Welcome to How to Love Your Body, this is Jenna and Lauren, your UnDiet Coaches- on today’s episode we are going to be talking about how you can improve your body image. 

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Body image is such a loaded topic that we’d like to break it down and make it simple for you. We don’t expect you to LOVE your body over night- if there’s been negative body talk for maybe your entire life it makes sense that it wouldn’t be the easiest task to turn around and say “Hey, I actually love my body!” 

So to make it simple we don’t want to give you 10 million different steps and different tools on how to improve your body image, that may just get overwhelming, and it may discourage you more. 

So what can you do to make some progress? 

It takes 21 days to create a habit so we want to invite you to take on 21 days of neutral/ positive body talk. 

What to do: 

Every morning or every night (whenever you like to journal) write down 5 neutral statements about your body or if you’re feeling a bit farther along and want to take it on- you can add in positive body statements. 

The reason you may want to start with being in a neutral place with your body is because it may feel more true to you or more comfortable. 


“I have legs” - is neutral, it’s just a statement. 

You could add….

“I have legs that allow me to talk a walk outside that I really enjoy.”

This adds a bit of gratitude and may cause you to feel grateful for your body. 

If you really want to add more to it… 

“I have strong powerful legs that allow me to move my body in ways I enjoy.”

Which statement feels most comfortable for you. Maybe it will take some time to get to a more positive loving statement about your body and that’s okay. 

Here are more examples: 

If you start judging your stomach - turn it into “I have a stomach.” 

Feeling negative about a body part - this could be something to shift to- “I have eyes that allow me to see.”

Hating your arms? Teach your brain to shift to- “I have arms that allow me to hug my kids.”

Here’s another neutral place to sit when having body image thoughts- “My body allows me to live my life”

Over all feeling like you’re having a bad body image day? Just say “I have a body.” - No need to pretend to love your body if in that moment you don’t. You can still be kind and respectful to yourself. 

Things like hair, your smile, and eye color are easier to talk about...

I like my hair. 

I like my smile. 

I love the way my eyes look when I wear blue. 

Having neutral feelings will bring you one step closer to improving your body image and soon enough you’ll feel much more comfortable to start seeing your body with kindness instead of judgement. 

For the next 21 days - commit to yourself! You’ll start to see the shift when you take the time to write down 5 neutral/ positive body statements. You may even find yourself defaulting to being kinder to your body… you’ll recognize when a not so kind comment or thought has come up you can immediately shift it to something neutral/ kind. 

We get that this is a very small step to take and that’s actually the point of this… we want you to start off feeling like this is something that you can achieve and not something so extreme… 

It’s also just one action step to take (for 21 days in a row) - instead of giving you 10 different things to do that could get way too overwhelming you just end up doing nothing. 

Remember, we don’t expect you to love your body over night - maybe you won’t ever get to LOVING your body and that’s okay - as long as you treat it with kindness and respect that is most important.

And turning to gratitude is always helpful as well. Shifting your perspective - we know that not all bodies are abled bodies and we’d like to point that out - that no matter what kind of body you have you still can be kind and respectful and find statements you can say about your body that can feel good or at least neutral. Being grateful for the things that your body CAN do will be so helpful when it comes to body image. 

Be sure to download your worksheet- www.thebodylovesociety.com/90


Let us know if you’ll be taking on the 21 day neutral/ positive body talk activity! Send us a direct message on Instagram and let us know how you’re doing! 

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Welcome to How to Love Your Body - today we are talking about movement as UnDieters - we’ve gotten questions that sound like this by many women I’d really like to start exercising more, but I’m having a hard time not secretly hoping I will lose some weight, so I end up just not doing it. How do I change the intention of exercise?” 

This is a great question because UnDieters have a complete different relationship with movement than we did as dieters - so it’s important to know the difference and really take it on so diet culture doesn’t creep in when wanting to move your body. 

It’s important to first figure out what your actual intention is with movement. Creating your “movement manifesto” - “I move my body in ways that I enjoy because it feels good for me physically and mentally" is a great example of a movement manifesto. 

Here are 5 tips to help:

1- Create movement manifesto - this is your new belief around movement.

2-  When you plan to workout check in with your intention/ movement manifesto and ask if there is alignment with wanting to move.

