Ever wonder why Weight Watchers and other popular diets don't work?

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We had an amazing conversation on our Instagram the other day. It was all about weight watchers and it started because a woman reached out to us and said she was a researcher for WW and wanted to know what intuitive eating means to those who subscribe to it. NOTE: They are clearly trying to coop intuitive eating language so they can seem like they’re teaching a healthy food relationship when in fact they are just selling another diet.

Women were sharing their WW (weight watchers) stories and the reason it was so powerful was because we were also receiving messages like this…

“While reading these comments and crying I finally understand that I’m not a failure!”


YES! We all have stories like these but we just don't share them enough so we think we’re all alone.

Here's just one of many stories we received...



So why do we all have similar stories like this?

Stories like this are so predictable and common because diets cause our bodies to react in certain ways and our minds to get stuck in certain thought patterns - both of which that are NOT what you are looking for.

Physically, restriction (meaning not eating to satisfaction, not just eating what you THINK is enough) causes a lot of anguish

  1. Primal hunger
  2. Binge eating
  3. Preoccupation with food because your body thinks it’s in a famine!!

Mentally restriction causes a lot of problems as well.

This preoccupation with food distracts us from our lives and it ends up being all we’re thinking about!

We become anxious, obsessive, guilty and ashamed when we give in to it all, inevitably.

ANY program that limits food in any way - food group, calories, amounts etc. is a diet.


Every time.

No exceptions.

Diets such as:

Keto, whole 30 - these are pretty self explanatory, they limit food groups, simple enough.

But what about intermittent fasting, macros and WW ? These technically allow you to eat whatever you want. But do they? NO - there are always limitations.

And limitations mean diets.

So how CAN we identify a diet when it seems iffy?

(Many companies are adopting IE language so sometimes it genuinely can be tricky)

Signs to look out for:

  • Any mention of weighing or weight loss
  • Limitations around any certain foods, food groups, timing of eating., ANYTHING
  • Any talk around THIS being “the way”. There is absolutely nothing that works for everyone (other than listening to YOUR own body of course).
  • Any numbers - calories, weight, macros, etc
  • Mention of healing your relationship with food/ ending binge eating without talking about needing to stop restricting.

Lastly, the mindsets that these diets get you in is really what keeps you stuck in the cycle and making it HARD to get out.


These mindsets are:

1. All or nothing thinking

This is the mindset that gets us stuck in the cycle

  • Counting your points perfectly all week just to go crazy after your weigh in
  • Either you’re being perfect or saying screw it

How can we begin escaping this mindset?

Reflect daily on where you could have it all.

Could you go to the gym AND join your friends for pizza tonight still?

Could you have that salad but its ok to skip the gym, you're so tired!

Could you have a couple of your moms cookies and then move on with your day normally?

Beginning to see where you can create more ebb and flow in your daily life will move you towards being able to have it all and get out of the cycle for good.

2. Thinking of food as good or bad

This is what we were taught our whole lives.

So its totally normal to think this way but heres the thing...

Many of us think as more nutritious and less nutritious foods as good or bad but that brings morality into it.

You aren't good if you eat your veggies and bad if you have dessert but that is really how diet culture functions.

This brings guilt and shame into eating which leads to bingeing and the all or nothing cycle all over again.

How can we begin escaping this mindset?

Reflect on your language - do you say things like…

"I was so good today."

"Oh I’m being so bad tonight as you reach for another slice of pizza."

"I’m going to be good starting Monday."

Working on language can be very powerful, if we start speaking differently we will naturally begin to think differently.

Shift your language whenever you notice yourself speaking this way - you can say, "I’m going to eat another piece of pizza", "I ate a lot of nutritious foods today"…. Etc


3. Inflexibility/ rigidity

Being flexible is pretty much the foundation of intuitive eating and UnDieting.

But dieting is quite the opposite - its all about rigidity and inflexibility.

Hello meal plans, counting a certain amount of points every single day of your life.. No room for adjustments or variations. And when you do cross the very strict line?

Well screw it! May as well go crazy and start again on Monday.

We want to get out of rigid thinking and into flexibility!

How do we escape this rigid mindset?

When you feel something didn’t go as planned, you got too full or even binged, take a deep breath and ask yourself what the next best step is - not the knee jerk reaction of screw it but actually make a calm decision.This might take practice and as our "screw it" muscles can be very strong.

Get your free worksheet to go with this episode so you can work on getting away from these 3 mindsets and into a life of wellness without the obsession.

