February 25, 2020

Ep 095 - End Binge Eating

Welcome to How to Love Your Body - on today’s episode we will be talking about binge eating and how FOOD is not the culprit here. Here we explain what is instead and how to begin healing it.

Many people believe that the reason they binge is because of sugar, carbs, candy, chips, bread, whatever it is that tends to “trigger” someone. 

And we get that because that was US! We thought every food other than meat, vegetables and fruit were to blame quite frankly. Every time we had a cookie, some potato chips, a piece of pizza or some chocolate all hell would break loose - why couldn’t we control ourselves around these foods? Why did one bite always turn into a binge? It must be the foods! This didn’t happen with veggies or salad!

So we would try to NOT eat these things, if we could just avoid the food, the bingeing would be solved. But it was inevitable, we would give into one of these foods and BOOM we were back in the restrict/ binge cycle all over again.

If you are trying to AVOID the foods you normally binge on you are actually putting more fuel on the fire. The restriction and mindset around the foods you binge on is what causes the bingeing, it is never the food itself.

Here are the steps you need to take in order to release the power that these certain foods have over you:

Grab your free worksheet at www.thebodylovesociety.com/95 so you can go through these steps with the specific foods that YOU struggle with so you can find some peace with them.

Step 1: Identify what the foods are that you struggle with - is it entire food groups? Specific foods? Is it certain tastes like sweet or salty? Get it all down.

Step 2: Look at these food groups, specific foods and tastes and assess how you’ve treated these foods in the past - have you cut them out for certain meal plans, do you see them as “bad foods” that you shouldn’t ever be eating, do you feel guilt when you give in to these foods? Write it all down.

Step 3: Choose one food to reintroduce into your life. And we mean REALLY incorporate it into your life, want to bring some to work with your lunch? Have some in your desk, buy it and keep it in your house, order it if it’s at a restaurant and truly create an abundant relationship with it. Really get into a space where you realize you can have this food ANYTIME you want. You can of course listen to your body along the way, you aren't trying to eat it so much you feel sick and never want it again (that does not work or last) but instead just diminishing the power it has over you. When this so called “binge food” is just another food, you will actually be able to eat it and move on with your day instead of it always turning into you feeling out of control.

Step 4: Work on the mindset. Allowing the food physically is one part of this work, but mentally allowing is almost more important. If you are buying the food and keeping it in your house but shaming yourself every time you are eating it and thinking how you SHOULD NOT be eating so much/ at this time of day…

The binge feelings of restriction will still be there. 

This is a huge part of what we teach in The UnDiet Academy - how to change the way you think so food no longer has such power and instead you can enjoy all foods when you feel like it, when your body feels like it and you can still prioritize wellness without the obsession!

To stop binge eating, end the diet cycle for good and find wellness without the obsession be sure to join the waitlist for The UnDiet Academy beginning again next month. When you join this waitlist you will also be sent information about a few free masterclasses that we will be hosting in March and April so you can begin on this journey to food and body freedom whether you join the program or not!

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Welcome to another episode of How to Love Your Body - today we’re going to be talking about what self care looks like as an UnDieter. 

Before we get started you can download a self care worksheet at www.thebodylovesociety.com/94

Self care- “the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.”

Self care is doing anything that honors you and your body, it’s making yourself the priority - there isn’t a list of self care items that you have to choose from - it’s something that you choose for yourself 

What makes you feel good? What fuels your soul? What makes you happy? What relaxes you? 

What “that” is for you - THAT is self care. 

So to get a little more concrete- 

What might self care look like as a UnDieter in the categories of food, mind, and body? 


Yes. Self care can involve food as an UnDieter - because food is awesome, and social, and pleasurable, nutrient dense and decadent!! 

Self care may be - 


  • Coming home after a long day and ordering in pizza and having a glass of wine. 
  • It could also mean having pizza and some salad because the balance feels great! 
  • Make a green smoothie for breakfast because last night you had some amazing Mexican food and in the AM a burst of greens felt like a really good choice for your body. (Not about eating something “good” to counteract a meal - rather it’s listening to your body)
  • Baking cookies and listening to your favorite music! 

