March 23, 2020

Ep 099 - 4 Tips to Deal with UnDieting & Quarantine

Welcome to How to Love Your Body, our first episode live from self isolation.

Today we are going to be talking about 4 tips to make this time easier with food and body. These tips will cover food, movement, body image and mindset.

Lets dive right in.

Tip 1: Food 

  • Satisfaction- it's important to eat food that will actually satisfy you. It's also important to eat ENOUGH. When you find yourself eating food that you actually don't want to eat and doesn't fill you - that can cause you to snack all day long. You just never feel complete. So when it's time to eat - choose something that sounds good to you. Allow yourself to have enough of it to help you feel content. Then you can move on with your day and not think about it until you're hungry again. If you find yourself grazing - it most likely means you didn't eat a satisfying meal that filled you up.

Tip 2: Movement 

  • Get creative, get flexible- since we are all quarantined - you may be restricted from workouts that you enjoy. Gyms, workout studios, hikes, and beaches are all closed. SO -- how can you get creative in doors? Stretch? Online exercise video? Garden? Clean? Walk in your front yard or backyard? Go up and down your stairs if you have them? Play with your kids? Rest? Yes, you can also choose to rest. At this time allow yourself to be okay with moving in different ways. This is about your mental health. Yes, it's great to move physically but what can you do to move in ways that are good for your mental health?

Tip 3: Body Image 

  • Now that you may be around mirrors even more since you're in your homes - make sure to not body check! Wear comfortable clothes - yes, pj's are welcomed. :) Or get dressed for the day if that makes you feel better. Now is the time to realize that we are in quarantine - and maybe your looks/ body is the least interesting thing about you? (it's true- you are so much more than your body!).

Tip 4: Mindset 

  • Be present, take it day by day - this is a very unusual time for all of us right now. So do your best to be as present as possible.

If you want more support as we go through this Quarantine - we cover all things food, movement, body image, and mindset in our 4 week course - it’s called  How to Love Your Body Online Course and Community -- we'll help you get through this challenging time so you can have a healthier relationship food and you body and movement, even after the world settles into a new normal.

We begin on Tuesday, March 24th -- you'll get your first module and can dive right in -- you'll get 4 audio trainings + a workbook each week all geared toward this very specific time in our lives-- it will fully address how to handle being quarantined, not just the general stuff. Also accompanied by a private Facebook group where you will get daily coaching from Jenna and I and will be supported by other women going through the same thing.

On Thursday, March 26th we will be on our first of 4 live video conference calls for more coaching with us AND best of all - face to face connection with a safe, loving, and supportive community! We need to stick together more than ever right now, even if it's virtual.

You can go to to get more info.

We are excited for the first week to drop tomorrow - all about food- binge eating, over eating, emotional eating (stress/ boredom), how you can make food easier, and food mindset. Then we’ll see you on our first live call on Thursday!

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