December 17, 2019

Ep 085 - Meal Planning as an UnDieter

Welcome to How to Love Your Body. On today’s episode we are going to speak to all you ladies who love to plan - and answer the question, can I plan meals for the week as an UnDieter. 

You can get your worksheet on how you can plan meals as an Undieter at

So the answer is YES, you can still plan meals as an UnDieter but of course we are going to share that it is much different planning than when you were stuck in dieting. 

The main differences - there is flexibility, no restriction, and there are absofreakinlutely NO rules when planning as an UnDieter. 

We get that there needs to be some planning in life when it comes to food - with your busy schedule, family life, careers etc  it seems silly and impossible to make a trip to the grocery store every single day (unless that’s something you love to do!) 

So how do we plan and still live as Intuitive Eaters and UnDieters. 


We usually get about 4 - 5 dinners for the week and purposely leave about 2-3 nights open for flexibility and spontaneity. 

We may feel like eating out, ordering in,  maybe a random dinner with friends or family come etc… 

As for choosing dinners- we don’t plan out each meal for m/t/w/th/f - we just know that we have the meals and that day/ night we ask ourselves - What sounds good tonight? And that’s how we still keep it intuitive because maybe the salmon that you bought doesn’t sound that amazing tonight but the homemade pizzas you have to make sound delicious - and then the salmon could really hit the spot another night. 

Maybe every option you have doesn’t sound good so you take out chinese food or pick up your favorite salad and soup? OR whatever it is - those are just examples. 

Although you have some predetermined meals - so technically it’s planning - always know that you don’t HAVE to if it really isn’t something you want - because maybe another day you will. 

It’s also important to know that even though we are IE’ers - it’s unrealistic to think we can eat the EXACT thing we want every time we eat- so yeah sometimes you’ll have a dinner left that is “eh” but you make it anyway because you’re hungry and you don’t feel like eating out or going out and you don't even have time to do that… 

Make sure you buy SATISFYING meals, snacks, and treats - it’s not about planning the most perfect healthy meal - it’s about having options you enjoy that you can have in your house so you can eat for the week. 

So buy something new that looks fun. Get the rich cheese and crackers, buy full fat yogurt if you like that, get the real ice cream- and of course buy the veggies you love and the fruit you enjoy and all the nutrient dense food you like - make sure you have a variety that feels good to you and feels fun! 

Make your meals and snacks satisfying! - ex. There’s a BIG difference between a salad with tomatoes and dressing and a salad with tomatoes, dressing, avocado, cheese, nuts, and dried fruit … 

So don’t be afraid to plan out some dinners, pack your lunches, eat snacks etc because as an UnDieter there is always room for flexibility and spontaneity. 


  • Everyone is going out for tacos at work for lunch break and you brought something - hey, it’s okay to go out to lunch, save yours for tomorrow. 
  • Your girlfriends have last minute plans to head out to dinner and have a drink and you already planned your dinner for that night - no biggie, go have fun with you friends! 
  • You’re tired after picking up the kids from all their activities and you were supposed to make xyz for dinner, but nah, let’s make it easy and order pizza and some salads. 


You are still in control - the plan doesn’t control you, you control the plan. 

Remember to grab your worksheet at

So plan away just know that you don’t have to follow any rules or guidelines. 

There is no obsession around it - just having food in the house you enjoy and that makes you feel good. :) 


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