  • Drinking some hot tea before bed 


We can go on and on - the point is you can allow all food, you can listen to your body, you know when it’s asking for something that will feel good- be it a green smoothie or a cookie - it’s about how you feel in your body and how it makes you feel emotionally. 



  • Listen to podcasts and read books that grow your mind and enhance your life 
  • Sit at your favorite coffee shop with your latte with whatever milk you prefer while you chat with a girlfriend or you’re solo working on your computer - Our favorite self care ritual by the way!
  • Get child care so you can have alone time 
  • Setting boundaries! 
  • Stop saying yes to crap you hate :) 

  • Investing in your personal growth- seminar, retreat, online program etc 




  • It could mean a really kick butt workout after a stressful day - to release some stuff. Or get up early to start your day off to move your energy and get that heart pumping! 
  • Take a nap, get to bed earlier, rest instead of exercise
  • Buy yourself a new outfit that fits the body you have TODAY.
  • Go on a walk outside and breathe in the fresh air 
  • Speaking kindly/ respectful to your body 
  • Setting the mood with candles / music / essential oils and taking a bath 
  • Spa day 

We suggest that you make a list of things that you consider self care so when you feel like it’s lacking in your life - or you had a stressful day - or you just feel like giving yourself some love- you have YOUR list that you created of all the things you love and choose something! 

Self care may seem like a cliche or silly thing but it’s 1000% necessary and important to incorporate into your life on the daily! You will notice the difference - even if it’s taking a few deep breaths and closing your eyes - that is self care. 

Don’t forget to download your worksheet at thebodylovesociety.com/94

Be kind to yourself, you deserve it, and you’re doing the best you can! 

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Welcome to How to Love Your Body, on this week’s episode we are talking about foods that get a bad rap like sugar, because many people believe in this work but with conditions.. Shouldn’t we limit our sugar intake/gluten intake/ processed food intake etc…?

You can get your free worksheet to go along with this episode at thebodylovesociety.com/93

When we say, listen to your body and allow foods unconditionally you might think, but i’ll be eating sugar all day long and that can’t possibly be good for me.

This is why this work can be so challenging when doing it on your own, there is a mindset shift that makes this all work but coming from the perspective of diet culture, it seems nearly impossible for having NO limitations on any foods to make any sense health wise.

Here is why “limitations” don’t work even if it seems like that is what would make sense.

Say you are worried about sugar, so you give yourself a limitation of one sweet thing a day. It’s Tuesday night and you haven’t had your allotted sweet for the day, you’re full from dinner but don’t really feel like anything else but you don’t want to waste the opportunity to have a treat, so you grab some ice cream from the freezer. It tastes good but you didn't really want it so afterwards you feel kind of bad about it. Then on Thursday that week there’s a birthday at work and they bring in your FAVORITE cake so you have a piece and it’s amazing, great! Then that night after dinner you just don’t feel finished, you feel peckish and you’re grazing into the night… when a bite of chocolate would have been perfect but your limitation got in the way.

Notice how limitations affect you in both directions - when you have a scarcity mindset with food (which limitations will ALWAYS give you), when you have an opportunity to eat something that isn’t always available you’ll likely always take it, even if you don't really want it… leaving us thinking about food more, eating when we aren't hungry, choosing foods that we don't love and living in a box when we could be free!

Here is the alternative -- no limitations AHH! That sounds scary, we know but here’s what actually happens when you allow all foods unconditionally, yes even sugar.

Sugar becomes just another ingredient in a food, it’s not as magical as when we limit it. So yes, one day you might have a couple sweet treats and another day you’ll have none, you are free to listen to your body and take cues from IT instead of just following the arbitrary rules you created for yourself. 

When you allow it ALL, PLUS listen to your body it creates a natural ebb and flow that you can maintain forever and leaves you with an abundant food mindset.

Jenna used to not be able to have a stale box of crackers in her pantry without scarfing the whole thing down because she limited herself from carbs, she now jokes that she could live in a grocery store and it wouldn’t affect the way she eats.