3- Yes, there may be feelings of hope that you are going to lose weight and that’s okay. You can’t let that hold you back. Tell yourself “I acknowledge that I have feelings of wanting to lose weight- and that isn’t my focus right now - is there any other intention to wanting to move my body?” You may find other reasons - feel good, release stress, enjoyment, trying something new etc… 

4- Move or don’t move - you aren’t a wrong or bad person for whatever choice you make- you can rest or you can decide to move- there’s going to be an ebb and flow…. Don’t create rigid rules or schedules - go with the flow with some logical planning (you may need to plan the time/ class etc- makes sense with a busy life etc) 

5- There is no perfection in this- allow yourself to explore and find your groove. You may be into something and then a month later move onto something else. You make the rules! This isn’t diet culture anymore 

We also share both of our experiences and journeys with movement from dieters to UnDieters (tune in to hear our chit chat!) 

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Welcome to How to Love Your Body - today we are talking about the post Holidays - to ease any feelings and overwhelm that may have come up in the past week or two. 

This week we are launching our Free 5 Day Wellness Without the Obsession in the New Year Challenge! You can grab it at bit.ly/undiet5days


We get it. 

In general (we know this may not be everyone) the holidays are a bit much. 

There are more 


  • Parties 
  • Food 
  • Drinks 
  • Etc 


It may be very joyful for some and not so joyful for others but the point is- if you are celebrating the holidays and you’re working on IE + UnDieting many feelings could have come up for you -- and we are here to ease your worries (if you even had any) … 

Even though we get to listen to our bodies as IE’ers and do what feels good - we can’t help but understand that during the holidays it’s just different - there is a lot more going on that normally wouldn’t be going on such as the parties with decadent delicious food that could be stressful.

It may be a few days or a week of non stop parties and events and although it may be fun and social it also may be a lot to handle when learning about IE and healing your relationship with food and your body… 

Of course we also know there are many feelings of being SO free - and so happy to not be dieting during the holidays and to actually enjoy the food you’ve always restricted and actually be enjoying the party because “it’s not all about the food” anymore. We get there could be co existing feelings- and that’s normal!


With all the good there does come some things that may not feel so good --- 

If you’ve felt overly full multiple times during the holidays - THAT’S OKAY! The seasons change, the holidays have ended - the new year has begun and now we’re all diving into whatever else we have going on -- the point is - whatever happened over the holidays with food it’s okay - you don’t need to “fix” anything - you don’t need to “get back on track” - you don’t need to plan extra workouts or meal plans - no no no - those days are over as dieters… 

You can honestly trust your body  to do her thing - even if you are saying you’ve overeaten during the holidays and don’t feel too great. Trust that your body knows what to do… and that you don’t need to jump back in and start controlling and manipulating and restricting … 

What you can do is --- 

Ask yourself - how is my body feeling? What does it need to feel good in this very moment. 

And that really can be anything. 

-If it’s eating more fruits and veggies today because that’s what sounds good and will feel good - then do that. 

-If it’s doing movement you enjoy - add that in. 

-If it’s eating that last piece of your favorite dessert leftover from the holidays - then do that. 

Whatever it is that your body needs - honor it. Keep checking in and asking what will feel good without a need to change anything other than how you FEEL. 

-Don’t eat the veggies if you hate them but feel you have to because you ate so much over the holidays.

-Don’t force yourself to the gym if you hate that because it’s the new year

-Don’t do anything that you feel like you aren’t genuinely doing to honor your body. 

Many people think of it as “cutting back” or not eating so much ____ now that the holidays are over… this will only lead to bingeing later because it will feel restrictive

To feel more like your typical day to day self just add in what you think will feel GOOD, never about taking anything away. Feeling restricted puts your brain on high alert and makes you start thinking about food all day and the binge eating or screw it moments can come back in full force. 

Being an UnDieter is so different from diet culture - it’s about living your life, feeling free around food, being respectful to your body, feeling good in your body, and having wellness without the obsession. 

So if you do have this “post holiday overwhelm” - take a deep breath. There is nothing to be done - allow yourself to enjoy what was eaten over the holidays because food gets to be pleasurable AND know that you can also take one next step at a time to feel good in your body. 

