April 7, 2020

Ep 101 - Intuitive Drinking

We are covering this topic because we did a poll and 90% of our audience were interested in learning more about intuitive drinking.

If this topic does not relate to you, you choose to abstain or are bothered by the topic of drinking then this is an episode you might want to skip.

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Drinking can also react to having a diet culture mindset around it.

If you’re worried about the calories, or have a screw it attitude because those couple drinks ruined your healthy day, drinking can be another difficult area.

So here are three pointers on how to drink intuitively:


1. Focus on how you feel when drinking instead of following what’s going on around you:


We had a client who was wondering about intuitive drinking because they would often go out with coworkers and everyone would drink so should she just not go? No! If you want to attend these events thats great, you can just listen to YOUR body and do what feels best for you. Sometimes a couple glasses of wine might feel good, sometimes a tea, sometimes a pop, sometimes a vodka soda. Tune in! 


2. Make empowered choices: Know yourself. How many drinks usually feels good for you? How much feels like too much? When you know this about yourself, you can then make empowered choices. Even if you CHOOSE to have an amount that you know will make you feel crappy tomorrow, thats fine but choose it. Don't be completely unaware, and then beat yourself up for the next 3 days because you “shouldnt” have done that. 


3. Untie diet culture and drinking: Do not worry about eating when drinking -- if you are restricting food then after a couple drinks when your inhibitions are down you can get stuck in a screw it moment with both the food and the drinks. Be sure that you are working on your relationship with food as well so that you are free to eat and drink freely. Yes you may want some snacky foods when you drink, and thats fine!


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