We've been asked this many times - does intuitive eating work?

It depends what "working" means.

And this depends on one's goals and intentions with pursuing intuitive and UNdieting.

Be sure to tune in to tackle what Intuitive Eating working means for YOU!

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Lauren and Jenna have a conversation about self-care and what it really is. Everyone is entitled to their own choices and body autonomy first and foremost! That being said, we wanted to bring up a conversation to create more self-awareness around what we believe is self-care. We brought up topics from the beauty industry such as botox, hair extensions, and spa days to being in nature, allowing yourself to take a break, and hanging out with friends. Is it grooming? Is it compliance? Is it self-care? Tune in for the full conversation and check in with what you believe is truly self-care for you. 


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Today we are diving into the drama that is happening on our Tiktok and Instagram right now. 

We called out some very blatant fat phobia in the 2008 Pixar film WALL-E and people were coming out to defend it. I'm not sure what it is about the film that has people ready to deny very obvious anti fat bias but here we are.

We talk more about why this is damaging and how anti-fat bias and body image work affect people in different sized bodies in different ways.

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On today's episode, Lauren and Jenna talk about the truth behind Health At Every Size. There are a lot of misconceptions about what it is so we wanted to set it straight. Health At Every Size is an amazing way for people who don't want to diet to live their lives. It's focusing on what works well for YOUR body and what it needs without any focus on weight loss. Does that mean there isn't any focus on health? Of course not. A reminder that health does not equal weight. We dive deeper into this conversation...tune in! 


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This is a controversial statement but one that is important to discuss.

If food addiction is not real, why do I feel addicted to food?

Those feelings are VERY real but the good news is, it isn't an addiction.

This can be healed -  tune in to learn how.

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Lauren and Jenna discuss feeling guilty around hunger. As a dieter you may have felt like you weren't allowed to be hungry. If you were hungry you were supposed to ignore it. Maybe you felt hungry "too early" which felt like a forbidden feeling? As an UnDieter, hunger is an opportunity to hone in on your intuitive eating skills and create body trust. 

Tune in to this weeks episode to hear the full convo and tips around what to do when you feel hunger. 

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June 15, 2022

Ep 209 - Body Dysmorphia

Today Lauren McAulay and Jenna Free are discussing body dysmorphia, what it is and how you can feel more at home in your body if you're struggling with it.

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We appreciate it!

This week Lauren and Jenna discuss the realities of self acceptance in a world that is obsessed with looks, weight and "fitting in".

Is it fully necessary to accept everything as is? Are there times or considerations where fitting in or conforming is useful? 

What is YOUR line when it comes to makeup, hair, clothes and other things that fall into the category of changing the way you look?

This is all discussed in this episode and the conclusions may surprise you!


This conversation may surprise you. Jenna and Lauren discuss instances and nuances where "restriction" may be suitable in the intuitive eating process.

Please note: Anything discussed is not a recommendation for anyone, simply examples of the nuance of this work.

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Lauren and Jenna talk about the Spotlight Effect. Ever wonder why you feel like everyone is looking at you or judging you? You walk into a grocery store or get on public transportation and you immediately think that of course everyone is judging the way your body looks etc... If you have ever felt this. Tune into this episode and learn more about the spotlight effect and what skills you can take on to tackle this! 

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