August 18, 2020

Ep 120 - It’s Okay If …

Welcome to How to Love Your Body - on today’s episode we are going to be sharing and validating you in ways diet culture never did and never will. 

It’s called the It’s Okay If episode! Which basically means we are going to be going over all the things it’s okay to be doing as an UnDieter. To normalize all things! 

We have found that when we post something on Instagram about it being okay doing things that haven’t always been accepted in the diet world we get the most interaction and engagement … people just want to know that they can do things without judgment, guilt, and shame. 

It’s okay if …. 


  • You ate the whole thing and they ate half
  • You ate another slice of pizza and they didn’t 
  • You ate a snack and they didn’t 
  • You ordered the side of fries and they ordered the side salad 
  • You ate dessert and they passed on dessert 
  • You are hungry and they aren’t 
  • You aren’t moving your body as much as you’d like 
  • Stress eating 
  • Eating out of boredom 
  • Comfort eating 
  • Snacking all day long 
  • Having challenging body image thoughts 


Whatever you are doing - IT’S OKAY! 

Being an UnDieter means that no matter what is going on with food, movement, and body image it’s A-Okay because there’s an ebb and flow to this life …. 

Sometimes we’re gonna get uncomfortably full, sometimes we just don’t have the time to move our bodies because it’s not our top priority (because there are a million other things to do in life that just may take priority!) , sometimes we aren’t going to like our bodies, sometimes we just don’t feel good in our bodies - it’s all okay!! 

And sometimes we eat an amount that feels good, we move our bodies more often, we actually feel neutral / like our body that day, we may feel really good in our body.

Since there is an ebb and flow, UnDieting may look different for every single person on the planet - there is no way you could ever compare yourself to someone else because our body signals do different things on different days. We all have different lives too - so we all are working under the circumstances we have …. 

Someone may have more time right now to move their body and eat in ways that feel good - someone may need to eat whatever they can put in their mouths and don’t have time this week to move a muscle? 

Someone may be really hungry today and someone may not.

Someone may be craving pizza tonight and someone may be craving salad and someone may be crazing pizza and a salad… It’s all okay! 

Each day, each week, each month and so on may look different for you (and for anyone who is an UnDieter).

And that’s the point! This is why it’s sustainable - because we just live our lives, listen to our body signals and do the best we can in the situation/ circumstance we’re living in. 

You may have kids and you barely have time to make a nice meal for yourself so you’re eating whatever you can - maybe even the kids left overs. Maybe your only movement is chasing after the toddler or going on a walk with the stroller - That’s okay! One day your kids will be grown up and you will have more time to yourself which means you can prepare meals you really love that you can put more time into -- maybe finding new ways to move that you love because you’ll have more time. 

Do you see how life is always evolving and changing so whatever is going on in your present day may not be what is going on tomorrow or the next - same goes for you hunger signals or any body signals. 

So the next time you judge yourself for anything you’re doing - remind yourself that IT’S OKAY!!! When you accept and allow “what is” - you’ll feel so much more peace and freedom. 

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