We all have 2 voices (well if you've ever been a dieter you do).

We have our diet voice and we have our true voice, that voice we were all born with.

The problem with this is that dieting can become so ingrained that we can't tell if the voice we're hearing is our diet voice or your true inner voice. 

This diet voice can make us feel like we constantly need to be stressing about food, our weight and can make us feel inadequate. This is why we can get stuck in dieting for so many decades even though it isn't working.

We're here today to help you tell the difference and how to deal with these voices!

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Tune in and hear another woman's journey in Inuitive Eating and Body Acceptance.


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Worried that you'll slip back into dieting on your way to Intuitive Eating?

That fear makes sense: it's what's comfortable, it's what you know to do when you're feeling like you need to feel better.

But don't worry we have some great tips on how to avoid falling back into the diet.

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Lauren and Jenna 


Wondering what body image REALLY is?

Want to know the 4 types of body image struggles and how to work through them?

Tune in!

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If you used to be a dieter (or are still working on getting out of the dieting cycle), you're likely a catastrophic thinker.

What is a catastrophic thinker and how does it affect you? Tune in now to find out and learn how to get over it.

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Gentle Nutrition is the last principle of Intuitive Eating, it's also a slippery slope back into dieting.

We explain here why you can safely skip gentle nutrition and keep on focusing on the other principles of Intuitive Eating.

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Lauren and Jenna 


We know that clothes can be a really difficult point when it comes to your body changing, especially if that invovles weight gain. In our dieting times, we were always looking to fit into the next smallest size and not fitting into our skinny jeans was a sure fire sign we needed to get serious again on Monday.

We know we don't want that life anymore but what do we do now when it seems like we have to always be buying new clothes for this new body?

Tune in now to learn how to cope with these changes just a little better.

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In this episode we share with you why focusing on your set point weight is damaging.


As ex dieters and now fully intuitive eaters, we know you cannot become free around food without letting go of trying to control your weight (SPOILER ALERT: you dont have control over it anyway).


Many people think if they stop obsessing over weight loss they will all of a sudden gain a bunch of weight, that is not how it works. Obsessing over it is actually what’s keeping you in the restrict/binge cycle which is actually what has you gain weight overtime.


This is not to say weight gain is bad, but if your main goal is to lose weight, obsessing over it is not the way to go about it!


You may think you are eating intuitively but if you are still terrified of weight gain or thinking about how IE might help you lose weight, you’re not, this is just another diet.


In Intuitive Eating you’ve probably heard of the weight set point, this is discussed in intuitive eating because when you tune into your body instead of being on the diet rollercoaster your body WILL find a happy place to land, this is rarely your “goal weight” but it is a place your body can be comfortable and maintain for a long time.


Your set point weight can be less than it is now, more or the same, it doesn't matter, it’s about finding stability NOT finding weight loss.


This is where things can get tricky because people think, oh i've let go of focusing on weight loss, now i'm just waiting to get to my set point weight….. This is the same thing.


NOTE: Your set point weight will change over time, from aging, circumstances, pregnancies, hormones etc.


You will learn the reasons why waiting for that infamous set point weight is preventing you from finding freedom and balance with food and your body. 


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Listen in as we coach Mary!


In this episode

-Comparrsion steals joy 

-Learn how to mother yourself 

-Put weight loss on the back burner 

-Create your own trust mantra 


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Today's quick coaching episode is about making food neutral. We share why all food truly does get to be neutral. You may be thinking..how in the heck can chocolate and broccoli be one in the same? We share all about how you can take the morality out of food- not making it good or bad, just neutral. If you have any questions please email us at hello@thebodylovesociety.com xo Lauren and Jenna 


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