November 26, 2019

Ep 082 - Practicing health behaviours without focusing on weight

This week on How to Love Your Body we are going to be talking about HEALTH and how to navigate it without it being rooted in diet culture.

This week’s episode is brought to you by The UnDiet Academy - the 13 week group coaching program that brings you from dieting, binge eating, and thinking about food all day to living as an intuitive eater and finding wellness without the obsession.

Doors are open now but they close on Wednesday (tomorrow!) at 6 pm pacific.

This will not be happening again until mid next year!


Now let’s dive into today’s episode!

Many women we talk to want health, wellness, energy, to FEEL GOOD, but they aren’t sure how that happens with intuitive eating and undieting without them slipping back into old dieting habits.

Here’s how it works:

There are 5 vital phases to go through to get to this place of balance and wellness without the obsession.


Phase 1 : The initial exit - This is where you are now - dieting, off the diets but not feeling great about it or immersed in intuitive eating and dieting CONTENT but not feeling like it’s clicking.

The results? YOU ARE AWARE OF AN ALTERNATIVE. Awareness is always the first step. You are ready to stop the cycle and start this process!

Phase 2: The diet mentality detox: Thinking as a dieter will always have you behaving as a dieter.

WHen you begin to think differently you end up NATURALLY acting differently which is how transformation begins. 

Trying REALLY HARD not to eat the whole box of cookies isnt freedom, finding that you’ve forgotten about that box of cookies for a few days IS the beginning of freedom.

Phase 3: The inner self work - you probably already know the struggle with food and body is about MORE than the food you’re eating or the body you’re in. Working on deeper healing like - self worth, body image, self love, and finding genuine happiness and contentment in the life you have NOW, needs to happen in order to find peace with food.

Inner peace allows you to let go of the desperation of trying to FIX yourself through diets etc.

Phase 4: Embodying intuitive eating --  NOW is the time to begin focusing on actually eating food :) . Once you’ve done the mindset work and the inner work -- you can learn how to EMBODY intuitive eating, not have it just turn into another way of eating that you’re thinking about all day long.

Results: No longer having to listen to every podcast, be in every free FB group, because you don’t think about food much anymore, OR intuitive eating, you dont need to think about it when it just occurs! It just HAPPENS! And that is true transformation.

Phase 5: Wellness without the obsession - Here is where we get into today’s main topic.


Where does that come in? 

Okay I’m thinking differently, and I have done some deeper work - I still have these health issues, how can I deal with them without going on a diet or feel restricted?

THis is where phase 5 comes in - yes physical health is important to many people and if it’s something important to you then this is definitely a process you’re going to want to go through.

Wellness without the obsession is all about implementing positive health behaviours REGARDLESS OF YOUR BODY SIZE.

Why does this distinction matter?

When you focus on weight it takes away the inherent value of the health behavior you’re trying to practice more of. Moving your body more but it doesn’t result in weight loss - WHAT’S THE POINT??

Of course there’s a point but if weight loss is always the goal - we get frustrated and we stop things that could be great for our physical wellness.

“Research show, positive health behaviours regardless of body size, can reduce mortality risk to the point where there is NO difference between those in smaller or larger bodies” - Andrea Hardy RD

So what are positive health behaviors that I can expect to have in my life once I go through the 5 phases and find wellness wihtout the obsession?

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Eating nourishing foods of all different kinds
  • Having a healthy relationship with food free from binge eating, food obsession and body shame
  • Taking care of your mental health
  • Prioritizing feeling good in your body
  • Moving your body
  • Enjoying life without the constant chatter of should I eat this, I shouldn’t have eaten that running through your mind

If you are knowing at this point that dieting is not going to work for you and not dieting feels pretty crappy too - wellness wihtout the obsession is likely just what you have been looking for.

We’d love to help you get there.


If that sounds like something you want more information on don’t forget to take a look at The UnDiet Academy - our 13 week program to bring you from being stuck in just NOT DIETING and not feeling good in your body to TRULY embodying intuitive eating and have this whole food and body struggle be OVER!

Doors close tomorrow at 6 pm pacific so go take a look now to see if its the right fit for you at

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