March 31, 2020

Ep 100 - 10 tips to cope with food in quarantine

Welcome to how to love your body - in this episode we are going to be giving you 10 small tips to help cope with food while in quarantine - as we are working with a lovely group of women right now in our 4 week course called How To Love Your Body Online Course and Community - we’ve noticed that food is very much a challenge and we thought it would be helpful to give you these 10 tips to help get through the days that you are home all day and it seems like all you want to do is eat. 

Before we begin we want to share - for our 100th episode we are doing a GIVEAWAY - rate / review our podcast in the next 48 hrs and enter to win the How to Love Your Body online course for free. - The winner will be chosen on Thursday April 2nd. We will tell you more about the course at the end of the episode.

Let's get started. 

First - there is nothing wrong with eating - so this is not about getting you to eat less because you are wrong for eating . NOT AT ALL. 

The intention behind this is to help you feel at peace being at home while surrounded by food knowing you can eat it whenever, that it’s all allowed, and you don’t need to feel like that’s all you think about all day… we want to help clear your mind. 

Just a little note: You don’t have to do ONE thing we mention below if you aren’t in a space to do so - take what resonates, leave what doesn’t because you can honestly do whatever the heck you want and that’s your right! 

So here are 10 small tips to help: 


  • Create a routine that gives you joy:

    This is not about creating a food routine. This is about incorporating things into your day that you enjoy - of course you may feel limited right now but what are some things you can do each day that make you feel good - for ex. Things that are keeping me sane- every morning I talk a walk outside with my 2 dogs and my daughter. When we get back home- I make my coffee, go back outside, and we play in the front yard. Just knowing I have my walk and my coffee with some fresh air each start to my day is so helpful as it feels like a routine - and I enjoy it. I also know that I will add work into my day during nap time which I enjoy (I set the mood with my essential oil diffuser which feels zen and peaceful- lots of times I work in bed which feels good.) Another part of my routine - well taking care of my toddler - but after I get her dinner, bath, and to bed - I either work more, listen to my audible book, watch TV, or lay in bed and catch up on podcasts of IG lives from my favorite people. Knowing I have all of this in my day to look forward to feels good. I have a sense of routine. So what can you add into your day that you look forward to? 



  • Add mindful activities:


We can get into a rut of engaging in only mindless activities (especially right now when we are limited to our homes)  - it could be scrolling on your phone, watching tv, playing video games / games on your phone etc - when we get caught up in mindless activities ALL DAY LONG it can be a big reason food may be your main focus all day - its something that engages us. So of course you are going to do some mindless activities each day ESPECIALLY in quarantine but if you are sick of thinking about food all day and eating food all day because it simply doesn’t feel good - adding in some mindFUL activities can help. What are mindful activities? Things that are engaging and keep you in the present moment. This could be painting, writing, journaling, being with your kids (BEING TRULY PRESENT with them).. Or anything where you realize you didn't think about anything but the thing in front of you for a bit. What gets you present? How can you fit these things into your dayS?


  • Tackle one thing a day:

    Maybe you’ve always wanted to organize your closet / dresser and now you have the time - but it may seem like a really big daunting task because there is just so much - what can be helpful it to break it into sections - do one drawer a day or one small section a day so it doesn’t feel like so much - tackling one thing a day that doesn’t overwhelm you can help you feel productive - and that can feel really dang good. It’s just another something to focus on other than food. And productivity - even if it’s something small can make a difference. Reminder: you are not forced to be or feel productive - you don’t have to accomplish a damn thing during this quarantine or pressure yourself into anything you don’t want to - but if it seems like something helpful to YOU personally - try it out.


