December 10, 2019

Ep 084 - The Power of Satisfaction in Intuitive Eating

Welcome to How to Love Your Body - on today’s episode we are going to be talking about the power of satisfaction.

Satisfaction is at the top of the list when learning about IE - so we wanted to dedicate an episode to it!

You can grab a free worksheet on the power of satisfaction by clicking here -


So what’s the power behind satisfaction:


  • It eliminates the binge (when tied in with not restricting) 
  • You feel complete and stop thinking about food - no grazing!
  • You can listen to your body much better / better attuned with your hunger / fullness signals 
  • It’s not about the quantity, it’s about pleasure and enjoyment - you can actually taste your food/ present!

  • You can choose what you actually enjoy - no the non fat, low fat, diet version (unless that’s what you actually prefer!) - You can get the whole fat, non diet version which may blow your fucking mind. Like have you ever tried REAL ice cream - not the protein ice cream - or full fat yogurt, or full fat lattes, or the full fat cheese or the creamy dressing instead of the lemon squeeze.
  • One, 2, 3 - decadent bite of cheesecake could be far better than an entire stale cookie- maybe/ maybe not - you live in abundance , not scarcity - ex. Most dieters would rather eat an entire pint of not so yummy protein ice cream that have a smaller amount of “to die for” ice cream. 
  • There’s a sense of JOY while eating. 
  • You learn to trust your body’s signals - you aren’t scared of eating what satisfies you because you know you can trust your body to tell you when you are done. 
  • Food is FUN again! 
  •  It increases your Intuition - you ask yourself “what sounds good?” - is it cold, hot, spicy, sour, savory, sweet etc. 


Are you eating with satisfaction? 

Some things you can do to start: 


  • Eat what you actually want! 
  • ALLOW- No restrictions - it’s okay to not buy the diet version or “healthier” version - choose the one that lights your soul on fire. 
  • Try something you’ve never tried before - ex. Full fat string cheese is way more delicious than the light kind- I never knew it until i was an IE’er because i always had light so that's what I thought I liked but wow did it get even better. 
  • When you go to a restaurant choose what you WANT - if it’s the fettuccini alfredo when you normally get a light marinara -  DO IT. If it’s the cheese enchiladas instead of the tostada with nothing fun on it - DO IT. Order what you desire AS IS. See how you feel. Taste. Be present. Listen. Go slow. 
  • Stop eating something that doesn’t taste good- this will teach you to be more in tune with your body and learn what actually satisfies you. Don’t settle, BE PICKY !!!


Don’t forget to grab your worksheet here -

So the next time you eat- ask yourself “what will satisfy me?” and remember how powerful it is to make it a priority! 

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