November 12, 2019

Ep 080 - UnDieting through the holidays

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Now back to today’s episode:

You’ve probably heard many people in the diet industry start talking about “the healthy holidays” and “how not to splurge during the holidays” and “Holiday workout challenge” and all the things that make you fear the holidays and all the food etc.

So we are your friendly UnDiet coaches who are here to ease your mind and share with you why there is no need to panic! 

YES you can be an Intuitive Eater/ UnDieter through the Holidays without feeling guilty and shamed for not jumping on the Healthy Holiday Diet Challenge Bandwagon. 

There is no need for that and if anything it will be more harmful to you than helpful - so spare yourself the fear mongering diet culture and jump on board with us.

Where you can live your life, enjoy the holidays, and feel really good about it!!! 

Here’s 5 helpful suggestions we’d like to share with you: 

1. The more you allow - the less bingeing (or not at all!)  

The second you go into a holiday party already trying to control what you should eat and what to eat and what not to eat you are setting yourself for an all out free for all / maybe even binge. The more you can breathe and keep telling yourself you can literally eat WHATEVER you want at whatever party you go to - the intuition sticks by your side.

Since you know you can have it all, it doesn’t seem so scarce. There is an abundant mindset and you know that if you want to eat more later or tomorrow you can have it, so you don’t need to eat all that pie you never get to eat all year today because you can take some leftovers home. AND if you are saying, but seriously I never get this pie/ dessert any time of the year i can’t control myself around it - get the dang recipe and make it available to you during the year so it doesn’t seem so special. 

Most things you can recreate and yeah maybe it’s a nostalgic thing that you mom makes or grandma makes etc. But would it be sooooo bad if ya just ate more of what you wanted because it just tastes so good and that’s the choice you make? It’s okay to choose to eat more than feels good because it tastes good. That’s a part of normal eating! SO ALLOW! 


2. You are worth it Guide 

Use this guideline to help tune in to what you ACTUALLY want and what ACTUALLY tastes good. At holiday parties there could be like 20 things to put on your plate and your eyes may be thinking I WANT TO TRY IT ALL! And maybe you do and that’s great. Whatever looks good to you and what will feel good - put some on your plate. Remember you can ALWAYS go back for more. When you start to eat the things - notice what tastes amazing to you and what doesn’t taste as amazing.

You don’t have to finish something on your plate that actually doesn’t taste as great as you thought - stick to the foods that seem really worth it to you. The ones that melt in your mouth, that makes you say WOW.

This will help you stick to the foods that you really enjoy and pass on the food that you can go without. You don’t have to eat every single thing just because it’s there. Remember, you are worth it to eat the best of the best if it’s available :) Do the same with the dessert table! 


AND this is not a rule - want to eat all the things regardless of how good it is, that's up to you!

3. Perspective: It’s not as much as you think

It’s about 35 days from Nov-Jan with Holidays - there are 5 scheduled holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, NYE and New Years Day- so let’s just add on another 5 Holiday parties - to make it 10 “out of the norm” scheduled parties that have food and drinks. -

If 10 out of the 35 days you are tuning in, listening to your body, allowing all food, checking in on what feels good, maybe you even feel full or say you’ve overeaten - is it really that bad to have 10 days of this that doesn’t feel crazy or obsessive it just feels like you get to enjoy extra delicious food because of the special occasions. How lovely to have these days to enjoy yourself and trust your body that it will ebb and flow and soon enough the holidays will end and maybe there won’t be as many parties but you still do the same thing that you were doing the entire time - listening and allowing , doing what feels good and yes there will be times when you feel full because of that decadent dessert or extra helping of dinner you enjoyed so much…

we say that feels sustainable and calm and peaceful - it doesn’t need to be restrictive and full of bingeing for 35 days because “it’s the holiday season” - You just take it one day at a time and you trust yourself and your body knowing that it’ll do it’s thing.




4. Wear Comfy clothes

For the holiday season (and always) but for the sake of talking about the Holiday season we know you may be putting outfits together or buying new ones for these occasions- One of the best ways to not trigger yourself at a party with all the food and the people is to wear something you feel good in and that you like. It can be stylish, it can even be sexy if that’s what you like - we aren’t saying to wear sweatpants :)

Just be conscious of how your clothes are fitting and how you feel in them. If you show up to a party already feeling like your pants are too tight or that dress is uncomfortable or the way your arms feel in that shirt- that’s a big set up for catastrophic thinking around your body and could spiral you- so wear something that you enjoy, feels good, you like the look of, makes you feel confident - do your hair / makeup if that’s your jam and if not, no need.

Just do YOU!

5. Setting Boundaries


This may not be directly about food - but this is an important part of the holidays - setting those boundaries. We get that not everyone has “the most wonderful time of the year” during the holidays. We know it can be stressful to see certain family members that you don’t normally see or even just having everyone together can be a triggering event.

Of course there’s the good parts too - and to help you get through the holidays without feeling so completely depleted setting boundaries will be super helpful. Especially when you hear the constant diet talk or your mom, grandma, or aunt (or whoever) comments on your weight and/or everyone else’s weight.

Things you can do…..

+Leave the room

+Actively say out loud that this is not a topic you’ll be discussing
+Go run an errand by yourself to get away for some alone time just to breathe
+Leave the party early if that’s what will honor your the most
+Remember that you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone about what you look like or what you choose to eat- it does not even have to be part of the discussion.

+Have a “life line” - a friend/ someone you trust that you can call to feel supported by.



  1. ALLOW  - to eliminate bingeing 
  2. Utilize the You are Worth it Guide
  3.  Remember, there aren’t as many holidays as you think! It will end! 
  4. Wear comfy clothes 
  5. Set Boundaries 


Remember to grab your worksheet at so you can feel confident going into the Holidays as an UnDieter! 

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See you next week! 

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