February 25, 2020

Ep 095 - End Binge Eating

Welcome to How to Love Your Body - on today’s episode we will be talking about binge eating and how FOOD is not the culprit here. Here we explain what is instead and how to begin healing it.

Many people believe that the reason they binge is because of sugar, carbs, candy, chips, bread, whatever it is that tends to “trigger” someone. 

And we get that because that was US! We thought every food other than meat, vegetables and fruit were to blame quite frankly. Every time we had a cookie, some potato chips, a piece of pizza or some chocolate all hell would break loose - why couldn’t we control ourselves around these foods? Why did one bite always turn into a binge? It must be the foods! This didn’t happen with veggies or salad!

So we would try to NOT eat these things, if we could just avoid the food, the bingeing would be solved. But it was inevitable, we would give into one of these foods and BOOM we were back in the restrict/ binge cycle all over again.

If you are trying to AVOID the foods you normally binge on you are actually putting more fuel on the fire. The restriction and mindset around the foods you binge on is what causes the bingeing, it is never the food itself.

Here are the steps you need to take in order to release the power that these certain foods have over you:

Grab your free worksheet at www.thebodylovesociety.com/95 so you can go through these steps with the specific foods that YOU struggle with so you can find some peace with them.

Step 1: Identify what the foods are that you struggle with - is it entire food groups? Specific foods? Is it certain tastes like sweet or salty? Get it all down.

Step 2: Look at these food groups, specific foods and tastes and assess how you’ve treated these foods in the past - have you cut them out for certain meal plans, do you see them as “bad foods” that you shouldn’t ever be eating, do you feel guilt when you give in to these foods? Write it all down.

Step 3: Choose one food to reintroduce into your life. And we mean REALLY incorporate it into your life, want to bring some to work with your lunch? Have some in your desk, buy it and keep it in your house, order it if it’s at a restaurant and truly create an abundant relationship with it. Really get into a space where you realize you can have this food ANYTIME you want. You can of course listen to your body along the way, you aren't trying to eat it so much you feel sick and never want it again (that does not work or last) but instead just diminishing the power it has over you. When this so called “binge food” is just another food, you will actually be able to eat it and move on with your day instead of it always turning into you feeling out of control.

Step 4: Work on the mindset. Allowing the food physically is one part of this work, but mentally allowing is almost more important. If you are buying the food and keeping it in your house but shaming yourself every time you are eating it and thinking how you SHOULD NOT be eating so much/ at this time of day…

The binge feelings of restriction will still be there. 

This is a huge part of what we teach in The UnDiet Academy - how to change the way you think so food no longer has such power and instead you can enjoy all foods when you feel like it, when your body feels like it and you can still prioritize wellness without the obsession!

To stop binge eating, end the diet cycle for good and find wellness without the obsession be sure to join the waitlist for The UnDiet Academy beginning again next month. When you join this waitlist you will also be sent information about a few free masterclasses that we will be hosting in March and April so you can begin on this journey to food and body freedom whether you join the program or not!

Join The UnDiet Academy waitlist here - http://thebodylovesociety.com/undiet

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