April 21, 2020

Ep 103 - The Ebb and Flow of Intuitive Eating

On today’s episode we are going to be talking about the ebb and flow of intuitive eating and UnDieting. 

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Let’s dive in to today’s topic :

We talk a lot about the ebb and flow of intuitive eating and this is what we mean by it.

It means that intuitive eating doesn’t look the same everyday- and that is totally okay and normal and to be honest it really is the BEAUTY of Intuitive Eating! 

Some days may look a little lighter, a little more nutritious, a little more green, and a little more colorful. Which could include loaded salads, veggies, salmon, brown rice, and asparagus. 

Some days may look a little more dense, carby, less color, less nutritious, and filling! That could mean a pastry, pizza, and desserts! 

Some days may look a bit more of the in between, green smoothie, pizza, salad, and a glass of wine or a cookie 

Your days may look like some of these, all of these, or anywhere in between - we aren’t saying this is exactly what your days have to look like - we’re pointing out this is how it could look and they are all different and it’s all a part of Intuitive Eating. 

And here’s the thing- you aren’t TRYING to eat lighter on the more nutritious days and you aren’t feeling shame and guilt on the days you eat less nutritious and more dense. And you aren’t compromising and saying you’ll eat more balanced on the mixed day of eating… 

It all happens NATURALLY. It’s just what your body does, how it feels, and what it signals to you. You will be more hungry on days and less hungry on days and medium hungry on days - we aren’t robots who eat the same thing everyday, the same portion size, and perfectly balanced- that’s dieting actually, and it treats us like we are robots. As humans  We get to be flexible and flow! 



Even on the lighter days of eating you are eating food you WANT, that satisfies you, and that you enjoy! You aren’t forcing down nutritious food because you have to, you actually like it. (and maybe you never have days like this because you always have dessert or something - THAT’S OKAY. We are not glorifying the lighter days- we are pointing out they can happen if your body is feeling it that day. 


You get to eat however your body wants to eat AND add in some logic with how you want to feel. 

Each day you ask yourself “what will feel good right now? What will taste good? What sounds satisfying?” And that may mean ANYTHING! It could mean that pizza it could mean that salad it could mean both. It could mean whipping up a loaded green smoothie because you’re feeling like you haven’t had veggies in a while or it could mean ordering chinese food because that’s just what would make the soul feel good (and your taste buds too). 

Allow yourself to relax and ride the ebb and flow of your hunger signals, taste buds, and how you feel in your body. 

And just FYI- we know we talk about feeling good in your body - but you don’t HAVE to feel good in your body 100% of the time- that is an absolute choice! You choose the way you want to feel - it’s not some rule we created for you. 

This is your life - you choose what you eat, you choose how you feel - and on any given day it may look different. No one gets to tell you what to do or how to eat or how to live. This is an INTERNAL choice- you go within and ask yourself what it is that you choose - and then you choose- no validation from others just your own intuition and you get to trust yourself and trust your body that you are on the same team and you both know what’s best for you. 


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