January 7, 2020

Ep 088 - When you don’t feel good after the holidays

Welcome to How to Love Your Body - today we are talking about the post Holidays - to ease any feelings and overwhelm that may have come up in the past week or two. 

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We get it. 

In general (we know this may not be everyone) the holidays are a bit much. 

There are more 


  • Parties 
  • Food 
  • Drinks 
  • Etc 


It may be very joyful for some and not so joyful for others but the point is- if you are celebrating the holidays and you’re working on IE + UnDieting many feelings could have come up for you -- and we are here to ease your worries (if you even had any) … 

Even though we get to listen to our bodies as IE’ers and do what feels good - we can’t help but understand that during the holidays it’s just different - there is a lot more going on that normally wouldn’t be going on such as the parties with decadent delicious food that could be stressful.

It may be a few days or a week of non stop parties and events and although it may be fun and social it also may be a lot to handle when learning about IE and healing your relationship with food and your body… 

Of course we also know there are many feelings of being SO free - and so happy to not be dieting during the holidays and to actually enjoy the food you’ve always restricted and actually be enjoying the party because “it’s not all about the food” anymore. We get there could be co existing feelings- and that’s normal!


With all the good there does come some things that may not feel so good --- 

If you’ve felt overly full multiple times during the holidays - THAT’S OKAY! The seasons change, the holidays have ended - the new year has begun and now we’re all diving into whatever else we have going on -- the point is - whatever happened over the holidays with food it’s okay - you don’t need to “fix” anything - you don’t need to “get back on track” - you don’t need to plan extra workouts or meal plans - no no no - those days are over as dieters… 

You can honestly trust your body  to do her thing - even if you are saying you’ve overeaten during the holidays and don’t feel too great. Trust that your body knows what to do… and that you don’t need to jump back in and start controlling and manipulating and restricting … 

What you can do is --- 

Ask yourself - how is my body feeling? What does it need to feel good in this very moment. 

And that really can be anything. 

-If it’s eating more fruits and veggies today because that’s what sounds good and will feel good - then do that. 

-If it’s doing movement you enjoy - add that in. 

-If it’s eating that last piece of your favorite dessert leftover from the holidays - then do that. 

Whatever it is that your body needs - honor it. Keep checking in and asking what will feel good without a need to change anything other than how you FEEL. 

-Don’t eat the veggies if you hate them but feel you have to because you ate so much over the holidays.

-Don’t force yourself to the gym if you hate that because it’s the new year

-Don’t do anything that you feel like you aren’t genuinely doing to honor your body. 

Many people think of it as “cutting back” or not eating so much ____ now that the holidays are over… this will only lead to bingeing later because it will feel restrictive

To feel more like your typical day to day self just add in what you think will feel GOOD, never about taking anything away. Feeling restricted puts your brain on high alert and makes you start thinking about food all day and the binge eating or screw it moments can come back in full force. 

Being an UnDieter is so different from diet culture - it’s about living your life, feeling free around food, being respectful to your body, feeling good in your body, and having wellness without the obsession. 

So if you do have this “post holiday overwhelm” - take a deep breath. There is nothing to be done - allow yourself to enjoy what was eaten over the holidays because food gets to be pleasurable AND know that you can also take one next step at a time to feel good in your body. 

And just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean that the food and the treats get locked away until next year- no, they are here to stay. All food is allowed year round and the more you keep allowing yourself to have what you desire and what satisfies you AND listen to what feels good you truly can have it all. You can have your cake and kale and eat it too. 

You are doing great- be compassionate and respectful to yourself and be okay with the ebb and flow of life and the changing seasons. 

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