This is a beautiful transformation -- from feeling like she has to control herself around ANY available food to feeling at peace surrounded by any foods at all. Peace with herself, her body and her ability to eat in a way that feels good.

Allowing all food doesn't mean saying screw it to health, wellness, or feeling good in your body. It means being free to use your ability as a grown woman to decide what to eat without external rules and with a clear mind and the only way to this is through allowing food and stopping the rules for good.

Do you find you give yourself vague rules and restrictions with food in the name of being sensible?

Even slight restrictions will keep you stuck in feeling uneasy around food and like it is always work.

Grab your worksheet to work through the steps towards letting go of all limitations even in the face of fear at thebodylovesociety.com/93!

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Welcome to How to Love Your Body - today on the podcast we will be talking about comparing your body to your PAST body, this is the most challenging comparison that women come to us struggling with.

To work on this and find some healing for yourself be sure to grab your free worksheet here www.thebodylovesociety.com/92

When we ask about comparison women say the hardest thing to move on from is comparison to their past bodies.

And that makes sense, we create an identity for ourselves as we live our lives and a big part of that (sadly) is based around the way we look. So a couple decades later when we look different, it can feel very uncomfortable.

Who are we now if we aren’t the fit one, the thin one, the super healthy one, or even the one always trying to lose weight.

Even though these things really are so minor in WHO we are, we base a lot of our self worth/ identity around these things.

If we are constantly comparing our bodies to our past bodies, it’s almost impossible to find peace now.

So how do we deal with this?

One great tool is to create a mindset shift using a different aspect of your life from your past that has changed (when we focus on weight and body it can be hard to see clearly and it is a very emotional subject in our weight obsessed culture).

For instance:

(Lauren shares her life as a past athlete)

(Jenna shares her life as a past model) 

Yes, these times in our past had a lot of positives, we look back at them lovingly, but they are in the past and there’s no way to change that. Our lives are different now, we grew up, started families, found work we loved. A lot has changed and there are losses to that and things that we have gained.

It’s the same with our bodies - whether it was a time of restriction and it was really hard for you or whether your body has just naturally changed over the years, there are things you’ve lost and gained since then.

Grab your worksheet so you can take note of these things and change the way you think about your past at www.thebodylovesociety.com/92

Start by choosing a time in your past that you tend to compare yourself to.

Take some notes on what you miss about that time - the things you feel you have feelings of loss around.

This might be things like: 


  • Certain relationships/ friendships
  • Maybe you lived somewhere else and you loved it there
  • Your social life
  • Having more freedom (life before kids!)
  • Being in school that you loved

  • Being in a thinner body that you felt was “better”


What do you have NOW in this present moment, that you feel you have GAINED since this time in your life?


  • Family
  • Wisdom
  • Career expertise (success)
  • Sense of self ? (even in a different body do you feel you KNOW who are you more now?)
  • Some amazing life experiences
  • Learnings from some tough life lessons
  • 20 years of LIFE that you didn’t have before!

  • New relationships and new love


So we know for sure that there have been things that we feel we have lost from our past but there are also many things we have gained (but we get that when you look at an old picture of yourself all you can think of is what’s changed in a negative way, in your eyes and not all the amazing things you’ve gained in life)....

Now dive a bit deeper into these things that you feel loss around - we don’t just want to leave it as a loss that can never be recovered:

The thing that we really feel loss around is the FEELING things give us, not the things themselves: 

What is the FEELING that these things from your past gave you?

Relationships might be connectedness and love

Life before kids may have felt more carefree and relaxed

Being in a thinner body may have made you feel confident 

Now that you have your list of feelings it’s time to brainstorm:

How can you get these feelings in your life NOW!

Yes, the past is the past and it won’t ever look the same, but the good feelings you feel you’ve lost can come back in new ways…

Don’t have close girlfriend relationships and want that feeling of love, community and closeness? Get out there and figure out how you can meet some.

Not feeling confident anymore? What can you do to boost this? Mindset work is vital in this but also some superficial stuff can help too, clothes you like on your body how it is now, doing your hair and makeup the way you like it, do things you’re good at and confident in…

Want feelings of being carefree and relaxed? What can you do, even in small ways to get this into your weekly routine? One night a week just for you to go to yoga and get tea at a coffee shop and read your favorite book?

