June 23, 2020

Ep 111 - Conventional Beauty & UnDieting

Welcome to How to Love Your Body on today’s episode we are talking about beauty, particularly conventional beauty and where it fits into the work of UnDieting and removing ourselves from diet culture.

Yes - the beauty industry, makeup, hair etc is another multi billion dollar industry that preys on low self esteem and the need to look a certain way.

Being aware of this is important - if the political side of this work is important to you, the best thing you can do is vote with your dollar, do not give money to these kinds of industries… and you’re also a grown woman who gets to choose what is best for HER!

The first step is being aware of the insidious side of the beauty industry - did you know cellulite as a negative body feature was made up by the beauty industry so they could then sell you a product to fix something that you never had a problem with… until they said it was a problem?

Take a step back and see if everything you buy and buy into is something you want to be a part of, cellulite creams, waist trainers, spanx, these things were developed so you could fit into a mould - and so is mascara, cover up and curling irons but we can choose where we draw the line for ourselves as individuals, there is no right or wrong answer here.

I do make it a point to not buy into supposedly body changing items like waist trainers and cellulite creams because of the work we do - if I try to look more like the diet culture mould I am not helping anyone else accept themselves and that is an important part of this work TO ME. It does not mean it has to be for you.

When becoming an UnDieter we are not saying - you now have to become an advocate and dive into the politics of body acceptance, fat acceptance and fighting against the patriarchy!!!

It is important work but we know it isn't for everyone.

What are you passionate about and where do you draw your line?

Wherever that is, it does not matter, just make sure its what you really want. 

I have my eyebrows microbladed, I want to get hair extensions this year, I wear makeup when I go to events and I like to wear conventional female clothing…

These are not things I feel I need to boycott to live this life or to help others find food freedom either.

Where is your line?

Do you want to avoid shape wear and try to practice some more body acceptance?

Do you want to wear makeup less often?

Do you want to stop buying anti aging creams ?

Cool! Don't want to do those things? That's fine too. We just encourage you to take a closer look before you decide.

Are you afraid of leaving the house without your hair and makeup fully done?

Are you afraid of what people will think of you if you arrived somewhere without spanx?

Living in fear isn’t making a choice, it’s being forced into a choice…

And we want genuine freedom for you!

You can grab your free worksheet to explore the different elements of beauty and decide where you are going to draw your line in the sand - once you’ve taken a closer look and decided what you’re okay with and what you are not, you can live a life of freedom in every aspect!! Get it at www.thebodylovesociety.com/111

And remember: you can become an UnDieter and just be the same wonderful you who loves makeup and hair products but who also has freedom around food and realized their self worth doesn’t come from those beauty products!

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