November 19, 2019

Ep 081 - Your Questions Answered: Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance

Welcome to How to love Your Body. this week on the podcast we are going to be answering the questions YOU asked in our facebook group and on instagram.

But before we get into those - this episode is brought to you by this week’s masterclasses! Today and Thursday we are hosting 2 more live masterclasses. 

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How long did it take Lauren and Jenna to practice intuitive eating before you settled into your body’s natural weight range?

It truly is irrelevant.

This work is tricky - it’s a bit of a catch 22, if you focus on finding your weight set point, you will not be able to be intuitive in the way needed to find your weight set point. 

The shift from weight loss needs to happen - even the shift from focusing on weight at all. 

What to do instead?

Get into the present moment. Take care of your body TODAY in whatever ways that means for you.

Do that everyday for the next 10 years. There you are - living a sustainable life of wellness without the obsession. It will be so fulfilling and rewarding that you won’t be sitting around anymore wondering, yeah but when will I reach my set point….

This is a very boiled down version of what this work is really about and what it takes to live that way but that’s the jist of it. And if you want to learn more about it - be sure to grab your spot in our masterclass.

You’ll get there but you honestly won’t really care anymore. 

Diet soda. Does it mess with your hunger signals? If you actually like it, is it okay to drink? Or is that diet culture? Or would quitting drinking it be restricting?

Oh diet soda, I LOVE diet soda. I’m not sure if its because Im more used to the taste because of years of avoiding sugar but at this point I dont really care, its the type of soda I enjoy, so I enjoy it. 

What I have found is I naturally drink it less because im not using it to satisfy a sweet craving, thats what real food is for in my eyes but I enjoy it now and then with certain meals. I also find the mini cans work for me most of the time, but of course however much you enjoy having is just fine!

If you truly enjoy it, no its not diet culture. 

Its truly NOT about the food, its about your relationship with it. 

If you love some old recipes you used to have all the time on WW and you still eat them, that doesnt mean you’re dieting again - its all about mindset and intention.

Only YOU can know if youre fooling yourself or if its genuinely something you enjoy.


Body love and online dating - so much of it can be really shallow and appearance based. How do you hold true to I am not my weight/ how I look when you feel you’re constantly being judged by your appearance alone?

We get it! We both met our husbands on dating apps. 

But really isn’t normal dating the same thing? You see someone you like the look of, go up to them, ask to buy them a drink, if you enjoy talking to them , maybe you exchange numbers.

There will always be judgement around looks but people will ALWAYS judge you based on your looks when they first meet you (its the first information they get about you), NO MATTER WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE!!

Making judgements is so human, it will always happen. So instead of morphing into what you think people want to see, being able to show up as YOU and see if you like THEM is a much more powerful stance in life.

Also - do you want a partner that only wants to date you if you look a certain way? What if you meet them when you’re in the thick of a diet, have temporarily lost some weight, then 5 years into your relationship you look different and they were only into you on a superficial level and so it ends?

This isnt the relationship I would want thats for sure.

So I know - it seems like looking a certain way will find you a mate, but it wont be the right one, I promise you that. Allow yourself to find peace with food and in your body and let your body land where it may. THEN you know when you find a partner, you are in a stable place and wont be living in fear of gaining the weight back… 

You got this!


How to promote intuitive eating and body love in young girls/teens. 

This can be hard. Firstly - no teen girl wants to hear from a (in their eyes) older woman about beauty and weight, “parents just dont understand” and all. 

BUT there’s tons we can do:

  1. Modeling a healthy relationship with food yourself is #1.
  2. This question was from a teacher at a school - how about talking to the principle about doing some lessons on intuitive eating and body love in health class?
  3. If you’re a parent - keep diet talk out of the house and practice not making a fuss over desserts or using food as a reward. 
  4. There are a lot of great people to follow on instagram that teach about raising intuitive eating kids (for young kids, one I like is @snackswithjax)
  5. Dana Suchow is another great resource


Can you ever intentionally lose weight while undieting?

How do I eat intuitively and lose weight?

How do I not panic if I gain weight?

Firstly no - you can not pursue weight loss while undieting - the POINT of undieting is to stop focusing on weight as the main focus and reason for eating and for moving your body.

Secondly - it takes mindset work to let go of the panic and intense fear of weight gain.

Thirdly - these are the most common types of questions we get and here’s the thing. If you do not actively CHOOSE to let go of the focus of weight loss - your life will always be about weight loss, the hunt for weight loss, often the desperation for weight loss.

It doesn’t matter if you lose some weight, you’ll be in fear of gaining it back (and you likely will if not more), if you don’t lose weight, you’ll be jumping onto the next program, working your butt off to make that butt smaller, and if you gain weight... ? GOOD GOD! It’s just an emotional rollercoaster and shame filled time.

There is no winning when we make our lives about losing weight.

We spend decades trying to be smaller - for what? WHY? And at what cost…

It is up to YOU to stop the cycle, the madness, the hyperfocus on weight loss.

It wont just fade away (even if you lose the weight, listen to episode #79 if you dont believe us), it wont magically disappear at a certain age, we’ve worked with women in their 70s struggling with this crap.

It has to be YOU that stops the cycle. 

And how do you do that? Decide to dive into something else - its going to be scary as hell, but it wont hurt you. I promise. 

UnDieting is the way to go my friends - to learn more about that be sure to get on one of our masterclasses at

How to undiet with chronic illness that sometimes necessitate certain diets/ food restrictions?

This is absolutely possible. I have celiac disease and I don’t eat gluten (on purpose) and am completely free around food.

It is 100% mindset - I am not focused on weight and have let go of all or nothing thinking so I don’t use celiac disease as an “excuse” to restrict foods - I eat EVERY yummy gluten free version thing out there. Cookies, pizza, muffins, bread…

But if you have an illness and are prescribed a VERY restricted diet, this is something I would search for an expert in. Many anti diet dietians can let you navigate this beautifully. 


What if your body physically hurts a lot at a higher weight and that’s why you fear gaining?

This is a very valid question but also - there are many things you can do that facilitate pain reduction without it being about weight loss.

UnDieting does not mean you:

  • Stop exercising or strength building
  • Stop going to physio
  • Stop going to massage
  • Stop stretching 

Take care of your body - in UnDieting all you’re doing is letting go of the obsession around weight and food and getting into a life of genuine wellness.

“Research shows that positive health behaviour, regardless of body size, can reduce mortality risk to the point where there is NO difference between those in smaller or larger bodies” (Andrea Hardy, RD).

If you’re ready to find balance and wellness without the obsession be sure to join our undiet masterclass this week at

We will be covering:

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