Take action on this and let us know if seeing old pictures of yourself is as painful as it’s been in the past.

Yes, things might be different but they can be just as AMAZING!

Don't forget to grab your worksheet at www.thebodylovesociety.com/92 - just listening can give you insights but taking action will actually make transformation happen!

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Welcome to How to Love Your Body with Jenna and Lauren- on today’s episode we are going to be answering a question- “what is the difference between listening to your taste buds and listening to your body?” 

You can download the worksheet that goes with this episode at www.thebodylovesociety.com/91

So this is a great question because as UnDieters/ Intuitive Eaters some think that whenever they feel like eating something, want something, crave something they HAVE to eat it because as an UnDieter there are no restrictions and to always eat whatever and whenever…. 

It’s true that UnDieters have no restrictions and allow all food…. Here’s where the difference comes in between listening to your taste buds and listening to your body. 

One of the most important aspects of being an UnDieter is paying attention to how you feel in your body. We have the philosophy of wellness without the obsession which means it’s okay to care about your wellness, you just don’t have to live an obsessive restricted life to care about your health. You can truly have it all. 

So if you are going off of tuning in and paying attention to how you feel in your body - there’s a big difference between taste buds and body signals...

You may look at the menu and think that the pasta and the pizza and the bread that comes on the table sound like they would taste amazing - but you realize you had a big lunch and you aren’t even feeling that hungry - of course there is no restriction go ahead and eat pizza, pasta, and bread- but ask yourself - do my taste buds want this right now or does my body? Will this feel good to eat? 

Considering your lunch - you realize that maybe eating such a heavy dinner won’t feel good and you opt for something lighter but of course still delicious!! Maybe it’s a big fresh salad with the protein you prefer, with cheese, and chunks of avocado with a really nice dressing on it -- you decide to have a piece of bread smeared with butter and your lovely salad. 

Do you see the difference between restricting yourself and listening to your body? You decided to not eat with your taste buds but to eat with how you wanted to feel in your body AND you still had a satisfying amazing meal AND you know you can have pizza and pasta the next day if you feel like it… 

It’s never a permanent choice, it's just a choice for that moment. You are living in the present moment and making decisions in the way your body feels in that present moment and every single day, every hour, your body changes in the way that it feels- your job is to listen to your body and trust its signals! 

And get this --- YOU CAN EAT THAT DANG PIZZA AND PASTA AND BREAD even if you’re full and know it won’t feel good - that’s up to you! There are no rules and you are not a good or bad person for the choices that you make! 

Just know that you always have YOUR OWN choice - no one gets to tell you what to eat, how to eat or what your body is feeling or how it will feel. That’s up to you- no one can feel what’s going on inside your body - you get to take the internal signals and listen to them. You get to trust your intuition and trust your body to have your best interests at heart. 

So the next time you eat something and you are deciding what you what - do a check in with your taste buds and with your body and see if you get an answer - and just to reiterate - you can do whatever the heck you want - you can listen to the signals or not. It’s an empowered choice!

And just know you always can eat food that you ENJOY- if your taste buds are saying YUM pizza but your body isn’t - choose something else that you love that will feel a little better - you never have to opt for “healthy” food because it’s a better choice or the right choice or it’s good for me even if it tastes like crap - NO it’s about wanting to feel good in your body and have wellness without the obsession! 

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Welcome to How to Love Your Body, this is Jenna and Lauren, your UnDiet Coaches- on today’s episode we are going to be talking about how you can improve your body image. 

Before we get started you can download a free worksheet to go along with this episode- www.thebodylovesociety.com/90

Body image is such a loaded topic that we’d like to break it down and make it simple for you. We don’t expect you to LOVE your body over night- if there’s been negative body talk for maybe your entire life it makes sense that it wouldn’t be the easiest task to turn around and say “Hey, I actually love my body!” 

So to make it simple we don’t want to give you 10 million different steps and different tools on how to improve your body image, that may just get overwhelming, and it may discourage you more. 