And just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean that the food and the treats get locked away until next year- no, they are here to stay. All food is allowed year round and the more you keep allowing yourself to have what you desire and what satisfies you AND listen to what feels good you truly can have it all. You can have your cake and kale and eat it too. 

You are doing great- be compassionate and respectful to yourself and be okay with the ebb and flow of life and the changing seasons. 

This week on How to Love Your Body we are going to unfortunately be talking about what to do when someone asks if you’re pregnant when you’re not. 

Now we wish this wasn’t as common as it is - in The UnDiet Academy 3 members got asked this in the past couple weeks! It’s wild.

To start - be sure to not ever ask a woman this.

There are multiple reasons, the least damaging being it implies that the person has gained weight… if we didn’t live in a diet culture so obsessed with thinness this would not be a big deal at all, but here we are.

The reasons we really find it damaging is because so many women struggle with fertility and when you ask a woman if shes pregnant and shes not and shes been trying for 5 years, it can be devastating. Or what if she is but she hasnt told anyone yet? 

Let people tell YOU if they want to.

Has this ever happened to you before?

How did it feel?

Why did it feel that way?

Did thinking someone thought you have gained weight feel like the ultimate insult?

Isn’t it interesting how “have you lost weight?” is a compliment and “have you gained weight?” is a socially unacceptable insult?

It is time to change this and it starts with us.

If you do get a comment like this, try to take a deep breath and use it as a moment to show someone a different kind of reaction. 

Imagine the shock someone would receive if they asked a highly invasive questions like, Have you gained weight? And if you have you just said yes? No shame, no embarrassment …. Just a body, changing and shifting through life…

This is all about changing the way YOU see weight and responding accordingly, it will alleviate any stress you have about people commenting on your body when you know there’s an easy and unemotional answer.

We hope shifting your mindset in this way will allow you to breathe easy and be more confident no matter what comes your way.

See you next week xoxo

December 24, 2019

Ep 086 - Holiday Boundaries

 Welcome to How to Love Your body - on today’s episode we are going to be doing a quick coaching episode on setting boundaries with family when it comes to diet culture and body comments. 

 We get that it may be challenging for you over the holidays as you may be seeing family more than usual- and if you have someone or multiple people in your family who are deep in diet culture / like to comment on your body / other peoples bodies this would be tough as an UnDieter - triggers everywhere! 

So what can you do ? 

1. Prepare ahead of time 

If there is someone specific you are thinking of - let’s say your mom - you may have done this a million times - let them know before hand that you don’t want any diet talk or comments from them. Tell them they can have their own opinion and own life for themselves but when you are around to not talk about it directly to you. Of course she (or whoever you are thinking of) can not honor your request but the point is- you are setting a boundary with them and if they break those boundaries that is some solid information to you - you will know that they do not respect your wishes and maybe you can assess how you want them to be in your lives if they can’t respect your boundaries?

2. Leave the room

If there is any diet talk around you - family is talking about the food or weight gain or about other people's weight - about dieting and working out etc- You are more than allowed to simply get up and leave the room. You do not need to be exposed to that. It also is non combative- you don’t like what you hear and you have the free will to get up and leave. That’s a boundary.

3. Be direct with your words

If someone says something directly to you about your body, about your food choices, about anything that doesn’t feel appropriate to you - you can simply say - “This is not something I’m willing to discuss” or “Please don’t comment on my body” or “Please keep your opinions about what I’m eating to yourself” etc - You can actually tell people (respectfully) what you are okay with and what you are not okay with. Yes, it may be a challenge, it may be uncomfortable but this is self care. This is your right to show people what you are okay / not okay with. They have the same ability to set boundaries as well. So be respectful and direct.

4. Create a protective shield - meditation/ visual

What do you feel will protect your energy most? 

Meditation/ visual 

There are many other ways you can create boundaries during the holidays - if any of these feel useful to you - take it on! Enjoy what you can during the holidays and know they won’t last forever… AND even though you may be immersed in diet culture with family parties hold on to the thought that you are standing for yourself - you have decided to leave diet culture and find freedom and wellness without the obsession. That being an UnDieter is what will find you joy and heal your relationship with food and your body. 


