April 14, 2020

Ep 102 - Considering a diet while in quarantine?

When everything is going to hell around us, food and body issues can stick out like a sore thumb just waiting to be obsessed over!

So it’s absolutely normal if you’re feeling tempted to get back on a diet right now or even just “try to be sensible, healthier etc” -- but we know that any type of trying to restrict is just a diet, no matter what you call it.

Here are 3 reasons that this could be happening right now and how to shift back into what you know is true - that the best way to honor your body and find genuine wellness is to continue repairing your relationship with food and your body.

3 Reasons this might be happening right now

  1. Control - Or lack thereof. Right now there are so many things that are out of our hands (in reality we actually have control over very little in life but our routines make us feel like we’ve got it) and the uncertainty of how long life will be like this can make us look elsewhere for something to control and keep in check. If your thoughts right now are, if this goes on for a long time I can’t keep living like this! Then yes you can make a shift but it doesn't have to be towards trying to control, restrict or diet. It can simply be to tune in more and prioritize your needs a little more.

Not moving at all and want to start? Go for a walk today, that's it. Start small and see where it goes, might be just a couple walks a week, might be some intense living room workouts or some gentle stretching. 

Feel bad in the way you’re eating? Tune into your body, You can make changes without it being restrictive at all.

  1. Feeling like you’re eating more and exercising less - God forbid, have to FIX IT! 

 Sit with the idea that it’s OK to be eating more and exercising less right now. This is a global pandemic and we are going to have phases in life when we are moving less and eating more. That is OK! This is so against what diet culture tells us but it's true. If you just don't have the ware with all to really tune into what movement and food your body needs right now. Give yourself a break. As the weeks go on you might feel ready or you might not be ready until the world opens back up a bit and that's ok. Honor what you need right now and that might mean not prioritizing food and movement right now.


  1. Messaging we’re seeing - We’re sure you’ve noticed the endless memes going around talking about how much weight people are going to gain during quarantine, how much food they can’t stop eating, how many snacks they are having - yeah it’s all supposed to be funny but when it comes to our UnDiet world - diet culture memes are not funny - they are most likely triggering and not to mention FULL of shame and judgement. Not only are you most likely seeing these memes on a daily basis (unfollow if you can) - you are probably seeing many messages to workout more at home, stream the live workout classes, get on an immunity boosting meal plan - diet culture has always been noisy - but now it’s even louder! Don’t let these memes and this pressure to move / eat less. Just remember you can focus on feeling good in your body - movement and eating things that make you feel good can be awesome but no need to obsess over it. Think back to what we mentioned in #1 & #2 - you can do things to feel good - no problem - but do things you enjoy and still allow yourself to eat all food and take a rest if you don’t feel like moving - we are in a pandemic - we are staying home to be safe and help the world not to obsess over our bodies and food and shame ourselves. 

If you are ready and wanting support in this continued time of self isolating we are offering an affordable 4 week program that covers food, movement, body image and mindset. The work we will do together will continue your work in repairing your relationship with food and your body while in isolation and also in general so you’ll feel more confident in this work even when the world opens back up. You can learn more at www.thebodylovesociety.com/course

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