Talk soon!
Love, Lauren and Jenna

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Normalizing Sh*t Days!

So you may be in the UnDiet World - getting into this Intuitive Eating thing. It may even feel freeing. You are so happy to be done with dieting and it’s exciting to be able to allow all food and not feel constantly judged, shamed, and guilted for the food you eat. 

There are so many perks to UnDieting and a lot of the time it feels so peaceful. You wonder why you didn’t find this earlier because you feel like you could have skipped out on a lot of suffering in the past with the diet days. 

You may even have found yourself in a groove - having good feelings around all of this-  tuning into your body and having wellness without the obsession- of course you are still learning so much and this is still very new to you but you know it feels right! 

And now we want to bring the human into all of this--- 

We want to let you know that there WILL be some hard days on this journey to fully embracing being an UnDieter. 

One day you may feel free and the next you may be completely blind sided by a binge. 

One day you may feel good in your body and in a place of acceptance and the next day you’re having a meltdown that your pants feel snug and the body image thoughts go spiraling!

One day you may feel completely calm around eating dessert after dinner and stopping when you’re satisfied and the next you’re judging yourself for wanting dessert every night and thinking it’s not okay!




When you have a hard day - here’s what to do:


  1. Don’t panic- you aren’t backsliding - you didn’t ruin anything. You aren’t a bad and horrible person. You simply are human who had a tough day and felt challenging emotions. THAT IS LIFE. Amazing feel good emotions and harder challenging emotions will always co-exist. You cant have light without the dark - so remember when you feel these harder emotions- tell yourself that it’s okay to not be okay. These feelings will pass.

  2. Learn from the experience! - Instead of judgement get curious- ask yourself questions. What was happening that day? Did anything trigger it? Have you truly been allowing all food or has there been some physical or mental restriction? You don’t need to find the answer- it’s just get curious instead of judging yourself. Allow the feelings, be gentle with yourself, and let them pass. 
  3. Allow the feelings- don’t react- Just because you had a bad day doesn’t mean you need to react with a game plan on what you’re going to do to “fix” this- you don’t need to plan a diet or any type of restriction. You don’t need to plan out a workout plan or tell yourself you’re going to do better in xyz categories… Just BE. Humans will do anything not to feel uncomfortable emotions. Allow yourself to feel and just be with them. Let them pass. No need to react.

  4. Get support in this area of your life - so you don’t let the overwhelming days take you down- if it’s talking to someone you trust or someone who is also UnDieting - a FB group ( we have one) or you could look into The UnDiet Academy- the doors are closed for now but if you are interested you can get on the waitlist so you are first to know when the doors open :)  


So remember - when you feel like there are really hard days/ moments/ feelings - or you really don’t like what happened (like a binge etc) know that this IS NORMAL - it’s part of the process.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram www.instagram.com/thebodylovesociety where you can get daily coaching - also send us a DM! We love hearing from you! 

Love, Lauren and Jenna 

Today on How to love your body we are talking about something that was brought up in The UnDiet Academy - what do you do if you don’t know WHAT you feel like eating??

"Something I’m having the most trouble with lately is knowing what I feel like eating, because I have difficulty tuning into what I actually want to eat. Sometimes I just dont eat at all or  I find myself asking what’s the “healthiest” option and after that question I just kind of give up, in an effort to stop labelling food, and I grab the quickest thing to eat (cereal, muesli bar) even if it’s not necessarily what I want."


This is a classic case of being too rigid with intuitive eating which then just turns it into another diet.


If your body is hungry, eat. It doesn’t matter if it’s not exactly what you want in this moment but choose from what is available, what sounds good and you think would feel good (note this doesn’t always mean the “healthy” option!). Cookies can feel amazing!


If you think you have to know exactly what you want in every moment, it’ll be too much pressure, too much perfectionism!

This is what lands us in situations where we go, screw it, ill eat whatevers easiest and move on.


Instead ask yourself these questions:

What COULD I have right now? 

Maybe its not realistic to leave the house right now, so whats in the fridge?

What of these options seems the most appealing right now?

Which would feel the best?

What is my body asking for?


Then you can choose something that will honor your body while it not having to be the PERFECT thing.

 When we get in food ruts-  this is a great thing to do (or when you go to the grocery store next) - we want you to open your eyes to choosing differently - choose things you have never tried before, what looks good, nutritious/ pleasurable- doesn’t matter. You may not even realize what you like - so it’s a time of exploration, curiosity, and figuring out what you truly like and not just what feels safe or coming from diet culture! 


