March 3, 2020

Ep 096 - How can I lose weight with UnDieting?

Welcome to How to Love Your Body, today we are talking about weight loss and how UnDieting can help with that.

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So firstly, we would ask you - how can you lose weight with dieting?

So far there is no proven way to PURSUE weight loss and keep it off….

So this tells us that whether you are dieting or UnDieting - FOCUSING on the weight and potential weight loss isn’t going to get you very far.

If you had dieted in the past and kept it off in a way that didn’t take over your life - you likely wouldn’t be listening to this podcast.

So the moral of the story here is - there is NO proven way to actively pursue weight loss and have it be maintainable. 

Does this mean you can never lose weight and keep it off? NO

Your body is brilliant and will always take care of you and do it’s thing. But when YOU try to decide it needs to be a different size and then take actions to manipulate it, it will backfire, Your body is very smart and will rebound if you try to restrict food to be thinner …

Letting your body do its job is our best advice.

So what is the point of UnDieting then?

UnDieting is what to do with everything else that you actually do have some control over - like how you think and feel about food and your body and then of course that leads to how you eat and exercise.

These things are the things you can work at and actually create lasting change - and then with these changes your body will decide what to do - lose weight, gain weight, stay the same…. 

So in UnDieting you will:

  • Get out of the dieting mindset so you don't think about food all day anymore, you aren't afraid of a piece of chocolate cake and you don't feel like you were “so good” because you had a salad for lunch
  • Food is just food and you can enjoy it all while listening to your body
  • With a dieting mindset, if we said, go eat whatever you want, it is unlikely you’d even be able to listen to your body because a dieters thinking is so skewed and overbearing that we cannot listen - there is just so much constant chatter - should I eat this, I feel bad for eating that, may as well eat everything and start again tomorrow… there is no peace to actually listen and make decisions based on your body’s needs, it’s all about the rules and obsession…

UnDieting also allows you to live a balanced life long term - if you are truly enjoying the way you live, it’s not something you have to try to “stay on”, you just LIVE! And yes of course it’s flexible, some weeks you are going to exercise a lot and be very active and some weeks you will be swamped at work but instead of beating yourself up for it, you move on and get back to it when you can...This prevents the all or nothing pattern that dieting brings.

So when you ask “How can I lose weight with UnDieting” shift this question to “What kind of life do I want and how do I want my relationship with food and my body to be?” - because these are the areas you have some control over.

Doing the same thing for decades and expecting a different result is just torture for you and those around you!!

Try something different and you’ll be amazed at how you can get everything you were looking for in a place you least expected.

If you are wanting to make this change be sure to enter your information on our Spring 2020 waitlist for The UnDiet Academy where we help women find wellness without the obsession, where we can really help you get into the driver’s seat of your life, health and relationship with food and your body without going through the weight loss rollercoaster again and again!

You can get more info about that at

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