So what can you do to make some progress? 

It takes 21 days to create a habit so we want to invite you to take on 21 days of neutral/ positive body talk. 

What to do: 

Every morning or every night (whenever you like to journal) write down 5 neutral statements about your body or if you’re feeling a bit farther along and want to take it on- you can add in positive body statements. 

The reason you may want to start with being in a neutral place with your body is because it may feel more true to you or more comfortable. 


“I have legs” - is neutral, it’s just a statement. 

You could add….

“I have legs that allow me to talk a walk outside that I really enjoy.”

This adds a bit of gratitude and may cause you to feel grateful for your body. 

If you really want to add more to it… 

“I have strong powerful legs that allow me to move my body in ways I enjoy.”

Which statement feels most comfortable for you. Maybe it will take some time to get to a more positive loving statement about your body and that’s okay. 

Here are more examples: 

If you start judging your stomach - turn it into “I have a stomach.” 

Feeling negative about a body part - this could be something to shift to- “I have eyes that allow me to see.”

Hating your arms? Teach your brain to shift to- “I have arms that allow me to hug my kids.”

Here’s another neutral place to sit when having body image thoughts- “My body allows me to live my life”

Over all feeling like you’re having a bad body image day? Just say “I have a body.” - No need to pretend to love your body if in that moment you don’t. You can still be kind and respectful to yourself. 

Things like hair, your smile, and eye color are easier to talk about...

I like my hair. 

I like my smile. 

I love the way my eyes look when I wear blue. 

Having neutral feelings will bring you one step closer to improving your body image and soon enough you’ll feel much more comfortable to start seeing your body with kindness instead of judgement. 

For the next 21 days - commit to yourself! You’ll start to see the shift when you take the time to write down 5 neutral/ positive body statements. You may even find yourself defaulting to being kinder to your body… you’ll recognize when a not so kind comment or thought has come up you can immediately shift it to something neutral/ kind. 

We get that this is a very small step to take and that’s actually the point of this… we want you to start off feeling like this is something that you can achieve and not something so extreme… 

It’s also just one action step to take (for 21 days in a row) - instead of giving you 10 different things to do that could get way too overwhelming you just end up doing nothing. 

Remember, we don’t expect you to love your body over night - maybe you won’t ever get to LOVING your body and that’s okay - as long as you treat it with kindness and respect that is most important.

And turning to gratitude is always helpful as well. Shifting your perspective - we know that not all bodies are abled bodies and we’d like to point that out - that no matter what kind of body you have you still can be kind and respectful and find statements you can say about your body that can feel good or at least neutral. Being grateful for the things that your body CAN do will be so helpful when it comes to body image. 

Be sure to download your worksheet- www.thebodylovesociety.com/90


Let us know if you’ll be taking on the 21 day neutral/ positive body talk activity! Send us a direct message on Instagram and let us know how you’re doing! 

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Welcome to How to Love Your Body - today we are talking about movement as UnDieters - we’ve gotten questions that sound like this by many women I’d really like to start exercising more, but I’m having a hard time not secretly hoping I will lose some weight, so I end up just not doing it. How do I change the intention of exercise?” 

This is a great question because UnDieters have a complete different relationship with movement than we did as dieters - so it’s important to know the difference and really take it on so diet culture doesn’t creep in when wanting to move your body. 

It’s important to first figure out what your actual intention is with movement. Creating your “movement manifesto” - “I move my body in ways that I enjoy because it feels good for me physically and mentally" is a great example of a movement manifesto. 

Here are 5 tips to help:

1- Create movement manifesto - this is your new belief around movement.

2-  When you plan to workout check in with your intention/ movement manifesto and ask if there is alignment with wanting to move.

