In this episode Lauren and Jenna discuss how beauty culture fits into the work of smashing diet culture.

After a spicy no makeup conversation on Instagram this topic is continued here on the podcast.

Interested to dive more into your relationship with makeup and other beauty products/ rituals?

Tune in here!

We discuss the work of Helen from @notyourmanicpixiedreamcurl  .

She does powerful work in taking down beauty culture and she knows a lot more than us :). 

This topic brings a lot up for people so if you're not ready to look closer at beauty culture and question how we interact with it that's fine! You can just skip this one.

Love, Lauren and Jenna

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In this episode Jenna and Lauren have a conversation about it being okay to not always feel good in your body. Sometimes it feels as though Intuitive Eating puts a lot of pressure on feeling food in your body. But what happens when you don't feel good in your body? Does this mean you are doing Intuitive Eating wrong? Does this mean you have failed? Absolutely not. Tune in to listen to the full discussion and learn what IS the main focus in Intuitive Eating. 

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Lauren and Jenna discuss the importance of an abundant mindset in the UnDieting process. 

From feeling free around food to being able to tap into what feels good for your body, an abundant mindset makes it all possible.

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Meet Grace Hrabi, the creator of our new podcast song!

You can learn more about her and her band at

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Love, Lauren and Jenna

In this episode Jenna and Lauren talk about diet culture that surrounds us. It could be surrounding us from our most deeply loved family members and friends which makes it that much harder. Learn more in this episode about the conversation on boundaries, living in the grey area, and what is worth it to you to give your energy and what's not. Tune in!

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This week on the podcast we are chatting all things MINDSET.

UnDieting starts and ends in our thoughts and beliefs.

But if these things need to shift, how do we do that?

Mindset work can sound complicated but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Tune into today's episode to learn about UnDieting Your Mind and how powerful this can be for your relationship with food and your body.

Love, Lauren and Jenna

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In this episode Lauren and Jenna have a conversation about how there is no wiggle room for pursuing weight loss in UnDieting. Not only does it affect your ability to be intuitive and listen to your body if pursuit of weight loss is on the brain - anyone that promotes Intuitive Eating and weight loss is not genuinely teaching Intuitive Eating. Tune in to listen to the full discussion! 


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This week Jenna and Lauren discuss the pros and cons on focusing on the science surrounding Intuitive Eating.

How important is it to know the science? Is it all relevant? What should you listen to and what should you disregard?

As with everything in UnDieting and Intuitive Eating there is no black and white answer but in this episode the Counselors discuss some different ways of thinking about it so you can make the best decisions for you!

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In this episode Lauren and Jenna discuss when someone posts about their weight loss on social media. It's hard not to compare and think, "I was that person. I "should" be posting about my transformation. I should be getting all the likes and validation." Society has taught us that weight loss equals health. Weight loss equals attention. Weight loss equals being a good human. This makes sense AND it's not the truth. If you've ever been triggered by someone posting about their weight loss on social media, you aren't alone. Tune in and listen to the full discussion. 

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In this episode Lauren and Jenna discuss HOW to build up trust in your body.

Tune in if you are having a hard time trusting that your body knows what it needs!

Body trust is a vital part of UnDieting, without it you cannot tap into your Intuitive Eating skills.


September 21, 2021

Ep 176 - Why being full is good

On today's episode Lauren and Jenna have a conversation about why being full is actually a GOOD thing. Diet culture has taught us that fullness is something to avoid, something to fear, something to feel shame and guilt over. This is not the truth. You'll learn why honoring your hunger and allowing you to get your fill is an important part of becoming an UnDieter. Tune in! The doors to The UnDiet Collective will be opening exclusively to the waitlist so if you would like to join us in an awesome community of like minded women go to

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