Today's quick coaching episode is about making food neutral. We share why all food truly does get to be neutral. You may be in the heck can chocolate and broccoli be one in the same? We share all about how you can take the morality out of food- not making it good or bad, just neutral. If you have any questions please email us at xo Lauren and Jenna 


Still wearing your fitbit? 

Here is why you might want to stop.

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We chatted with Andrea as she continues on her journey to become an Intuitive Eater.

This was a powerful call and we covered a lot but much of this journey comes down to dealing with the diet mentality.

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Ever feel like vacations, holidays or special events send you into a particularly horible bout of dieting and body obsession so you can "look your best" for that special time?

We get it. We did that for YEARS, but it turns out your vacation AND your life when you get back from it will be so much more fun as an intuitive eater.

Tune in to see how to eat intuitively on vacation and why it is so important.

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Jenna and Lauren 


Our first Quick Coaching episode!

In these mini episodes we will be sharing a quick coaching tip so you can move forward in your journey towards Intuitive Eating and Body Love with some tangible skills and mindset shifts.

Today's Quick Coaching is about the grieving process - this is a vital step in the process that a lot of people miss and therefore get blocked from finding true freedom.


What are you grieving?

  • The thin ideal
  • Your past body
  • The idea that you can control their body size
  • The idea that a diet will fix everything and that they work
  • The loss of the time and energy you put into dieting in the past
  • Grieving/forgiving yourself for being so hard on yourself for so long
  • Anything else you feel like you need to let go of

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Much Love,

Jenna and Lauren


Does comparison hold you back on this journey to finding body confidence and food freedom?

This is the episode you are going to want to check out.

Learn how to think about things differently and learn a few tools so you can move forward and focus on your own life instead of getting into everybody else's !

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Do you binge eat?

We sure did for a very long time, it has got to be one of the worst feelings as a dieter. It really feels like a failure when you're eating all the foods you were working so hard to avoid. 

In this epsiode we share what binge eating is, what causes it and how to start getting away from it and towards a healthier relationship with food.

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Have a special occasion you feel like you want to diet for but also know that it isn't going to work?

Caitlin had this struggle leading up to her wedding but she got through it, is on the other side and is working on getting even stronger as an Intuitive Eater as a newly married woman!


Tune in and listen to the end to hear 3 action steps YOU can take to get stronger in your journey as an Intuitive Eater and not fall back into old ways that just get you stuck in the dieting cycle again.


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Jenna and Lauren (and a big thanks to Caitlin for being on the show!!)


Even if you've never been pregnant and don't plan on it this episode is a great insight into how Intuitive Eating can really be a life saver when you come across life changes that result in body changes.

We're all going to age and have ups and downs in life and this all comes with body changes. So how can Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance play a part in these changes? Tune in to see!


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Jenna and Lauren 


Diets do not work.

The science is there, we all know it from experience yet here we are decades later wondering what's wrong with US!

No more of that!

Tune into this episode to hear WHY the diets aren't working for you and of course, what you could be doing instead.

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