July 21, 2020

Ep 115 - Body Trust

On this week’s episode of How to Love Your Body we are diving into Body Trust.


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Body trust is a huge part of UnDieting and it is something that dieting teaches out of us.


We’ll start with what body trust is, body trust is when we drop all of the rules, shoulds and cants and simply listen to your body's signals and respond to them without doubt or questioning.


It’s one thing to know when you’re hungry and think to yourself - I cant possibly be hungry I just ate, is this real hunger? Maybe im just bored, I’ll wait 20 more minutes and if I still feel hungry I’ll have something. Its another to know youre hungry and just go eat.


This is rare, most people do not trust their bodies even when they are starting to prioritize listening to its signals. 

This is because the message of diet culture is:

Don’t trust your body, you will go out of control if you don’t implement rules and follow meal plans and programs.


You will eat and eat and never stop if you don’t control yourself.


So of course we live in fear with food and it results in living a life of “wellness” out of fear and that only leads to a lifestyle of stress, being on and off the wagon with very little enjoyment.


NO matter how healthy that life looks on paper - we MUST consider the whole experience, the mental, physical and experience of your life.


THIS is where body trust comes in.


Without it, things are rigid, controlled and encompasses the all or nothing mentality.


When body trust is introduced we can become flexible and live a life of wellness without the obsession.


It can be scary to begin to listen to and truly honor our body’s signals but in order to find that balance and wellness without the obsession it is such an important element.


Here are 3 things you can do to begin developing body trust:


  • If you notice you sit and debate with your body signals often - Am I really hungry? Is this genuine hunger? How long since I ate last? - stop and go eat. At least some of the time begin to just trust the signal and tap into what feels best to eat at that moment, what is your body asking for?

Remember: being overly concerned if you are REALLY hungry or if its emotional eating, boredom eating etc is a part of the diet mentality, you wouldn’t keep eating if you were unsure if you were full or not - I didn’t eat much I couldn’t possibly be full, I’ll keep eating just incase. Why is this? It is because in diet culture we are taught that less food is always better so we lean towards questioning our hunger but rarely question our fullness.


  • Shift fear to curiosity -- when you do begin to listen to your body signals it can be scary and our old diet thoughts may pop up (am i eating too much? Should i be having that? ) but shifting this to curiosity will make all the difference.

Instead think - maybe this is how much I need? Maybe I havent eaten enough carbs in the past and now my body is asking for more! I wonder what will happen long term when I truly honor my body’s signals..


  • Question everything! When we live in the diet mentality we think in a particular way and it goes unquestioned. We rarely look at if our thoughts are true, we assume that what we think is real but with diet thinking it rarely is!

Question the thoughts and fears that come up ask yourself -  is this true?


If it’s a diet thought it often isn’t. For instance - I shouldnt be hungry because I just had breakfast a couple hours ago. Is that true? You shouldnt be? How do you know? -- if the answer is a food rule you once took on then it isnt true!


There is a lot more to body trust of course but this is a great place to start.


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See you there!

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