You are courageous and amazing for all that you are doing as an Intuitive Eater! And know you are not alone as there are so many other women out there doing this work with you and navigating their way through all the challenges as well. Keep going, we got your back!

Happy Holidays and see you next week! 

Welcome to How to Love Your Body. On today’s episode we are going to speak to all you ladies who love to plan - and answer the question, can I plan meals for the week as an UnDieter. 

You can get your worksheet on how you can plan meals as an Undieter at www.thebodylovesociety.com/85

So the answer is YES, you can still plan meals as an UnDieter but of course we are going to share that it is much different planning than when you were stuck in dieting. 

The main differences - there is flexibility, no restriction, and there are absofreakinlutely NO rules when planning as an UnDieter. 

We get that there needs to be some planning in life when it comes to food - with your busy schedule, family life, careers etc  it seems silly and impossible to make a trip to the grocery store every single day (unless that’s something you love to do!) 

So how do we plan and still live as Intuitive Eaters and UnDieters. 


We usually get about 4 - 5 dinners for the week and purposely leave about 2-3 nights open for flexibility and spontaneity. 

We may feel like eating out, ordering in,  maybe a random dinner with friends or family come etc… 

As for choosing dinners- we don’t plan out each meal for m/t/w/th/f - we just know that we have the meals and that day/ night we ask ourselves - What sounds good tonight? And that’s how we still keep it intuitive because maybe the salmon that you bought doesn’t sound that amazing tonight but the homemade pizzas you have to make sound delicious - and then the salmon could really hit the spot another night. 

Maybe every option you have doesn’t sound good so you take out chinese food or pick up your favorite salad and soup? OR whatever it is - those are just examples. 

Although you have some predetermined meals - so technically it’s planning - always know that you don’t HAVE to if it really isn’t something you want - because maybe another day you will. 

It’s also important to know that even though we are IE’ers - it’s unrealistic to think we can eat the EXACT thing we want every time we eat- so yeah sometimes you’ll have a dinner left that is “eh” but you make it anyway because you’re hungry and you don’t feel like eating out or going out and you don't even have time to do that… 

Make sure you buy SATISFYING meals, snacks, and treats - it’s not about planning the most perfect healthy meal - it’s about having options you enjoy that you can have in your house so you can eat for the week. 

So buy something new that looks fun. Get the rich cheese and crackers, buy full fat yogurt if you like that, get the real ice cream- and of course buy the veggies you love and the fruit you enjoy and all the nutrient dense food you like - make sure you have a variety that feels good to you and feels fun! 

Make your meals and snacks satisfying! - ex. There’s a BIG difference between a salad with tomatoes and dressing and a salad with tomatoes, dressing, avocado, cheese, nuts, and dried fruit … 

So don’t be afraid to plan out some dinners, pack your lunches, eat snacks etc because as an UnDieter there is always room for flexibility and spontaneity. 


  • Everyone is going out for tacos at work for lunch break and you brought something - hey, it’s okay to go out to lunch, save yours for tomorrow. 
  • Your girlfriends have last minute plans to head out to dinner and have a drink and you already planned your dinner for that night - no biggie, go have fun with you friends! 
  • You’re tired after picking up the kids from all their activities and you were supposed to make xyz for dinner, but nah, let’s make it easy and order pizza and some salads. 


You are still in control - the plan doesn’t control you, you control the plan. 

Remember to grab your worksheet at www.thebodylovesociety.com/85

So plan away just know that you don’t have to follow any rules or guidelines. 

There is no obsession around it - just having food in the house you enjoy and that makes you feel good. :) 


Welcome to How to Love Your Body - on today’s episode we are going to be talking about the power of satisfaction.

Satisfaction is at the top of the list when learning about IE - so we wanted to dedicate an episode to it!

You can grab a free worksheet on the power of satisfaction by clicking here - www.thebodylovesociety.com/84


So what’s the power behind satisfaction:


  • It eliminates the binge (when tied in with not restricting) 
  • You feel complete and stop thinking about food - no grazing!
  • You can listen to your body much better / better attuned with your hunger / fullness signals 
  • It’s not about the quantity, it’s about pleasure and enjoyment - you can actually taste your food/ present!

