July 13, 2020

Ep 114 - The Diet Mentality Detox

Welcome to How to Love Your Body - on today’s episode we are talking about The Diet Mentality Detox - this is the second phase in UnDieting (there are 5) - a very vital step ( as they all are) but to really detox of the diet mentality and think in a different way is a life changing phase in this UnDiet process - if you want to learn more about all 5 UnDiet phases you can go back to episode 76. 

Before we share about what the diet mentality detox really is and a few steps on how you can get started - this episode is brought to you by our free upcoming masterclass called The 3 Ingredients you need to become an Intuitive Eater and find Wellness without the Obsession. 

We have 2 dates (July 21 & 23) and times you can choose from - you can find the link in the show notes to save your spot or bit.ly/undietmasterclass

Okay - let’s dive in. 

What is The Diet Mentality Detox? 

This is all about rewiring your brain - your words, thoughts, and beliefs around diet culture. 

It’s about changing the way you think FIRST so you can make food choices from your intuition, how your body feels, what sounds satisfying, your preferences. - not from a place of “good” and “bad” food, what’s the “healthiest”, the least amount of cals, what will help me lose weight etc… that’s just the diet mentality speaking. 

When we can change the way we think, it automatically changes the way we act without always having to put massive amounts of effort in (for example - to resist or distract yourself from bingeing, which is not a long term approach to healing - you can instead rewire the way you think so that binge eating doesn’t even occur to you, The urge is healed so there isn't anything to put effort into, you just get to be free and start to feel that peace and have the freedom you hear about in this UnDiet world.

When you unlearn the diet mentality and rebuild your thinking with the UnDiet approach it allows you toI make choices around the way you move that stem from what you enjoy and what feels good. - not from a place of punishment, force, to burn off what you ate, for weight loss focus - again that’s just the diet mentality speaking. 

When you create a new foundation and intentions around why you move - ex. Mental health and to feel good that’s when you start to create a healthy relationship with movement. 

It’s also about shifting the way you think and speak about your body - you are always thinking, and for dieters much of that inner dialogue is critical, judgmental and harsh, surrounding not only our bodies, what we eat but also our self worth and self esteem. 

It is in rewiring our thinking that will lessen this internal dialogue leaving you less likely to use food and movement as punishment and an emotional response to that internal conflict and more likely to have food and movement take its rightful place IN your life instead of it ruling your life. 

Do you see how the narrative changes when you detox from the diet mentality? 

It creates a new world that feels good - you dismantle diet culture and introduce yourself into the wonderful world of UnDieting. 

Here are a few things you can do to get started with The Diet Mentality Detox 


  • Clear your online space of diet culture 


You have probability heard us share this many times if you’ve been listening to our podcast but here’s a great way to get started - and if you’ve already done this it will be great to do a little refresher and tidy up a bit! 

Clearing your space means to get rid of anything that relates to diet culture - a great place to start is with your social media. Unfollow anyone who spews diet culture and doesn't make you feel good/ inspired - and then Follow accounts that are a part of the body positive movement, different bodies, intuitive eating accounts etc - if it makes you feel good, then surround yourself with that! 

If you’ve never done this before - this will be such an energetic shift in your online space! If you’ve already done this - do a little looky lou to see if you still have a social media account that is incorporating any kind of diet culture - it can be sneaky!! 


  • Become aware of all or nothing thinking 


This type of thinking you may be familiar with - it’s the “no inbetween land” - you either say no to the pizza or eat the entire pizza - you either don’t move your body for a month or you move your body everyday until you burn out. It’s not allowing yourself dessert during the week and then binge on the weekend. You live in a world where diet culture fuels your thoughts with extreme ways of using food and movement. 

So how to dismantle this - the first step is becoming aware of your thoughts - so this week - when you are making food choices/ movement choices - see if you can spot any all or nothing thinking - if you do, ask yourself how you can find more of a balanced thought. Where can you find the grey area? Ex. can you still eat the pizza and add a fresh salad to it instead of only eating the salad or only binging on it? 

This isn’t about being perfect - this is about becoming aware of your thoughts and how you can start to shift them- it’s spotting the diet mentality and choosing to do it differently. It takes practice. There is no timeline. There is no failing. 


  • Save your spot in our free masterclass 


As mentioned in the beginning of this episode we will be holding a free masterclass on July 21 and 23 called The 3 Ingredients to become an Intuitive Eater and find Wellness without the Obsession. This will be a great step forward in Detoxing the Diet Mentality as that is the center focus on this masterclass. You’ll learn all the ingredients and you’ll be able to incorporate them into your current life to keep healing and improving in this work as an UnDieter. 

So to reiterate - action steps to detox the diet mentality: 

-Clear your online space of diet culture
-Spot when you are using all or nothing thinking and see where you can find the grey area
-Save your spot in our free masterclass at bit.ly/undietmasterclass

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