May 26, 2020

Ep 108 - Food Logging and Intuitive Eating? (But I’m not counting calories!)

Quick Coaching: Is food logging to see how food makes me feel a good idea?

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Something like food logging (not calorie counting) isn't bad or wrong but the question is will it give you the results you’re hoping for?

When you stop dieting and become an intuitive eater, many people hope to think about food less - logging in any form puts more attention on what you eat

- Have to think about the food twice - eat it and write it down

- See all the food you ate that day - way too easy to take stock of your day and think i shouldnt have had so many carbs etc

- Hard to be present when logging 

- False sense of control - if I don't write it down I'll go out of control

KEY POINT: Nothing is bad or wrong - but we need to look at the intention of it and whether it will give you the results you want.

This is relevant to ANYTHING with food and movement.

Your intention behind eating a salad

Your intention behind working out

Your intention behind food logging

Your intention behind being a vegan

Your intention behind eating all the chocolate


Will this allow you to get what you want?

If you feel restricted eating vegan - will you ever find food freedom?

If you log your food and it makes you think about food more often - are you going to be able to stop thinking about food all day?

Take these 2 things into account whenever you are considering something in this journey.

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