  • You can choose what you actually enjoy - no the non fat, low fat, diet version (unless that’s what you actually prefer!) - You can get the whole fat, non diet version which may blow your fucking mind. Like have you ever tried REAL ice cream - not the protein ice cream - or full fat yogurt, or full fat lattes, or the full fat cheese or the creamy dressing instead of the lemon squeeze.
  • One, 2, 3 - decadent bite of cheesecake could be far better than an entire stale cookie- maybe/ maybe not - you live in abundance , not scarcity - ex. Most dieters would rather eat an entire pint of not so yummy protein ice cream that have a smaller amount of “to die for” ice cream. 
  • There’s a sense of JOY while eating. 
  • You learn to trust your body’s signals - you aren’t scared of eating what satisfies you because you know you can trust your body to tell you when you are done. 
  • Food is FUN again! 
  •  It increases your Intuition - you ask yourself “what sounds good?” - is it cold, hot, spicy, sour, savory, sweet etc. 


Are you eating with satisfaction? 

Some things you can do to start: 


  • Eat what you actually want! 
  • ALLOW- No restrictions - it’s okay to not buy the diet version or “healthier” version - choose the one that lights your soul on fire. 
  • Try something you’ve never tried before - ex. Full fat string cheese is way more delicious than the light kind- I never knew it until i was an IE’er because i always had light so that's what I thought I liked but wow did it get even better. 
  • When you go to a restaurant choose what you WANT - if it’s the fettuccini alfredo when you normally get a light marinara -  DO IT. If it’s the cheese enchiladas instead of the tostada with nothing fun on it - DO IT. Order what you desire AS IS. See how you feel. Taste. Be present. Listen. Go slow. 
  • Stop eating something that doesn’t taste good- this will teach you to be more in tune with your body and learn what actually satisfies you. Don’t settle, BE PICKY !!!


Don’t forget to grab your worksheet here - www.thebodylovesociety.com/84

So the next time you eat- ask yourself “what will satisfy me?” and remember how powerful it is to make it a priority! 

This week on How to Love Your Body we are talking about self compassion.

To grab your worksheet to follow along with this episode go to www.thebodylovesociety.com/83

A big misconception of self compassion is that it means letting yourself go, never pushing yourself, being lazy… NO!

Self compassion means simple kindness to yourself - the same you would expect from others and the kindness that you extend to those around you.

Our inner critic is so loud and so strong and sometimes it can feel like - if we’re hard enough on ourselves we’ll be motivated to do things like workout more, eat “healthier” etc.

But this is not the case - negative motivations like fear, self hate and feeling inadequate fall short when things get tough. If you aren’t seeing “results” fast enough we fall into the screw it cycle. Go really hard and then say screw it and quit just to start all over again.

Self compassion works differently. It allows you to live in a more enjoyable way (no more self hate to fuel your fire) and can actually provide more sustainable and healthy motivation to reach your goals.

Let’s take moving your body for example - when you are being kind and gentle to yourself, yes you may allow yourself to skip today’s workout because you are exhausted but you also won’t fall into the screw it cycle so you just might go tomorrow instead. It’s real life, it’s sustainable and it’s ENJOYABLE. What is the point of reaching your goals or “doing the healthy thing” if you hate it the whole time?

Life is meant to be enjoyed and self compassion is what will get you there so you can have it all - enjoyment, action and sustainability.


3 Ways to show yourself compassion this week:

1.When you don’t do something you planned on doing OWN IT - you chose not to, no point beating yourself up! Give yourself a break my love.

2. Do something that is JUST for you - it’s rare that we do this in our busy lives. Even if it’s taken 30 minutes to listen to your favorite audio book and have a really good cup of coffee.. Show yourself that you are worth it.

3. Identify thoughts that come up in your mind about yourself and ask yourself - would I accept my friend saying this to me? Question why it’s ok for YOU to say it to you, and shift it around! At least make it neutral - take the cruelty out of your thoughts this week when you notice it. 


Shifting from self critical thinking to self compassion will allow you to find balance, sustainability and happiness much more quickly!


Don’t forget to grab your worksheet at thebodylovesociety.com/83 so you can actually take these steps this week to prioritize self compassion.

This week on How to Love Your Body we are going to be talking about HEALTH and how to navigate it without it being rooted in diet culture.

