September 8, 2020

Ep 123 - Fearing Weight Gain Does Not Control Your Weight

Welcome to How to Love Your Body. On today’s episode we are going to be talking about how the fear of weight gain doesn’t actually control your weight (lose, gain, stay the same)- even though it feels like it does. 

When we say, fear of weight gain, what do we mean? 

It means: 

-You are constantly aware of what food you are eating. If it’s “healthy” or “unhealthy.”

-You always feel like eating food has a reward or consequence - if you eat nutritious healthy “light” food, you will be rewarded with weight loss (or at least not weight gain). If you eat unhealthy processed food / desserts / carbs etc then you face the consequence of weight gain. 

-You make choices with the diet brain instead of your intuition. 

-Even if you allow the food and you physically are eating it - you have mental restriction, meaning you have lots of shame, judgement, guilt, and a feeling that you shouldn’t be eating what you’re eating. 

-There’s an undertone of fear, self hate, judgement, shame rather than love/ peace, self respect/ acceptance, and trust surrounding food and your body. 

So - what does this fear actually do? 

It blocks you from truly getting to a place of peace and freedom around food and your body. It blocks your intuition. 

Using your intuition is such a big part of this work in IE and UnDieting - and the fear of weight gain is standing right in the way - your intuition is just on the other side. Knocking on the door asking to get in - 

Opening the door releases the fear of weight gain and not only does your intuition flood through the door so does everything else that comes along with being intuitive. 

Trust, peace, freedom, love - A LIFE. A sustainable life of wellness without the obsession can finally be cultivated. 

What does releasing this fear of weight gain mean? 

It doesn’t automatically mean that you will gain soooo much weight just because you release this fear - reminder that fearing weight gain doesn’t actually control your weight as we mentioned above. 

Question - has fearing weight gain resulted in weight loss that you’ve kept off in a sustainable way? Mostly likely it hasn’t because diets don’t work - and we can’t control our bodies as much as we want to . 

If you answered - yes, I have lost weight and kept it off in a sustainable way - we would like to ask how your mind feels? How’s your mental health? Do you feel free and at peace around food? Mostly likely no. 

Don’t you want to live in a world where you can have it all - where you can feel good physically and mentally???

This is possible. 

And it starts with releasing this fear of weight gain. 

Letting go of the fear of weight gain does not mean you now do not care about your health. It's actually very much the opposite. Releasing this fear will allow you to be much more in tune with your body therefore you'll be able to listen to what it needs/wants. Your mind will be clear and at peace and your body will finally get the focus that it deserves - to feel good.

The diet industry has taught you to fear weight gain - why? Because they deeply care about your physical and emotional wellbeing - JK, EYE ROLL, BS. 

They want you to live in constant fear so you can be a lifelong customer. They want your money. The Diet Industry is one big scam. And we all bought in. US TOO. 

Annddddd now we are choosing to buy out. And you can too- you most likely have already bought out because you are listening to this podcast - AMAZING. 

And now it’s about taking another step further into buying out of diet culture and letting go of this fear so you can truly start living. You can eat with peace, joy, pleasure, content, clarity --- all the things that feel oh so good. 

By the way - WE deeply care about your mental and emotional wellbeing. We are here to support you in all the ways we know how. 

This is why we created the 21 Day Weight Gain WTF Intensive - why did we call it this? It’s validating all the WTF’s that come along with un doing all the toxicity - because honestly diet culture is one big WTF. 

This intensive will help you dig much deeper into your mindset behind all the fear. You’ll create new beliefs, coping strategies, and even debunk some really ridiculous myths regarding weight. 

It’s a rich intensive! We wanted to make it as accessible and affordable as possible. 

You get all 21 days for $21. 

You can go to to learn more and get started on Day 1. 

This is an email series - meaning you get 1 email a day for 21 days but if you aren’t ready to begin just yet but still want to do the course - we recommend you save all the emails in a file and you can dive into them when you’re ready. 

The Intensive closes Tuesday, September 8th at midnight - which is TODAY. So if you are listening and are ready to get started go to We’re excited to hang out with you for the next 21 days. 

Lastly, if you have any questions email us at or you can send up a DM on IG - we are @thebodylovesociety. 

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