 It’s easy to just pick a “go to food” because it’s what we know. It feels safe. 


You may not know what you want because you don’t even know what you like because there’s been so many dang rules. 


If there were no rules (there aren’t) - as if you forgot every diet rule there was out there - what would you choose to taste? To try? To explore? 


Maybe you freaking hate protein bars you just know it’s a safe easy food - Try a different one! See if it actually tastes good! 




Ex. I use to love these certain bars and protein cookies  ( they were a “cheat” in my mind) - once I started allowing food and I didn’t have to treat a protein bar like dessert and a protein cookie like a real cookie- I actually was able to taste them. 


I realized they didn’t taste as good as I thought. It doesn;t mean I’ll never eat these things ever again - it just means I was able to taste it for what it was. No some god like food and some cheat when it really wasn’t that amazing! 


We learned to explore food. To actually have likes and dislikes no matter what kind of food it was- I even have a preference on certain greens. I much rather have a kale salad than an arugula salad and I’d much rather have pizza than a bowl of pasta. I’ve learned preferences and likes and dislikes because of all the allowing and exploring! 

Go in with the intention of choosing new new new. That entire day - do things differently - driving to the store go a different way. If you always shower, take a bath etc… try it out! 


The doors are closed to The UnDiet Academy but get on the waitlist to be notified when the doors open again here bit.ly/undietwaitlist

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When your partner doesn’t understand intuitive eating or undieting


This is a common concern we get. 

Many partners are still in the diet world OR they have an easy relationship with food.

So they don’t get the struggle of trying to get OUT of the diet mentality.


The first step:

Knowing they don’t need to GET IT for it to be the right thing for you.

It is not your job to educate them on this or get their permission or support. 

I know it’s nice to have your partner be on board but that is just not always possible.

If they are genuinely asking questions (without judgement) there are absolutely things you can share with them including the cheatsheet you can download from this episode at www.thebodylovesociety.com/64


But if their questions seem judgemental, "Why did you buy so many cookies?", this can be a slippery slope to a difficult argument.

Someone who wants to keep their viewpoint will not be swayed otherwise. There is a really great video that shares about how arguing with someone makes believe their side even more strongly, if they aren’t wanting to truly learn about another perspective. That video is linked in the show notes.


Secondly if your partner is making comments about food and your body that are just not helpful in this journey you can set a boundary.

How to do this:


Sit down (or write something if that’s too awkward) and tell them what YOU need at this point.

After your partner has seen you dieting for years and years they may be a bit thrown off by this new and very different way of living. 

It can be confusing for them so you might need to set the stage for a new way. Seeing it from their perspective for a minute can be helpful - your partner might think they’re being helpful when they question the foods you’re buying etc because for the last 20 years you have been trying to avoid these foods. 

BUT it is still important to create a new understanding with your partner. 


I am really getting into learning more about intuitive eating and being an undieter, i know it may seem different than what ive done in the past. I dont know if you know this but dieting has left me feeling _________, this is what happens everytime i start a new diet _________ , they havent even worked and left me with a lot of messed up thoughts about food and my body….. Whatever is true for you. Being open and honest as much as you can.


Make an agreement (for the partners who dont get it or understand and who are choosing to not understand):


  • I’m trying this new way, this is what i know is best for me so lets keep all food and body talk out of our relationship.
  • This can obviously be amended and altered if the partner is getting into it or seeing the results of your food and body freedom.



As for the agreement: write down exactly what you need from them and then tell your partner.  Be specific as possible so they truly know where the lines are drawn.

What happens when your partner crosses these boundaries??

How does it make you feel?

Let them know this.


That being said - when you set boundaries people will want to test them. Be strong in what you need from them and call it out when lines are being crossed.

How do you reinforce boundaries when they're being crossed?



  • Remind them that food comments are not a part of your relationship and leave the room.
  • Don’t respond to the comment - don’t engage or give energy to it
  • Whatever else you feel is the best for you.


Be sure to download the cheatsheet if this is a conversation you want to have with your partner. This sheet will allow you to prepare and get your thoughts down before you chat with them.

You can grab it at www.thebodylovesociety.com/64

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I’ll just lose weight first then I’ll do intuitive eating...

This is a comment we get from quite a few women when they’re inquiring about The UnDiet and Intuitive Eating.

