listening to your body

AKA Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.

These people think that your body now rules you, you MUST eat when you are hungry and you must stop when you are full (but not too full god forbid).

This is the side that falls back into it just being another diet, just different new rules they need to follow.

Those who believe that listening to your body is everything end up:

  • Stressing about doing intuitive eating “right”
  • Worry when they don't know exactly what they want to eat
  • Think things like, well I don't really NEED that cookie
  • Feel guilty for getting too full

This isn’t freedom either - it sounds just as stressful as dieting in my opinion.

It might be honoring your body but without the mindset shifts of allowing and abundance, it is much too rigid and not what most of you are going for.

So what happens when we combine these two ingredients :

Here are some things that can happen when you combine the MINDSET of abundance and allowing food with the ACTION of listening to your body  :

MINDSET: I can eat this food whenever I want, I literally can have this pie for breakfast if I want or come get some in the middle of the night 

ACTION: so it’s no loss to stop eating now that I’m full, I can just eat more later.

RESULT: You now can enjoy the pie and stop when you feel done without feeling restricted or like you SHOULD stop.

MINDSET: I can eat any cookies I want …. Hmm this one looks pretty good

ACTION: you take a bite and realize it doesn’t taste that great so you throw the rest out..

RESULT: You don’t feel like you SHOULDNT eat the cookie, you just genuinely think you can do better and your body isn’t loving it but you COULD eat it if you want. 

(Be honest when you were dieting you definitely ate some gross things because it was the only dessert around and you had to start your diet again tomorrow so this was your last chance!)

MINDSET: I’m allowed to order whatever I want when I go out to restaurants

ACTION: you tune into your body and realize you’re not all that hungry, that pecan salad sounds great….

RESULT: Eating a salad because you want to, not because you have to…. WHAT?!


MINDSET: You can eat anything you want at anytime and your friend just baked some cookies that are just coming out of the overn

ACTION: you tune in and realize you’re too full from dinner so you pass on the cookies for now.

RESULT: You bring some of those bad boys home because you can have them whenever you want

SECONDARY RESULT: Since you can have them whenever, they are just food now… honestly not as amazing as they used to be. They still taste great but its just a cookie, you cna have them anytime…. So you eat a few of them over the next couple days and by the time you get to the last few they’re kinda stale so you don’t end up eating them all.


THIS EQUATION is how you find wellness wihtout the obsession.

You must BOTH have the mindset work locked in AND learn how to take action and listen to your body.

Only having one or the other is how you get stuck in just feeling like you're not dieting and it feels crappy, or intuitive eating turns into a diet with rules and shoulds.

To find wellness without the obsession you need BOTH of these ingredients.

Be sure to grab your checklist to see which of the 2 ingredients you will want to work on to find more balance! You can find the worksheet at thebodylovesociety.com/78

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