  • Always remind yourself you can eat what you want when you want:

    These tips are not about distracting yourself not to eat - we want you to remind yourself that you can eat whatever the heck you want, food is allowed, it’s not bad or wrong, you can’t have too much or too little, it’s what your body is asking you for. So just a tip - eat what you want / know it’s there and you can also simultaneously tune into your body and listen to its signals - tapping into what feels good. And just be aware while eating. Call it Allowing with awareness! (and sometimes we may zone out and not realize until we are overly full and that's ok, in these times practice compassion, don't be hard on yourself, that won't get you anywhere)



  • Eat enough:

    Eat meals you enjoy that actually fill you up - grazing will just keep you grazing all day which will keep the food focus on the forefront of your brain. There is no routine that you are forced to follow but when your body is asking to eat - make sure you eat enough to fill you up! If you are full and content it alleviates the constantly thinking about food all day. 


  • Create connection:


Loneliness / not physically seeing friends and family at this time can be really tough - that’s why it’s so important to do the best you can under these circumstances - FaceTime with friends/ family daily if that sounds good to you. Or get on a group zoom with your girlfriends once a week - Virtual ladies night (or coffee date)! How can you keep connection alive on the daily even if it’s virtual. It can alleviate the boredom and loneliness if that’s something you are experiencing.


  • Get outside if available:

    If available to you - get outside and get some sunlight and fresh air. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes or less - this is an absolute mood booster. We need sunlight to help with our mental state - if a walk can’t happen, open a window, walk in the front yard or backyard and just be - if you have a balcony sit outside for a while with a book/ coffee/ beverage etc How can you incorporate fresh air into your life each day?



  • Improve your sleep:

    Do your best to get some sleep at night. Yes, you may have kids that doesn’t allow you to get a full night's sleep - but if you’re able get to bed a bit earlier and have a bit of a routine - I know many people have trouble sleeping so figure out something that can be helpful to you - is it a bedtime routine with some sleepytime tea? Taking a shower before bed? Listening to a meditation as you fall asleep - my favorite right now is listening to my audiobook on a sleep timer while I fall asleep - and if I wake up in the middle of the night - instead of scrolling on Social media which only makes my sleep worse - I just put my audio book back on a sleep timer and fall back to sleep to that. So figure out what works for you and how you can improve your sleep - even just a little bit.



  • No judgment- give yourself a break!

    This is not about perfection - if tomorrow you sit on the couch all day, watch TV, and eat FINE - that’s okay. If you are trying so hard and you still feel the struggle with all this food stuff - THAT’S OKAY! Give yourself a break - we are in such a weird time - and you are doing the best you can right now. So don’t put high expectations on yourself and then beat yourself up for not reaching them - it’s about doing what you can each day to bring some joy, do something you enjoy, and make the best of this situation we’re all stuck in. And if all you can do that day is do nothing - then that’s great. You are doing the best you can. This stuff is challenging - and soooo many people around the world are feeling it too. You are not alone and you are not doing anything wrong - you are not failing or any of that nonsense - you are a human trying to get through this uncertain time. You are doing great. 



  •  Get support:

    -Follow people you enjoy on social media that feel helpful to you
    -Keep listening to helpful podcasts like this one :)
    -Watch IG Lives that a lot of accounts are doing
    -Look into therapy online

    -How to Love Your Body Online Course - we recently launched a 4 week course that we are now offering as a digital course. If you do find yourself struggling with food, movement, body image, and your mindset around all of it - this is a helpful course to get you through this time of quarantine - as we specially address the most pressing issues that are being faced. You’ll get 4 modules to listen to, with a workbook each week so you can process the information, and a bonus of our “coach on your shoulder audio bank” - which is 20+ trainings on the most asked questions we get in our UnDiet community. 


For our 100th episode we are doing a GIVEAWAY - rate / review our podcast in the next 48 hours and enter to win the digital course for free. - The winner will be chosen on Thursday April 2nd.

Doors - open to the course for everyone on Friday 4/3! 

You can learn about the course at 

PS -  We have created a new quiz for you guys to get more personal guidance on which 3 steps would be most powerful for YOU to take to make food easier right now -- you can take the quiz at

We are here to support you through this time (and always!) 

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