And we get it - it does seem to make sense to get to the size you want to be and then start listening to your body and then you’ll be free AND thin right??

Unfortunately that is not the way our minds or bodies work.

Getting deeper into the dieting mindset and the diet cycle by focusing on weight loss will never bring you to a place of balance. 

The only way to do this work is to stop what you’re doing now (even if youre not in your dream body), THEN you work on healing your relationship with food and your body.

THEN you find yourself in a place of balance and ease with food and wellness without the obsession.

It’s like when you’re dieting, you’re digging a hole and this logic of losing weight first is like continuing to dig in the hopes that you’ll pop out the other side, it does not work.

You have to put the shovel down and then start building a ladder out. 

Even if you do lose the weight that you want to lose, the destination will never be enough, there will always be something new to fix (im sure you’ve experienced that with weight loss before). Since it wont ever be enough you wont ever begin the journey of IE if you think you need to get your dream body, or even just lose weight first.

We do not promise weight loss or any body changes but this work also doesn’t mean you’ll never change.

You can still value your health, you can still exercise and eat nourishing foods, do all the things that matter to you without the strings of diet culture attached.

Just starting is the answer. Even if you’re scared, even if you’re not sure that you can accept this body you’re in at this moment. Even if you want to lose weight.

The only way to get out of the dieting madness is to start doing something else, now.

So if you are ready to begin (even if you’re scared) we encourage you to check out all of the details about The UnDiet Academy.

This is our 90 day program that gets you out of the diet cycle, away from binge eating, and into a life of wellness without the obsession.

To get all the details you can go to thebodylovesociety.com/undiet.

The doors are closing on Monday, July 22nd so be sure to have a look now!

On the page where you learn all about the program is a chat box that you can use to talk to us live if you have any questions at all.

The causes of binge eating and how to escape them:


  • Physical 
  • Mindset
  • All or nothing thinking 


The physical reasons behind binge eating are : 


  • not eating enough all together, your body has an animalistic reaction when it is hungry and needs food, eventually the willpower has to wear off so your body can get sustenance
  • BUT IM EATING ENOUGH FOOD, I eat tons of chicken, brown rice and broccoli!
  • It’s about allowing all foods physically as well, if you cut our or restrict any food groups etc your body will fight to get these foods into it, our bodies hate being restricted
  • Satisfaction - after you eat if you’re still thinking about food or counting down to the next time you get to eat, you were not satisfied by your last meal. This might mean you need to add satisfying foods to your meals (eX a piece of bread with butter to your bowl of soup) or you needed to allow yourself to have MORE of what you were eating




  • Eat more
  • Eat more variety and do not restrict certain foods etc (we can talk about this in the free training we will be sharing at the end of the episode if you have allergies etc, this can still work)
  • Get satisfied every time you eat



 2. The mindset behind it all:



  • Allowing foods MENTALLY, if you are physically putting bread in your mouth but shaming yourself the whole time this is not truly allowing. Getting rid of guilt shame and morality around food is so vital.
  • Judgement - There is so much should, shouldnt’s, cant, have tos when it comes to food. You are not running the show, it is all fueled by judgement and fear which always leads to burn out. You cannot maintain a healthy lifestyle that is fueled by hate, shame and needing to “fix” yourself. When we live in a place of judgement around food and our bodies we will almost always end up hiding in the pantry with our hand scraping the bottom of the chip bag.
  • Having an abundance mindset, not a scarcity mindset. You’d think that when you’re binge eating you have an abundance mindset, you’re definitely eating in abundance! But thats not how it works. When you feel like you’ll be cut off from these foods on Monday, or you can only eat pizza tonight and you have to be good tomorrow, your brain and body go into overdrive trying to get all the food in before the famine begins (even though it is self imposed).



SOLUTION: Work on the way you see food, when you eat it, be calm and appreciate the delicious food instead of beating yourself up for “giving in”

Stop your thoughts in your tracks when you hear yourself think should, shouldnt, cant or have to.

Work on having an abundance mindset - the food will always be there if you want it. 

3. All or nothing thinking - this is a part of mindset but it is such a big deal it requires its own section.



  • Binge eating happens when we live in an all or nothing mindset. Ate a cookie that wasn’t on your meal plan? May as well eat every carb in the house then and start again on Monday. This screw it attitude fuels binge eating.
  1. If you do binge eat, you feel like you need to counteract it by going so far to the other extreme, i’ll eat really healthy tomorrow etc which just perpetuates the diet/ binge cycle

Solution: End the cycle, next time you binge, just relax until you’re hungry again and then eat normally!

