November 10, 2020

Ep 132 - How does eating more help with binge eating?

Welcome to How to Love Your Body - on this week’s episode we are going to be talking about bingeing. Bingeing is a very common side effect of dieting - why? The number one reason is due to restriction. Where there is restriction - either mentally or physically - the bingeing will persist. We know, because we were in the restrict/ binge cycle for 10 years each. 

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Okay, here we go - let’s talk about bingeing and how we can help. 

Things you may have heard that will help with bingeing:

-Eat MORE food 

-Get foods that you restrict/ binge on IN the house 

-Eat whatever you want, when you want 

-Allow all food and give yourself unconditional permission to eat 


You may be thinking - HOW is this possible? You want me to eat MORE? You want me to buy bags of chips, jars of peanut butter, and chocolate bars and keep them in my house? This seems counterintuitive!!! Are you trying to ruin me and fuel the fire underneath all my binges!?? I can’t trust myself to do any of these things. I am out of control around food! 

These are very normal things to feel and to say. 

So why are things that feel so counterintuitive, things that will actually help with bingeing? 

Because allowing food and having an abundant mindset around food creates a healthy relationship with food. When you know it’s available to you at all times there is not a preoccupation with food anymore. This allows you to think clearly and actually have space to listen to your body signals. If you aren’t constantly thinking about food you’ll notice when your body starts to get hungry. You’ll start to only think of food when you get hungry - or at least it won't be all the time - it’ll just be fleeting thoughts that don’t feel obsessive. 

Another part to this is trust - It may feel scary to allow food that you feel like you dont have control around. It may feel scary to allow food into your house that you never allow because you know most of the time it just leads to bingeing. But once the food is around you and you know you can have it whenever - it will shift. It’s about learning to trust your body. If you can allow and then let trust lead you, you’ll be able to get to the other side of the bingeing. It may feel like you are being led in the dark, it’s you challenging yourself to do things differently. That you are willing to let your body lead you through the dark - imagine your body in front of you and you having your hand on it’s shoulders so it can guide you - and what your body is doing is guiding you into the light. It may feel really dark and scary, that you can’t see - but you can trust there is light on the other side - you know it’s there you just have to travel through it - and on the other side the light will shine and the bingeing will end. 


How to work on moving your way through the dark and into the light “aka allowing food and ending the binge” :


  • “Faith it till you make it” - I heard someone say this once and I liked it a lot better than “fake it till you make it” - because feeling fake just makes it feel like you’re lying to yourself - but if you can faith it till you make it - you know it’s challenging but you can tell yourself - this is hard but I have faith it can be different - so it really is choosing to allow the food. Choosing to get it in your house. And then having faith!

  • Learn more about the biology of binge eating if you feel resistant to taking this approach, the book Body Respect is a great resource. If you don’t believe this approach it is difficult to truly commit to it and therefore see the results.


  • BODY TRUST! This is such an important part of this work. If you don’t trust that your body knows what it needs, can handle it’s weight itself and has your best interests at heart, you cannot be intuitive and allow all food without constantly being fearful and second guessing yourself. Do I really need that? Am I really hungry? I’ve gained some weight should I watch what I’m eating more?

  • Be okay with bingeing - the reason you  may keep bingeing is because you shame it and judge it - how would it feel to be okay with it? To allow it? To accept? To welcome it? Have compassion for it. Take the shame and judgement out of it and see what happens.

If this feels confusing or hard, don’t worry we’re here to guide you along. Come follow us on instagram at thebodylovesociety, we post daily and do weekly Q and As on Thursdays.

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This film will be a powerful representation of what this work is all about, why it’s important and uncovering the BS of diet culture. (It’s a great resource to share with people who are wondering about this work but don’t necessarily want to read 3 books about it)

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