January 19, 2021

Ep 142 - 4 Barriers blocking you from being an Intuitive Eater

4 Common Barriers Preventing You from Becoming an Intuitive Eater

Hi Welcome to How to love your body. I'm Lauren McAulay and this is Jenna Free and we are intuitive eating counsellors from The Body Love Society and the app The UnDiet Collective.

This podcast is for you if you are working to take action in becoming an intuitive eater and undieter instead of just constantly learning about it and listening to 100652 interviews.

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Lets dive in to todays episode.

We are talking about 4 barriers that can hold people up from finding food and body freedom. We are talking about the WAY that you’re going about it.

UnDieting is SO different than dieting that we really need to tackle it in a different way and this might not even occur to a dieter because its just the way we think!

1. The first barrier is:

Consistency and Longevity

This is the #1 thing that gets people stuck in limbo, not dieting but not getting to where they want to go (feeling like food is easy and theyre at peace in their bodies).

Where dieters get stuck:

We’ve been used to hard sprints and then falling off the wagon. Think 30 day challenges, having a personal trainer for 3 months or starting weight watchers with all your efforts just to quit a month later.

This is NOT the energy that will work in becoming an intuitive eater.

The way you need to tackle this work is to truly understand that this is the rest of your life - don’t obsess over this thinking you’re going to crack the code in 2 months, everything will be perfect and you can then stop thinking about it at all.

It’s a slow burn.

It’s about daily, small steps forward. 

You NEED the time to explore what works for you, to dive deep into the mindset work and to let time reveal to you where your struggles are and what you still need to work on.

If you go too hard too fast you will burn out, think - this doesn’t work and move on, probably back to another diet and that is the last thing we want for you.

So the next time you’re freaking out about this not happening fast enough remember - I’ve got the rest of my life to continue to work on this (of course it gets easier with time and you’ll master certain things but there will always be something you’re working on especially when it comes to mindset). 

Also reflect, am I doing something daily to get me to where I want to go? THIS is a key component of this work.

2. The second barrier is:


This is a lonely road to take. I’m sure you’ve noticed that, everyone around you is counting their points and talking about how they need to be good today --- and you’re pulling your hair out. 

Here’s why this might be holding up your progress.

When no one around you gets it, and might be actively pushing against or disagreeing with what you’re doing it’s difficult to be confident enough in what you’re doing to move forward. If you keep thinking - am I crazy? Is this not the right thing? Maybe I should be doing that program with my friend, look how good she looks?

It keeps you in limbo. You need a group that GETS IT. People who can reassure you when it’s tough and celebrate your wins because we KNOW what a win it is to be able to have cookies in the house and not eat them all the first day.

Community will give you the time and space to build up your conviction enough to be able to set and hold your boundaries with the dieters around you.

So if you are feeling in limbo or are often questioning what you’re doing look around you - do you have community to reach out to and get support from?

3. The third barrier is:

Action (or lack there of)

Information overload is a HUGE trap that UnDieters can get stuck in. Dieting taught us just learn all the things, know the foods to eat that are good and bad and you will master your body!

This is not how Intuitive Eating or UnDieting works and it’s why we’ve worked with many clients that have been working at this for a year or more but it’s still not clicking, it’s all just information in their minds. They GET IT and want it but it just isn’t translating to embodying this work and living an intuitive life.

You need to start taking action and implementing this work into your life. But that can be really hard when you read a 200 page book, love the info but then think - wait, where do I even start??

If you’ve been at this for a while ask yourself - am I stuck in information overload where it feels like I’m progressing but then when I’m done the book or even listening to a podcast I don’t actually take much action and then I’m back where I started…

Taking one small action is going to be worth more than ALL the IE knowledge out there.


4. The last barrier is:


This one is less in our control and more of a logistical barrier. But hello, one therapy session can be upwards of $200… and one session is amazing as we are strong advocates of therapy but one session isn’t the end of all your healing and transformation. 

If this has been a barrier please know it’s not just you, privilege is a big part of this work. Yeah if you can afford to work with someone privately that’s amazing and is such a big help (but even then it’s usually 50 mins a week, where does your support come from the other 167 hrs a week).

So if you are working with someone 1:1 that’s so great AND you may be searching for some kind of support on the other 6 days you aren’t with your coach/ therapist. 

If you aren’t working with someone 1:1 / some group program because it’s just too much to invest - that’s okay too - there is something out there for you that will take care of this barrier. Something we are working on! 


This is why we wanted to create this quiz “Find the 1 ingredient you're missing that will make Intuitive Eating easier.” This will help you get to the bottom of what the number one thing is that will help you in your process with Intuitive Eating and UnDieting. Once you take the quiz and get your 1 ingredient, the quiz will give you action steps on how to keep moving forward. You can take the quiz at bit.ly/undietquiz

Reach out and let us know if you have any q’s- follow us on @theundietcollective if you haven’t yet. 

See you next week! 

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