This week’s episode is brought to you by The UnDiet Academy - the 13 week group coaching program that brings you from dieting, binge eating, and thinking about food all day to living as an intuitive eater and finding wellness without the obsession.

Doors are open now but they close on Wednesday (tomorrow!) at 6 pm pacific.

This will not be happening again until mid next year!


Now let’s dive into today’s episode!

Many women we talk to want health, wellness, energy, to FEEL GOOD, but they aren’t sure how that happens with intuitive eating and undieting without them slipping back into old dieting habits.

Here’s how it works:

There are 5 vital phases to go through to get to this place of balance and wellness without the obsession.


Phase 1 : The initial exit - This is where you are now - dieting, off the diets but not feeling great about it or immersed in intuitive eating and dieting CONTENT but not feeling like it’s clicking.

The results? YOU ARE AWARE OF AN ALTERNATIVE. Awareness is always the first step. You are ready to stop the cycle and start this process!

Phase 2: The diet mentality detox: Thinking as a dieter will always have you behaving as a dieter.

WHen you begin to think differently you end up NATURALLY acting differently which is how transformation begins. 

Trying REALLY HARD not to eat the whole box of cookies isnt freedom, finding that you’ve forgotten about that box of cookies for a few days IS the beginning of freedom.

Phase 3: The inner self work - you probably already know the struggle with food and body is about MORE than the food you’re eating or the body you’re in. Working on deeper healing like - self worth, body image, self love, and finding genuine happiness and contentment in the life you have NOW, needs to happen in order to find peace with food.

Inner peace allows you to let go of the desperation of trying to FIX yourself through diets etc.

Phase 4: Embodying intuitive eating --  NOW is the time to begin focusing on actually eating food :) . Once you’ve done the mindset work and the inner work -- you can learn how to EMBODY intuitive eating, not have it just turn into another way of eating that you’re thinking about all day long.

Results: No longer having to listen to every podcast, be in every free FB group, because you don’t think about food much anymore, OR intuitive eating, you dont need to think about it when it just occurs! It just HAPPENS! And that is true transformation.

Phase 5: Wellness without the obsession - Here is where we get into today’s main topic.


Where does that come in? 

Okay I’m thinking differently, and I have done some deeper work - I still have these health issues, how can I deal with them without going on a diet or feel restricted?

THis is where phase 5 comes in - yes physical health is important to many people and if it’s something important to you then this is definitely a process you’re going to want to go through.

Wellness without the obsession is all about implementing positive health behaviours REGARDLESS OF YOUR BODY SIZE.

Why does this distinction matter?

When you focus on weight it takes away the inherent value of the health behavior you’re trying to practice more of. Moving your body more but it doesn’t result in weight loss - WHAT’S THE POINT??

Of course there’s a point but if weight loss is always the goal - we get frustrated and we stop things that could be great for our physical wellness.

“Research show, positive health behaviours regardless of body size, can reduce mortality risk to the point where there is NO difference between those in smaller or larger bodies” - Andrea Hardy RD

So what are positive health behaviors that I can expect to have in my life once I go through the 5 phases and find wellness wihtout the obsession?

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Eating nourishing foods of all different kinds
  • Having a healthy relationship with food free from binge eating, food obsession and body shame
  • Taking care of your mental health
  • Prioritizing feeling good in your body
  • Moving your body
  • Enjoying life without the constant chatter of should I eat this, I shouldn’t have eaten that running through your mind

If you are knowing at this point that dieting is not going to work for you and not dieting feels pretty crappy too - wellness wihtout the obsession is likely just what you have been looking for.

We’d love to help you get there.


If that sounds like something you want more information on don’t forget to take a look at The UnDiet Academy - our 13 week program to bring you from being stuck in just NOT DIETING and not feeling good in your body to TRULY embodying intuitive eating and have this whole food and body struggle be OVER!

Doors close tomorrow at 6 pm pacific so go take a look now to see if its the right fit for you at thebodylovesociety.com/undiet

Welcome to How to love Your Body. this week on the podcast we are going to be answering the questions YOU asked in our facebook group and on instagram.

But before we get into those - this episode is brought to you by this week’s masterclasses! Today and Thursday we are hosting 2 more live masterclasses. 

