July 28, 2020

Ep 117 - 5 Common Mistakes When UnDieting

5 mistakes people make going through the 5 phases


Welcome! This episode is brought to you by The UnDiet Academy starting August 4th 2020. Learn more about our program here - www.thebodylovesociety.com/undiet 


Phase 1: The Initial Exit


Mistake: They’re starting here and can easily get stuck in consuming INFORMATION but never moving forward with actual transformation.

Phase 2: The Diet Mentality Detox 


Mistake: Still having that tiny voice in the back of their head focusing on weight loss/ weight gain instead of focusing on how their body feels.

Phase 3: The Inner Self Work 


Mistake: Thinking they need to love themselves and their body all the time but really - starting with body neutrality (or staying here) is much more helpful etc - body love isn't about the way your body looks.

Phase 4: Embodying Intuitive Eating 


Mistake: Allowing all food physically but not mentally ALSO - focusing majorly on eating when you’re hungry, “mindful eating”, avoiding emotional/ boredom eating.

Phase 5: Wellness without the obsession 


Mistake: You second guess yourself and think that when your body asks for a salad, veggies, or something considered “healthy,” it means you’re dieting again- you second guess your intuition because you don’t believe you could actually choose the salad because you actually want it - because salad is something you forced yourself to have in the past as a dieter, you’re hesitant if you’re actually transforming your relationship with food or if it’s just a trick.


We would love to support you in avoiding these pit falls in The UnDiet Academy which is open right now and closes August 4th.


To share a little bit about the program - this is our most comprehensive program that we offer, it is 3 months of going through the 5 phases of undieting with us and a small group of women on the same journey.


It includes weekly video lessons and worksheets that get straight to the heart of each phase so that you aren’t wasting your time on anything unnecessary. You will receive daily coaching and support from both of us in the private facebook group for the entire program as well as being able to see the questions that other women ask -- this can often provide some HUGE ah-has from seeing the answers to questions you didnt even think of asking.


This group element makes this program stronger than many 1 on 1 options and its also more affordable. Win Win!


We are also including weekly live coaching sessions where your personal questions will be answered - you can watch live and interact or you can tune into the replay to get the answers to your questions as we move through this work together.


To get more info about the Academy take a look at www.thebodylovesociety.com/undiet


We also wanted to let you know about a coupon code we are offering for $100 off until Friday July 31st, the code is undiet2020 - use this with either the pay in full or the payment plan and get the discount instantly.


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