3- Yes, there may be feelings of hope that you are going to lose weight and that’s okay. You can’t let that hold you back. Tell yourself “I acknowledge that I have feelings of wanting to lose weight- and that isn’t my focus right now - is there any other intention to wanting to move my body?” You may find other reasons - feel good, release stress, enjoyment, trying something new etc… 

4- Move or don’t move - you aren’t a wrong or bad person for whatever choice you make- you can rest or you can decide to move- there’s going to be an ebb and flow…. Don’t create rigid rules or schedules - go with the flow with some logical planning (you may need to plan the time/ class etc- makes sense with a busy life etc) 

5- There is no perfection in this- allow yourself to explore and find your groove. You may be into something and then a month later move onto something else. You make the rules! This isn’t diet culture anymore 

We also share both of our experiences and journeys with movement from dieters to UnDieters (tune in to hear our chit chat!) 

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Welcome to How to Love Your Body - today we are talking about the post Holidays - to ease any feelings and overwhelm that may have come up in the past week or two. 

This week we are launching our Free 5 Day Wellness Without the Obsession in the New Year Challenge! You can grab it at bit.ly/undiet5days


We get it. 

In general (we know this may not be everyone) the holidays are a bit much. 

There are more 


  • Parties 
  • Food 
  • Drinks 
  • Etc 


It may be very joyful for some and not so joyful for others but the point is- if you are celebrating the holidays and you’re working on IE + UnDieting many feelings could have come up for you -- and we are here to ease your worries (if you even had any) … 

Even though we get to listen to our bodies as IE’ers and do what feels good - we can’t help but understand that during the holidays it’s just different - there is a lot more going on that normally wouldn’t be going on such as the parties with decadent delicious food that could be stressful.

It may be a few days or a week of non stop parties and events and although it may be fun and social it also may be a lot to handle when learning about IE and healing your relationship with food and your body… 

Of course we also know there are many feelings of being SO free - and so happy to not be dieting during the holidays and to actually enjoy the food you’ve always restricted and actually be enjoying the party because “it’s not all about the food” anymore. We get there could be co existing feelings- and that’s normal!


With all the good there does come some things that may not feel so good --- 

If you’ve felt overly full multiple times during the holidays - THAT’S OKAY! The seasons change, the holidays have ended - the new year has begun and now we’re all diving into whatever else we have going on -- the point is - whatever happened over the holidays with food it’s okay - you don’t need to “fix” anything - you don’t need to “get back on track” - you don’t need to plan extra workouts or meal plans - no no no - those days are over as dieters… 

You can honestly trust your body  to do her thing - even if you are saying you’ve overeaten during the holidays and don’t feel too great. Trust that your body knows what to do… and that you don’t need to jump back in and start controlling and manipulating and restricting … 

What you can do is --- 

Ask yourself - how is my body feeling? What does it need to feel good in this very moment. 

And that really can be anything. 

-If it’s eating more fruits and veggies today because that’s what sounds good and will feel good - then do that. 

-If it’s doing movement you enjoy - add that in. 

-If it’s eating that last piece of your favorite dessert leftover from the holidays - then do that. 

Whatever it is that your body needs - honor it. Keep checking in and asking what will feel good without a need to change anything other than how you FEEL. 

-Don’t eat the veggies if you hate them but feel you have to because you ate so much over the holidays.

-Don’t force yourself to the gym if you hate that because it’s the new year

-Don’t do anything that you feel like you aren’t genuinely doing to honor your body. 

Many people think of it as “cutting back” or not eating so much ____ now that the holidays are over… this will only lead to bingeing later because it will feel restrictive

To feel more like your typical day to day self just add in what you think will feel GOOD, never about taking anything away. Feeling restricted puts your brain on high alert and makes you start thinking about food all day and the binge eating or screw it moments can come back in full force. 

Being an UnDieter is so different from diet culture - it’s about living your life, feeling free around food, being respectful to your body, feeling good in your body, and having wellness without the obsession. 

So if you do have this “post holiday overwhelm” - take a deep breath. There is nothing to be done - allow yourself to enjoy what was eaten over the holidays because food gets to be pleasurable AND know that you can also take one next step at a time to feel good in your body. 

And just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean that the food and the treats get locked away until next year- no, they are here to stay. All food is allowed year round and the more you keep allowing yourself to have what you desire and what satisfies you AND listen to what feels good you truly can have it all. You can have your cake and kale and eat it too. 

You are doing great- be compassionate and respectful to yourself and be okay with the ebb and flow of life and the changing seasons. 