If these things seem pretty big to tackle right now on your own we invite you to join us for our free live training on Monday July 15th 5pm called “4 steps to stop binge eating guaranteed” - you can grab your spot at bit.ly/undietfreetraining

We will see you there live if you’re ready to stop binge eating and you just want to live a life of wellness without the obsession!














Welcome to another episode of How to Love Your Body!

Today we are going to be doing a quick coaching episode on something that comes up a lot as we enter into warmer weather- also we’ll be sharing about a really exciting giveaway so stay tuned until the end to hear how you can enter! 

"It’s so hot but I’m scared to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts." 

We get it! It can be scary to go out of your comfort zone AND you deserve to feel comfortable on a hot day and not suffer in warmer clothes. 

The thing- most likely people don’t even care what you have on. 

We had a woman tell us that she was so scared of exposing her arms and would always cover them up in sweaters. She lived in NYC and during the summers she would sweat like crazy because she wouldn’t allow herself to wear t- shirts. 

One day she said screw it and decided to wear a tank top that day and as she got on the subway and sat down she realized not one person even looked at her. Everyone was just going about their own day. 

She kept wearing shirts that showed her arms everyday after that and she said that each day it got easier and easier. 

Even though it was scary and vulnerable she knew the only way to get over this fear was to just DO IT. 

Next time you want to wear a t shirt that shows your arms, remember the story of this woman and know that you are not alone! 

Will you take on this challenge this summer?
Move past the fear and choose to own your body - because after all it’s yours and only yours.

If you are ready to be DONE with the food and body struggle this year - if you know it’s your time to finally move on with your life - we are so excited to announce a contest for a spot in July’s UnDiet Academy!

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Good luck!
We will be announcing the winner on July 8th!

Feel free to reach out on Instagram if you have any questions or need any help entering to contest!

See you next week!

Love, Lauren and Jenna

Welcome to How to Love Your Body, today’s episode is a tool you can use to find WELLNESS without the obsession.

This is one of the 5 “wellness without the obsession” tools we coach you through in The UnDiet Academy so those in the program know it well but we wanted to share the basics of this tool with all of you so you can use it now.

A lot of women get stuck in knowing how to introduce wellness without it getting diety again.

AND most women DO want that.

Being an UnDieter doesnt mean only eating the foods you didn't used to allow yourself to eat.

It’s about honoring your body, mind and soul so you can live a life of wellness without the obsession.

Nutrition is a part of this.

But when we say nutrition you probably start to think, points, macros, calories or cutting out specific foods.

NO! There is another way to consider nutrition without it being rigid, restrictive or unenjoyable.

NOTE: We only recommend getting into these kinds of tools once you’ve done the mindset work of freeing yourself from the dieting mindset. If you’re unsure if you’re ready to think about nutrition -- don’t worry about it yet. BUT you CAN check out our mindset episodes which you can find at thebodylovesociety.com/podcasts-mindset/, we will link this in the shownotes.

Now let’s dive into the Nutrition Ally:

How do we consider nutrition without it being the FOCUS and “be all end all” of our food choices?

First Let’s explain what we are talking about when we say NUTRITION:

What it isn’t:


  • Reading nutrition labels
  • Tracking anything - calories, points, macros, grams of ______
  • Having nutrition/ food rules of any kind
  • Foods being good or bad
  • Restricting certain foods


What it is:


  • Wanting to eat more veggies because you havent been eating very many
  • The main intention is to feel good in your body
  • Nourishing your body OVER TIME (not looking for perfection every day or even the same amount of nutrition every day)
  • Allowing all foods to fit into your life
  • Being flexible while still wanting to eat a vibrant variety of foods


 So here are 5 steps to find THIS focus of nutrition:



  • Redefining what nutrition means to you. If it still means calories or a certain number of veggies every day it will be so hard not to fall back into these rigid ways.
  • When you are intentionally choosing more nutritious foods, make sure you LIKE THEM! Do not choke down kale or a green juice just for the sake of some vegetables. This will lead to feeling forced and deprived which often leads to back lash AKA binge eating. Really explore what you love.



