May 19, 2020

Ep 107 - Intuitive Eating is not about eating less

Welcome to How to Love Your Body. On today’s episode we are going to be talking about something that may get a little misinterpreted in the IE world. 

Before we get started there’s a free worksheet you can grab by clicking HERE to help you assess what IE means to you, how you can be more gentle with yourself, and how to celebrate yourself. 

IE is not about celebrating eating less. 

People may think this because things like this get “celebrated” 

  • “I stopped after one cookie.”
  • “I passed on the stale donut in the staff room.”
  • “I went out to eat, ordered what I wanted, and only ate half.” 
  • “I usually feel like dessert every single night but tonight I didn’t” 
  • “I listened to my body and realized I only wanted a slice of pizza with a nice salad to go along with it. Usually I want the whole pizza!”

It does seem as though eating less is being celebrated when touching on these handful of examples…. 

And we want to tell you why it’s not about that at all - and tell you what it IS all about.

 The IE world is not celebrating eating less - what it is celebrating is…..


  • Being in tune with your body
  • Feeling good in your body 
  • Stopping the bingeing because there’s no restriction 
  • Enjoying dessert without needing to eat it ALL in one sitting because you know you can have it tomorrow or whenever. 
  • Knowing what is worth it to you and if you don’t feel like eating stale donuts because you actually won’t even enjoy it - awesome! 
  • Having a healthy positive mindset around food. 
  • Being able to actually see the progress you are making in healing the relationship with food and your body 
  • That you feel at peace, hopeful, and happy that it CAN be different - you don’t have to live in a miserable world with food anymore. 


THIS is everything we are celebrating!! It truly is amazing! 

AND if you told us… 

-You got too full and didn’t tune in 

-You binged after a few months one night 

-You couldn’t stop after one cookie

-You didn’t leave food on your plate 

That doesn’t mean you have failed and it doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to be celebrated - it doesn’t mean you are a bad person and it doesn’t mean you are doomed and can’t ever heal the relationship with food and your body and find wellness without the obsession. 

It means you are learning, growing, evolving, having awareness, being curious and are human! - When things happen that you don’t like or wish didn’t happen or things that you beat yourself up for -- THOSE are the times when you learn the most!! It’s really about being gentle and compassionate with yourself and giving yourself a break. 

So whatever happens - You leave food on your plate one night or feel too full the next - THAT’S OKAY. There will always be an ebb and flow to the way you eat on any given day - tune into your body and know that you can always in every present moment choose what feels good to you - whatever that may be. 

You are always being celebrated as an UnDieter! 

Don’t forget to grab your worksheet HERE

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