This week on How to Love Your Body we are going to unfortunately be talking about what to do when someone asks if you’re pregnant when you’re not. 

Now we wish this wasn’t as common as it is - in The UnDiet Academy 3 members got asked this in the past couple weeks! It’s wild.

To start - be sure to not ever ask a woman this.

There are multiple reasons, the least damaging being it implies that the person has gained weight… if we didn’t live in a diet culture so obsessed with thinness this would not be a big deal at all, but here we are.

The reasons we really find it damaging is because so many women struggle with fertility and when you ask a woman if shes pregnant and shes not and shes been trying for 5 years, it can be devastating. Or what if she is but she hasnt told anyone yet? 

Let people tell YOU if they want to.

Has this ever happened to you before?

How did it feel?

Why did it feel that way?

Did thinking someone thought you have gained weight feel like the ultimate insult?

Isn’t it interesting how “have you lost weight?” is a compliment and “have you gained weight?” is a socially unacceptable insult?

It is time to change this and it starts with us.

If you do get a comment like this, try to take a deep breath and use it as a moment to show someone a different kind of reaction. 

Imagine the shock someone would receive if they asked a highly invasive questions like, Have you gained weight? And if you have you just said yes? No shame, no embarrassment …. Just a body, changing and shifting through life…

This is all about changing the way YOU see weight and responding accordingly, it will alleviate any stress you have about people commenting on your body when you know there’s an easy and unemotional answer.

We hope shifting your mindset in this way will allow you to breathe easy and be more confident no matter what comes your way.

See you next week xoxo

December 24, 2019

Ep 086 - Holiday Boundaries

 Welcome to How to Love Your body - on today’s episode we are going to be doing a quick coaching episode on setting boundaries with family when it comes to diet culture and body comments. 

 We get that it may be challenging for you over the holidays as you may be seeing family more than usual- and if you have someone or multiple people in your family who are deep in diet culture / like to comment on your body / other peoples bodies this would be tough as an UnDieter - triggers everywhere! 

So what can you do ? 

1. Prepare ahead of time 

If there is someone specific you are thinking of - let’s say your mom - you may have done this a million times - let them know before hand that you don’t want any diet talk or comments from them. Tell them they can have their own opinion and own life for themselves but when you are around to not talk about it directly to you. Of course she (or whoever you are thinking of) can not honor your request but the point is- you are setting a boundary with them and if they break those boundaries that is some solid information to you - you will know that they do not respect your wishes and maybe you can assess how you want them to be in your lives if they can’t respect your boundaries?

2. Leave the room

If there is any diet talk around you - family is talking about the food or weight gain or about other people's weight - about dieting and working out etc- You are more than allowed to simply get up and leave the room. You do not need to be exposed to that. It also is non combative- you don’t like what you hear and you have the free will to get up and leave. That’s a boundary.

3. Be direct with your words

If someone says something directly to you about your body, about your food choices, about anything that doesn’t feel appropriate to you - you can simply say - “This is not something I’m willing to discuss” or “Please don’t comment on my body” or “Please keep your opinions about what I’m eating to yourself” etc - You can actually tell people (respectfully) what you are okay with and what you are not okay with. Yes, it may be a challenge, it may be uncomfortable but this is self care. This is your right to show people what you are okay / not okay with. They have the same ability to set boundaries as well. So be respectful and direct.

4. Create a protective shield - meditation/ visual

What do you feel will protect your energy most? 

Meditation/ visual 

There are many other ways you can create boundaries during the holidays - if any of these feel useful to you - take it on! Enjoy what you can during the holidays and know they won’t last forever… AND even though you may be immersed in diet culture with family parties hold on to the thought that you are standing for yourself - you have decided to leave diet culture and find freedom and wellness without the obsession. That being an UnDieter is what will find you joy and heal your relationship with food and your body. 


You are courageous and amazing for all that you are doing as an Intuitive Eater! And know you are not alone as there are so many other women out there doing this work with you and navigating their way through all the challenges as well. Keep going, we got your back!

Happy Holidays and see you next week! 

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