July 6, 2021

Ep 166: 10 signs you’re going to be an UnDieter for life

In Today’s episode we want to address UnDieting for life and what it can look like for you. The reason we want to talk about this is because UnDieting is not just another diet.

It’s something that can actually be sustainable for life. This is why this way of living is most realistic (and freeing) - there’s an ebb and flow, a balance - once you really find your groove with UnDieting it just becomes your way of life, it becomes second nature.

It’s not something you are following, it doesn’t have a set of rules. It’s just you and your body trusting, listening, and being. 


Before we dive in - this episode is brought to your by our free UnDiet For Life Kickstart Course that you can sign up for at www.thebodylovesociety.com/undietforlife

10 signs you’re going to be an undieter for life:

  • You live your life free and at peace with food and your body - meaning no rules shoulds, cants or have tos with food. You don’t think about it a lot, you just live!
  • Instead of focusing on weight; the focus is on how your body FEELS.

  • How you’re living is sustainable because there are no rules or restrictions. You don’t fear falling off the wagon or failing, it’s just natural.

  • Shame, guilt, failure, and judgment DO NOT exist for you around health, food or our body (yes the thoughts may pop up now and then but you’re able to be critical of these thoughts).

  • You no longer subscribe to diet culture (you don’t spend money on weight loss products etc nor do you spend time planning, thinking or researching how to lose weight/ diet etc). You have a completely different belief system and mindset around food and your body.

  • You tune in and listen to your own body signals. Not comparing your hunger levels and food choices to others.

  • You respect your body even if there are thoughts of wishing you could change your body. It's also having the awareness of internalized anti-fat bias.

  • You enjoy food without it taking over your life. You have a clear mind to think about other things that matter too.


  • You ride the ebb and flow of life & know you can UnDiet at all phases, under any circumstances. You don’t freak out if things change.


  • You have support. Undoing the damage dieting did to your thinking and relationship with food and your body is really tough to do alone, especially when everyone around you is in diet culture.


Remember to sign up for our free UnDiet For Life Kickstart Course at www.thebodylovesociety.com/undietforlife.

This course has 4 lessons that will be sent to you along with a workbook to follow along. It will cover how to trust your body with food choices, how to shift your focus from weight to how your body feels, how to incorporate wellness into your life without the focus on weight, and what your next steps are in order to truly make this UnDieting something that can be sustained for life.

We are here to reduce the overwhelm for you and give you a step by step roadmap to help you get there.. So if there’s only one thing for you to do right now -- it’s signing up for the free course and going from there. www.thebodylovesociety.com/undietforlife 

Share this free course with your friends and social media followings so we can get this message (and the support) to as many people as possible. 

See you next week! 

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