  • Eat in the colorful area ( the opposite of all or nothing thinking) - just because you had a donut for breakfast doesn't mean the day is ruined, it also doesn't mean you can't have a green smoothie with it. Just because you want to start considering nutrition doesn't mean you have to skip the pizza and JUST eat the salad, have it all! Its ok to put cheese on your dang broccoli, it doesn't cancel out the benefits of the broccoli.
  • Remember you don't ALWAYS have to consider nutrition at every single meal for the rest of your life just because you want to focus some more on it. If you're having a big pasta dinner and you don't want to make a salad with it, don't. It's not all or nothing now, consider it when you want to and let it go and enjoy when you don't.
  • There are no rules. Whatever happens each day, you have not failed. If you intended to eat more veggies and you didn't, that's ok! Whatever you do or don't do is fine. Remember -- this is OVER TIME consideration of nutrition. If you don't get any veggies in one week, no biggie, Just keep tuning into your body and it will even out over time. Feeling guilty for not doing what you said you would do just turns you back into a dieter… the shame, fear and self loathing cycle begins all over again.

Self compassion is key here.

Want to create this for yourself? - Wellness without the obsession?

As you work towards embracing wellness without it taking over your life, we recommend having a daily activity that is getting you closer to your goals.

A powerful tool is our WWTO journal.. This is a free 14 day process for you to transform your relationship with wellness, so you can have it all - freedom, enjoyment, wellness and nourishment!

Go to https://theundiet.lpages.co/wwto-journal/ to grab your journal - be sure to tag us in your insta posts and stories and share about your journaling.

See you next week!

Jenna and Lauren xo

June 18, 2019

Ep 058 - Food Addiction

This episode is brought to you by:

Our free audio training get it at bit.ly/3mindsetblocks where we share the 3 most common mindset blocks that are keeping you stuck in the food struggle -  and how to get through them! You can also grab this through the link in the show notes.

Today's episode is a Community Question: food addiction - is it necessary for some people to stay away from addictive foods like flour and sugar?

This is a question people ask often and we wanted to address that.

The first thing we want to say is this is not about FEELING addicted to food, if that’s how you feel that’s real but it can be different.

Why do some people feel addicted to food?

We need food to live.

And as dieters we restrict ourselves ,therefore not getting enough food, which leaves us feeling deprived.

When you don’t have enough of something you need to live, your body will fight to get enough.

Take oxygen for example.

If you are under water and needing air, when you get to the surface you are going to be gasping for air, does this mean you are addicted to oxygen?


But yes you are going to feel crazy for it when you haven’t been getting enough and then it’s available.

So for food, if you are restricting all week and find yourself thinking about food all day and binge eating.. It’s the restriction that is causing this…. Not an addiction.

Remember: feeling crazy around food is caused by restriction, not addiction.

So the next time you feel addicted to food, look a little deeper.

Are you restricting? Are you getting satisfied after each meal?

How to move on from the feeling of being addicted to food:


  1. Assess where you are restricting - physically or mentally.
  2. Are you prioritizing satisfaction each time you are eating?
  3. How is your overall relationship with food?  Repairing your relationship with food is the number one thing to get rid of the feeling of food addiction. This is what we do in The UnDiet Academy - focus on repairing your relationship with food and body image - mind, body and soul . Doing this deeper work will naturally dissipate these feelings instead of working really hard to “fix them” or make them go away. Forcing it never works.
  4. Get okay with loving food. Put a positive spin on your love of food - create a new belief around this. Is it really so bad to love food? Create a positive mantra if that helps - it is safe for me to love and enjoy food….

We also wanted to address the part of the question that says is it necessary for some people to stay away from addictive foods like flour and sugar.

First off - let’s switch the narrative on flour and sugar, these are foods that are often demonized and saying they are addictive is one way to do this.

Are you eating flour or sugar out of the bag? Likely not, these are not addictive substances although if you don’t allow yourself to have carbs or sugar you are definitely going to feel addicted to them.

Also - no staying away from flour and sugar is a sure fire way to feel even more addicted to it.

The best way around this is to repair your relationship with these foods and begin to see all foods as neutral, once you do the mindset work you can then listen to your body and you’ll find you can enjoy these foods without feeling out of control with them.

Also - the only reason you’re fearing being addicted to flour or sugar is because you see it as bad because you associate it with weight gain and being “unhealthy”. If you always thought about salad and ate it all the time you probably wouldn’t be worried you’re addicted to it, you would feel like such a good person for eating so many veggies.

Breaking down the beliefs about foods, your body etc is such an important part of this process.

Do you feel addicted to food?

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See you next week!

Love, Lauren and Jenna 

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