July 7, 2020

Ep 113 - The 5 Philosophies of UnDieting

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5 Major Philosophies of UnDieting 

Shifting your thoughts about food and your body from the way you look to the way you feel. 

There are some obvious things that you may have shifted already - not counting calories anymore, not on an actual diet, beginning the process of eating intuitively and listening to your body signals instead of food rules but there are SO many ways of thinking that need to change that sometimes we cant even see 

Being overly concerned with emotional eating, overeating, making sure you’re ACTUALLY hungry when you eat etc are all markers of some old beliefs coming up. Would you be so worried about these things if food didn’t affect your weight? If you could eat anything, anytime and you would look the same forever would you be that concerned? Would it be a big deal if you ate because you were bored or because you were physically hungry? Probably not - this shows that some of your actions are still rooted in the way your body looks.

And it can sound extreme but overhauling the way you think entirely is the way to freedom and ironically, balance. 

When your thinking changes you are able handle food with ease because it’s just food, it’s not so intertwined with looks, weight, worth and so many other things that diet culture ties food into.

Separating weight and wellness. 

A main concern people have is that if they UnDiet they won’t be healthy. But the truth is the diet cycle is very hard on your body and mental health. 

The key of this work is separating wellness from weight, they are not the same thing.

While you shift away from a focus on weight this does not mean shifting away from wellness, it actually means FINALLY introducing true wellness into your life. 

As you move along on this journey, when thoughts of “I’ll feel better if I lose weight” or “I need to lose weight for my health” come up, take a breath and ask yourself, what can I do to feel better now, what can I do to improve my wellness at this moment.

Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating enough? Are you wanting to eat more vegetables? Are you wanting to continue building a healthier body image? Are you wanting to move your body more often? 

GREAT! And none of that needs to affect your weight for it to benefit your health. 

An important goal of UnDieting is inner peace.

When you’ve been dieting for 10 - 30 years the goal is always to look different, to be thinner and to have various physical results. 

This is what we’ve thought would change everything for us, and of course we thought that - thats what diet culture told us but to be honest a physical result will not be life changing, and definitely not a long term solution.

The 1 thing that will make a life changing difference is inner peace. This means acceptance of your body and self unconditionally. 

You might be thinking, but HOW!? We know its not a quick journey but its possible and so worth it. 

Imagine waking up every morning without the thought “I need to change my body”, Ive been so bad I have to start again on Monday, and the constant stress over your weight. Just simply LIVING and being you and that is enough -and yes you can absolutely care about your health, feeling good and growing as a person at the same time.

Self Empowerment

This is about YOU figuring out what works for you instead of someone telling you what to do (when there are rules, it can never be a lifelong change)

UnDieting is unlearning all the rules and BS that you were taught before and to get back in touch with YOUR wisdom about your own body, what it needs and wants and how you feel. You are the expert on your own body and its time to realize that and embrace your power. 

Rewiring Your Brain

The brain is a habitual creature , when we think one way it’s easiest to just keep thinking that way. Body hate, food stress, weight obsession - it all becomes second nature and just the natural way we think so to change that seems impossible - this is just the way we are! But that isn’t true, this way of thinking was learned and it can be unlearned and replaced with a more natural and compassionate way of thinking. 

Body acceptance, intuitive eating and UnDiet thinking can all become second nature, so its natural and easy.

You can dive deeper into internalizing these philosophies by joining our free 5 day undiet mindset boost at bit.ly/undietboost

See you next week!

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