This conversation may surprise you. Jenna and Lauren discuss instances and nuances where "restriction" may be suitable in the intuitive eating process.

Please note: Anything discussed is not a recommendation for anyone, simply examples of the nuance of this work.

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Lauren and Jenna talk about the Spotlight Effect. Ever wonder why you feel like everyone is looking at you or judging you? You walk into a grocery store or get on public transportation and you immediately think that of course everyone is judging the way your body looks etc... If you have ever felt this. Tune into this episode and learn more about the spotlight effect and what skills you can take on to tackle this! 

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Jenna and Lauren discuss a reel that starts off sounding non-diet but quickly turns into tricky and more subtle than usual diet tips. 

This kind of messaging is so common lately now that obvious diet marketing is on the out, it is no longer trendy so diet 'pros' are now using popular language and techniques to sell dieting in sheep's clothing.

Tune in to hear the example and learn how to spot diet messaging.

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This week on How to Love Your Body, we have a discussion around belonging in a dieting world.

Our community of UnDieter's have done some serious rebellious things (according to society). We choose not to diet even though the world tells us to. But does this mean we dislike dieters and they don't belong?

Some choose to not dye their grays or get lipo. But does that mean the people that do choose to do these things are bad and wrong and don't belong?

Everyone belongs somewhere but maybe we don't have to belong EVERYWHERE.

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This week Lauren and Jenna discuss a tv show that just feels tone deaf, a dieting app that we all love to hate (but never seems to die) and some uses of intuitive eating that are WAY off base.

It's 2022 and we are ready for the world to catch up!

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This week on How to Love Your Body, we dive into a conversation about the difference between nutritional consideration vs nutritional obsession.

This isn't about what the person next to you in putting (or not putting) in their bodies.

This is about what feels best to you AND the autonomy you have to choose what you put in your body. No good/ bad, right/ wrong. It's your body.

We brought up this conversation to dive even deeper into why you do the things you do. It's okay to consider nutrition but when will you draw the line before it turns into nutritional obsession?

Tune in to this week's podcast to assess the amount of freedom you have around food and the choices you make.

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Today Lauren and Jenna discuss gentle nutrition, how they see it differently, why you can't please everyone and why that's okay!

This conversation might be a little controversial but important.

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We talk about the reviews on The F*ck It Diet by Caroline Dooner. Many people miss the mark on what this book is actually about so we wanted to dive into some reviews and have a discussion on them. 

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This week Jenna and Lauren discuss the three types of desire for weight loss, what they mean for your UnDieting journey and how you can begin healing no matter which type you're experiencing.

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As an Intuitive Eater, being at home in your typical "routine" or going on a vacation makes no difference. Your mindset around food is the same and nothing needs to change. Yes, your environment changes but it doesn't create any chaos when it comes to eating. Tune in to this episode to learn a few tips on how to keep your mindset strong even when traveling to Mexico for an all inclusive vacation or a weekend in Big Bear. 

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