May 18, 2021

Ep 159 - The 3 Keys of A Healthy Relationship with Exercise

Since this is the final day to join our 21 Day Relationship with Movement Intensive we wanted to address the 3 key areas of a healthy relationship with exercise.

1. Untying exercise and weight loss

This is where dieters have a real problem - using exercise as a weight loss tool. When we were dieters we exercised to burn calories, make up for what we saw as "extra food" or even as a way to justify eating at all in many instances.

Why is this a problem other than the obvious?

For someone who is trying to get out of the diet mentality this leads to either continuing to exercise and really limiting their ability to be intuitive or grow these new skills and new way of thinking


The person stops exercising at all because they don't want to be focusing on weight loss.

These options provide no nuance or balance and that's what we love in this work - having it all!

This obstacle is addressed in the Movement Intensive

2. Getting out of all or nothing thinking and learning to be flexible with your schedule

All or nothing thinking with movement leads to a lot of "why bother" moments.

I only have 15 minutes - why bother.

I feel tired and can't do a big, sweaty workout - why bother.

I can't go to the gym (due to pandemic or any other reason) - why bother.

When you pursue a healthy relationship with movement you have thoughts like this instead:

I have 15 mins, I'm going to get out for a walk with my favorite podcast.

I'm tired but it would feel good to move, I'm going to do this stretching video.

I can't go to the gym, I'm going to do this dance video.

When you get out of all or nothing thinking you get to just do what works for you and that generally leads to an overall balanced life of movement, rest and just living life!

This is a major focus of The Movement Intensive!

3. Removing judgement around type, length or intensity of workouts - there's a place for all of it!

If you see 15 mins of exercise as useless or not "good enough" you won't bother when that's all the time you have but you're human, there will be many times when you don't have time and just brushing those moments off leaves you with a contentious relationship with exercise.

This leads to those battles of feeling bad for not exercising and then not working out because you feel bad! It's a vicious cycle.

It's similar as what you are likely working on with food - the apple isn't better than the apple pie, they're just different and both have a place. Exercise is the same, there's room for it all and it's important to get rid of judgement.

This is another element we work through in The Movement Intensive.

Looking forward to finding a healthy relationship with exercise together!

Love, Lauren & Jenna

PS - Doors close tonight at 7 pm pacific, 8 pm mountain, 9 pm central, 10 pm eastern.

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