February 2, 2021

Ep 144 - The UnDiet Collective Intuitive Eating App

Welcome to How to Love Your Body - this is Lauren and Jenna - on today’s episode we are going to be talking all about our Body Image and Intuitive Eating App that is officially LIVE as of Feb 1st, 2021 called The UnDiet Collective!

We want to share the elements of the app and how it will help support you 365 days out of the year.

There are 4 levels of support. 

1st level - UnDiet Dailies

2nd level - Community Support groups 

3rd level - Living Coaching 

4th level - Monthly bonuses and guest expert speakers 

We’ll share more about each level so you can get a feel for what this type of support entails.


1.UnDiet Dailies.


The intention of the UnDiet Dailies are to give you quick/ simple UnDiet action steps and tips every single day of the week. This is long term work as UnDieters and we want to make it valuable content without the overwhelm. No more feeling “behind” in a course with lots of content to dive through each week. This is about small daily action steps that you can choose to take on or not any day of the week.

Here is the schedule: 

Mondays - UnDiet Prompts 

Tuesdays- Live Coaching 

Wednesdays- UnDiet Action Step 

Thursdays- Live Coaching 

Fridays- FAQ Video 

Saturdays- Weekly check in 

Sundays- Positive Affirmation

Everyday of the week you’ll have something different sent right to your phone. 

How does this help?

This work requires consistency and long term engagement. Meaning doing a 6 week course doesn’t cut it. Think of this work as a slow burn instead of a sprint. You want to be consistently reframing your thoughts, questioning your beliefs and learning about your body and how to best care for it in an intuitive way. That’s what these dailies will help you do!

2. Community Support Groups 


This is a place where the entire Collective can build connections/ friendships and also ask any questions that will be answered by us each day. The best part about these groups is that you don’t have to have a Facebook anymore to be a part of it!

How does this help?

It is so important to be in community when you’re doing this work. Why? Because everyone in your real life in likely a dieter and when you’re doing something that no one around you is doing (and that often goes against what mainstream thinks is right) you can get stuck in continually questioning if this work is the right thing to do. When you’re in a community who is doing the same work with counsellors who have expertise in UnDieting and Intuitive eating you can find solace in knowing you’re on the right path.

3. Live Coaching 


You’ll be able to submit your questions through our intuitive eating app and we will be going live on Tuesdays and Thursdays to answer your questions. They will be housed in a group called “Live Coaching” so if you can’t watch it live you’ll be able to go into this group and have access to all the live recordings - we will have the questions that are being answered in the post and what time they are being answered so if you don’t feel like watching the whole thing you can skip to the questions you do want to watch. 

How does this help?

Getting your questions answered in real time can be so helpful. Your counsellors are in the group every weekday answering your questions but a typed answer can only provide so much information. When we can interact and talk things through this is when we can share more of the nuance and complexities of this work! Getting this twice a week will be hugely beneficial in moving your forward to being a confident UnDieter.


4. Monthly Bonuses and Guest Experts 


Every month there will be a unique experience such as a 5 day intensive, Exclusive Workshops, Guest expert speakers, and more! The month of Feb we will be doing a 5 Day Self Love Intensive starting Feb 15th-19th. 

How does this help?

Diving deeper into 1 specific area of UnDieting every month will give you the depth needed to transform your relationship with food and your body without being overwhelming. We can’t all dedicate hrs every week to this work but once a month you can choose to spend a little more time and attention on a specific workshop, guest speaker or intensive that will give you a boost forward on your journey to becoming an UnDieter.

The great thing about The UnDiet Collective is that the more it grows, the more value will be added. We will be able to hire more Intuitive Eating Counselors and guest experts to help support you and the entire Collective ! 

We can’t wait to work with you and remember there is no commitment in the Collective. You can join monthly and cancel at anytime or join yearly at an even more affordable price.

Go to thebodylovesociety.com/app for more information on the collective and we will see you in there!

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