August 11, 2020

Ep119 - Quick Coaching: Redefining healthy eating

Welcome to How to love your body today we are talking about “healthy eating”.

Dieting says healthy eating is about what you eat and how much you eat. Period.

It says that healthy eating will make you lose weight and not gain weight.

Healthy eating is:

  • Low carb
  • Low  fat
  • Keto
  • Vegan
  • Balanced
  • “Whole foods”
  • Its measured
  • Weighed
  • Tracked
  • Prepped
  • No processed foods and no fast food!

  • Don’t forget to cut out sugar.

This is what diet culture says healthy eating is.

FIRST of all - most of these are contradictory so we can feel like we're going a little crazy when we are trying to just eat healthfully!

Secondly -- how does it affect our overall health to try to eat healthy in this way?

Often it can cause a huge lowering of mental health, it causes disordered eating, obsession with food, negatively affects our social lives and leaves us feeling defeated and shameful when the inevitable overeating or binge eating follows.

Is this HEALTHY??

We don’t think so.

But letting go of “healthy eating” leaves many people feeling like intuitive eating and UnDieting means not practicing healthy eating.

But this work is about ACTUAL healthy eating. -- the bigger picture, having a healthy relationship with food, which leads to a healthy life.

Instead of throwing the idea of being “healthy” away when doing this work, redefine your definition so you can work towards genuine healthy eating.

THIS is what healthy eating is:

Intuitive, without disordered habits, no obsession, ease and enjoyment, guilt free, flexible and non restrictive, simple and easy (not prepping for hours and freaking out when the restaurant cant put your dressing on the side), doesn’t interfere with life (not missing social events, bringing your own tupperware meals), food is a small but lovely part of life.

THIS is healthy eating and it’s something you can work towards when doing this work.

We hope this change in the definition of healthy eating will allow you to feel confident moving forward and knowing that you are still honoring your health when UnDieting.

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