October 13, 2020

Ep 128 - How to Ride Out 2020

Welcome to How to Love Your Body - On today’s episode we are going to be talking about how to RIDE OUT 2020-  We know this year has most likely been really challenging - for many reasons! 

Even though we are nearing the end of this crazy year - we also know it may feel like it’s never going to end. That these last few months feel like an eternity. 

You are ready to get this year over with and move on into better times ahead - we get it! 

This is why we want to help support you in riding out the rest of 2020. 

It’s important to do things that you can “land safely” on when things are feeling overwhelming / (insert word) - taking care of yourself, finding ways to cope, finding healthy distractions ...will help you get through the days ahead that feel hard. 

Here are some tips/ practices you can add into you life that could help get you through these times: 


Stretch/ Breathe 

Move your body 

  • Gentle movement is great if that’s what feels good 
  • More strenuous movement is great if that’s what feels good 
  • A mixture or somewhere in between is great if that’s what feels good 
  • Also it’s important to assess your circumstance - sometimes we can’t always move in ways we want due to life, environment, etc - if so GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK - you will get back to movement when you can 
  • And of course You can also choose not to move your body

Prioritize sleep/ rest - The most important of them all. 

Eat - Eat enough, eat what you want, eat what feels good - the point - eat!

Mental/ Emotional: 

Prioritize sleep/ rest - this isn’t just a physical thing. 

Listen/ read books/ audios / podcasts that make you feel good/ supported 

  • Personal development / growth mindset is great AND 
  • If what you need is some light reading / listening - something uplifting / something to make you laugh/ some kind of fiction to dive into a world that isn’t real - do that! 
  • One or the another / a mixture of both is great - whatever feels good for your mind. 

Body Image - Put post its on your mirror saying something empowering - giving yourself a little message- it could make all the difference. 

Get rid of unnecessary stress - We get there are things that we stress about that we can’t just get rid of - but there may be things that cause you stress that you can - figure out what those things are and do it! (document story) 

“Cliche” self care - When is the last time you filled up the bath with bubbles, lavender oil, your favorite candle, and some music? Seriously, do it! 

Other self care - Ask for help! skip the dishes (ask your partner to help), hire a cleaner if financially available (even if it gives you a week break), get someone to watch the kids for the afternoon, Order a meal instead of cook, what are things in your life that you could really use help with that you typically don’t ask for support with - ask!

Validate your feelings (yourself) and also talk to a friend / family member/ trusted human in your life that could be a place to listen and understand as well - most of the time we are feeling something, so are millions of other people - we really are not alone in these hard times.

Release any kind of perfectionism going on - give yourself compassion. This is a year for the books - so no need to beat yourself up about anything - you are doing the absolute best you can. 

We know it may feel lonely, we know it may like “IT’S JUST TOO MUCH” (we have said this many, many times to each other lol) which is why we created a community based support system to help you ride out the rest of 2020….

In this 10 week program we are going to be going through 10 major topics including intuitive eating week, diet mentality week, weight gain fear week, body acceptance week, food freedom week and more.  

We’re excited to offer this program for the price of 1 therapy session :) 10 weeks of live lessons, daily support and more for $149.

If you want more information on this you can go to thebodylovesociety.com/membership

We start Nov 1 and we can’t wait to get started! Prices increase Oct 23rd.

See you in there!

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