July 24, 2020

Ep 116 - Weight Gain WTF?!

This week on How to Love Your Body we are diving HEAD ON to what we know is the #1 fear in UnDieting and that is weight gain.


It doesn’t matter when or where we ask, almost every woman’s concern and fear is weight gain or another body composition worry which is all the same thing in the end.


Before we get into our conversation today we want to share with you a resource we created to DEEP DIVE into this fear called the “Weight Gain WTF” video series. The series begins Monday July 27th so be sure to sign up before then to receive all 5 videos. This series is only happening July 27th - July 31st 2020. Go to bit.ly/weightgainwtf


As we talk about the fear of weight gain you may be thinking YES this is the biggest thing holding me back OR you might be thinking no that’s not my biggest fear it’s actually:

  • Eating too much
  • Never stop eating
  • Being unhealthy


We get that, those are other fears that people have but at the root, these fears are based on weight as well.


Here’s why:


Any food fear is really about what we believe food DOES to our body. Really be honest with yourself right now - if you do have a food fear, eating fear - would you be worried about food at all if it never affected the way your body looks?


We both know the answer is no. :)


As for the health concern - there may be the rare person who has a medical issue that they are genuinely worried about when it comes to letting go of food rules etc BUT contemplate this as well - if your internal health remains intact but you gain weight is that 100% good with you?


We find when people are concerned about food or “health” it usually equals a weight concern.


But here’s the thing - that is SO NORMAL and expected.

The root of dieting is a weight obsession - an obsession with losing it and an obsession with avoiding gaining it, so when you’ve come from that line of thinking for decades OF COURSE that is going to be the main concern.


It’s not vanity, it’s not self centered - it’s what we’ve been taught. That weight loss equals success, beauty and acceptance and weight gain equals shame, embarrassment and failure. So YES we are going to be preoccupied with our weight.


But it’s time for this to end. The fear of weight gain has run our lives for way too long.


It affects everything - the way we eat, exercise, socialize, our relationships, careers - everything!


Especially as women we have been so distracted in changing our bodies its taken vital time and energy away from us to be able to change the world!


And this truly is a societal issue that needs healing - and that healing starts with us individually finding peace in our bodies and at whatever weight our bodies want to be.


We know it might seem like your healing wont make a difference in this world but it will. Imagine if 50% of women healed their relationship with weight and their bodies. Imagine the industries that would change over night - pretty much anything that is sold to women to “fix” them would have to rework how they do business. Think: diet pills, diet programs, WW, Myfitnesspal app, cellulite creams and even makeup. All of these things are developed and sold to cure an insecurity that we can heal from!


YOU will make a difference in our world by healing so this isn't just about you anymore, being at peace in your body will affect your children, mother, friends and loved ones in an impactful way. 


We hope this gives you inspiration to PUSH THROUGH the fear and actively work on healing it so you can finally move on with your life and begin experiencing wellness without the obsession.

To push through the fear be sure to grab our 5 day Weight Gain WTF video series starting Monday July 27th. Go to bit.ly/weightgainwtf

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