January 28, 2020

Ep 091 - Do you listen to your taste buds or your body?

Welcome to How to Love Your Body with Jenna and Lauren- on today’s episode we are going to be answering a question- “what is the difference between listening to your taste buds and listening to your body?” 

You can download the worksheet that goes with this episode at www.thebodylovesociety.com/91

So this is a great question because as UnDieters/ Intuitive Eaters some think that whenever they feel like eating something, want something, crave something they HAVE to eat it because as an UnDieter there are no restrictions and to always eat whatever and whenever…. 

It’s true that UnDieters have no restrictions and allow all food…. Here’s where the difference comes in between listening to your taste buds and listening to your body. 

One of the most important aspects of being an UnDieter is paying attention to how you feel in your body. We have the philosophy of wellness without the obsession which means it’s okay to care about your wellness, you just don’t have to live an obsessive restricted life to care about your health. You can truly have it all. 

So if you are going off of tuning in and paying attention to how you feel in your body - there’s a big difference between taste buds and body signals...

You may look at the menu and think that the pasta and the pizza and the bread that comes on the table sound like they would taste amazing - but you realize you had a big lunch and you aren’t even feeling that hungry - of course there is no restriction go ahead and eat pizza, pasta, and bread- but ask yourself - do my taste buds want this right now or does my body? Will this feel good to eat? 

Considering your lunch - you realize that maybe eating such a heavy dinner won’t feel good and you opt for something lighter but of course still delicious!! Maybe it’s a big fresh salad with the protein you prefer, with cheese, and chunks of avocado with a really nice dressing on it -- you decide to have a piece of bread smeared with butter and your lovely salad. 

Do you see the difference between restricting yourself and listening to your body? You decided to not eat with your taste buds but to eat with how you wanted to feel in your body AND you still had a satisfying amazing meal AND you know you can have pizza and pasta the next day if you feel like it… 

It’s never a permanent choice, it's just a choice for that moment. You are living in the present moment and making decisions in the way your body feels in that present moment and every single day, every hour, your body changes in the way that it feels- your job is to listen to your body and trust its signals! 

And get this --- YOU CAN EAT THAT DANG PIZZA AND PASTA AND BREAD even if you’re full and know it won’t feel good - that’s up to you! There are no rules and you are not a good or bad person for the choices that you make! 

Just know that you always have YOUR OWN choice - no one gets to tell you what to eat, how to eat or what your body is feeling or how it will feel. That’s up to you- no one can feel what’s going on inside your body - you get to take the internal signals and listen to them. You get to trust your intuition and trust your body to have your best interests at heart. 

So the next time you eat something and you are deciding what you what - do a check in with your taste buds and with your body and see if you get an answer - and just to reiterate - you can do whatever the heck you want - you can listen to the signals or not. It’s an empowered choice!

And just know you always can eat food that you ENJOY- if your taste buds are saying YUM pizza but your body isn’t - choose something else that you love that will feel a little better - you never have to opt for “healthy” food because it’s a better choice or the right choice or it’s good for me even if it tastes like crap - NO it’s about wanting to feel good in your body and have wellness without the obsession! 

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