August 4, 2020

Ep 118 - How to support a loved one

Welcome to How to Love Your Body, today we are talking about what to do when we are worried about a friend or family member’s health issues and how we can address it.


You can grab your worksheet here - so you can work through how to support your loved one in the best way possible. 


To start it off - get into your loved one’s shoes. If you had something going on with your health, what would you want from a loved one? 


Someone to listen to you?

Someone to support you in going to appointments?

Someone to love you unconditionally?


So would I.


But what we tend to dish out instead is:



Unsolicited advice.


And we mean SO WELL but it’s really not what they need.


We have people reaching out sometimes and wondering “But I really love them shouldn’t I encourage them to eat healthier”?


Even if it’s not about weight - telling someone to “eat healthier” is rarely constructive. 


If your loved one has health issues going on that you feel are exacerbated by the way they eat, I promise their doctor has already brought it up, likely incessantly and if that hasn’t made a change, your comments won’t either.


We really hope that nobody tells you what to eat or how your body should look so we advise the same for US - their body, their business, our body, our business.


So how can you support a loved one having health troubles?


  • ASK them what you can do to help - don’t assume or give unsolicited advice
  • Be there to listen


That’s really all you need to do. 

Keep it simple and keep checking in with them if they need anything.


You can grab your worksheet to work through what is best to do for your loved one here


See you next week!

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