Feeling stuck on your journey out of the diets and into food and body freedom?

Do you think about food all day?

Do you binge eat?

Do you hate your body and you're ready for a change?

These are the 3 steps you must take in order to make any sort of change in your life.

YES - change is uncomfortable AND you can do this.

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In this training you will learn the 4 phases to be able to:

+ Stop thinking about food all day

+ End binge eating

+ Fall back in love with your body and your life


xoxo Lauren and Jenna 



Do you get trapped in all or nothing thinking?

You know:


I eat perfectly or screw it

I go to the gym everyday or may as well not go at all

I do it all or I do nothing...

Freedom is the place in-between.

But it can hard to get there if you are stuck in all or nothing thinking.

Tune in to hear how to start getting out of this thinking so you can start on your way to food and body freedom, to really being able to have it all.

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There are 2 common distractions that get people stuck in their journey to ditching the diet and getting empowered in their relationship with food and their bodies.

Listen in to learn what they are, how they can be avoided and what to do instead if you're ready to really move on with your life.

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After coming out of the haze of dieting we know it can be pretty infuriating when you see "the light".

When you realize what a scam dieting is and how you've been duped for so many years into buying into something that doesn't work and worse yet, is actually harmful, but here's the thing...

We can get really caught up in hating on diet culture but it just isn't helpful.

If you're truly looking to find freedom from diet culture, this is what you should do instead.

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Jenna and Lauren 


Ever wonder why you can't just "get over it" and accept your body?

This plays a big part in it.

Interested in accepting your body and becoming an Intuitive Eater by summer?

Check out our last ever session of the Intuitive Eating Academy starting January 20.

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Love, Jenna and Lauren

See you in the New Year!


Worried about going home for the holidays or your 25 year high school reunion after ditching the diets and perhaps gaining some weight?

We get it -- it can be scary to think that all these people are going to be judging you! 

Here is how to get through it and most importantly, heal to the extent that you don't even worry about this anymore!

Want to reach out to see how we can work together?

Send an email to hello@thebodylovesociety.com with your top 2 goals in your relationship with food and your body and we will reply with how you can make the next steps towards freedom!


Talk soon

Lauren and Jenna 


We did a poll on our Instagram asking about the #1 concern when becoming an Intuitive Eater and weight gain was pretty much the only answer.

Diet culture has really taken a toll on us when we would rather obsess and worry about food all day than have the possibility that we may gain some weight (not that that possibility isn't there with dieting but the diet industry likes to pretend that weight gain doesn't exist in dieting).

Here are some ways that you can work around these fears AND the truth about your weight.

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Lauren and Jenna 


Let's face it -- weight gain is likely your #1 fear when it comes to ditching the diet and becoming an Intuitive Eater.

This is the #1 thing that people seem to get hung up on - thanks for nothing diet culture!

Here are some insights into how to move past that so you can truly become free around food and in your body.

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Love, Jenna and Lauren 


Worried about all the holiday parties and dinners coming up?

You don't have to be. With these mindset shifts and practical tools you can rest easier as you go into this busy and food filled time.

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Much Love,

Jenna and Lauren


Hello Gorgeous,


We just wanted to share our work with you so you can see what is possible for yourself!

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ALSO -- don't miss our free 4 Day Diet Mentality mindset starting Nov 26th. You can join that here now -- www.thebodylovesociety.com/challenge 

Love, Lauren and Jenna


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