December 31, 2019

Ep 087 - When someone asks, “Are you pregnant?”

This week on How to Love Your Body we are going to unfortunately be talking about what to do when someone asks if you’re pregnant when you’re not. 

Now we wish this wasn’t as common as it is - in The UnDiet Academy 3 members got asked this in the past couple weeks! It’s wild.

To start - be sure to not ever ask a woman this.

There are multiple reasons, the least damaging being it implies that the person has gained weight… if we didn’t live in a diet culture so obsessed with thinness this would not be a big deal at all, but here we are.

The reasons we really find it damaging is because so many women struggle with fertility and when you ask a woman if shes pregnant and shes not and shes been trying for 5 years, it can be devastating. Or what if she is but she hasnt told anyone yet? 

Let people tell YOU if they want to.

Has this ever happened to you before?

How did it feel?

Why did it feel that way?

Did thinking someone thought you have gained weight feel like the ultimate insult?

Isn’t it interesting how “have you lost weight?” is a compliment and “have you gained weight?” is a socially unacceptable insult?

It is time to change this and it starts with us.

If you do get a comment like this, try to take a deep breath and use it as a moment to show someone a different kind of reaction. 

Imagine the shock someone would receive if they asked a highly invasive questions like, Have you gained weight? And if you have you just said yes? No shame, no embarrassment …. Just a body, changing and shifting through life…

This is all about changing the way YOU see weight and responding accordingly, it will alleviate any stress you have about people commenting on your body when you know there’s an easy and unemotional answer.

We hope shifting your mindset in this way will allow you to breathe easy and be more confident no matter what comes your way.

See you next week xoxo

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