Even if you signed up for last week’s but couldn’t make it on live definitely grab a spot for this week too. You can join us live, ask questions and get coaching on the spot! You can grab your spot at bit.ly/undietmasterclass

How long did it take Lauren and Jenna to practice intuitive eating before you settled into your body’s natural weight range?

It truly is irrelevant.

This work is tricky - it’s a bit of a catch 22, if you focus on finding your weight set point, you will not be able to be intuitive in the way needed to find your weight set point. 

The shift from weight loss needs to happen - even the shift from focusing on weight at all. 

What to do instead?

Get into the present moment. Take care of your body TODAY in whatever ways that means for you.

Do that everyday for the next 10 years. There you are - living a sustainable life of wellness without the obsession. It will be so fulfilling and rewarding that you won’t be sitting around anymore wondering, yeah but when will I reach my set point….

This is a very boiled down version of what this work is really about and what it takes to live that way but that’s the jist of it. And if you want to learn more about it - be sure to grab your spot in our masterclass.

You’ll get there but you honestly won’t really care anymore. 

Diet soda. Does it mess with your hunger signals? If you actually like it, is it okay to drink? Or is that diet culture? Or would quitting drinking it be restricting?

Oh diet soda, I LOVE diet soda. I’m not sure if its because Im more used to the taste because of years of avoiding sugar but at this point I dont really care, its the type of soda I enjoy, so I enjoy it. 

What I have found is I naturally drink it less because im not using it to satisfy a sweet craving, thats what real food is for in my eyes but I enjoy it now and then with certain meals. I also find the mini cans work for me most of the time, but of course however much you enjoy having is just fine!

If you truly enjoy it, no its not diet culture. 

Its truly NOT about the food, its about your relationship with it. 

If you love some old recipes you used to have all the time on WW and you still eat them, that doesnt mean you’re dieting again - its all about mindset and intention.

Only YOU can know if youre fooling yourself or if its genuinely something you enjoy.


Body love and online dating - so much of it can be really shallow and appearance based. How do you hold true to I am not my weight/ how I look when you feel you’re constantly being judged by your appearance alone?

We get it! We both met our husbands on dating apps. 

But really isn’t normal dating the same thing? You see someone you like the look of, go up to them, ask to buy them a drink, if you enjoy talking to them , maybe you exchange numbers.

There will always be judgement around looks but people will ALWAYS judge you based on your looks when they first meet you (its the first information they get about you), NO MATTER WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE!!

Making judgements is so human, it will always happen. So instead of morphing into what you think people want to see, being able to show up as YOU and see if you like THEM is a much more powerful stance in life.

Also - do you want a partner that only wants to date you if you look a certain way? What if you meet them when you’re in the thick of a diet, have temporarily lost some weight, then 5 years into your relationship you look different and they were only into you on a superficial level and so it ends?

This isnt the relationship I would want thats for sure.

So I know - it seems like looking a certain way will find you a mate, but it wont be the right one, I promise you that. Allow yourself to find peace with food and in your body and let your body land where it may. THEN you know when you find a partner, you are in a stable place and wont be living in fear of gaining the weight back… 

You got this!


How to promote intuitive eating and body love in young girls/teens. 

This can be hard. Firstly - no teen girl wants to hear from a (in their eyes) older woman about beauty and weight, “parents just dont understand” and all. 

BUT there’s tons we can do:

  1. Modeling a healthy relationship with food yourself is #1.
  2. This question was from a teacher at a school - how about talking to the principle about doing some lessons on intuitive eating and body love in health class?
  3. If you’re a parent - keep diet talk out of the house and practice not making a fuss over desserts or using food as a reward. 
  4. There are a lot of great people to follow on instagram that teach about raising intuitive eating kids (for young kids, one I like is @snackswithjax)
  5. Dana Suchow is another great resource


Can you ever intentionally lose weight while undieting?

How do I eat intuitively and lose weight?

How do I not panic if I gain weight?

Firstly no - you can not pursue weight loss while undieting - the POINT of undieting is to stop focusing on weight as the main focus and reason for eating and for moving your body.

Secondly - it takes mindset work to let go of the panic and intense fear of weight gain.

Thirdly - these are the most common types of questions we get and here’s the thing. If you do not actively CHOOSE to let go of the focus of weight loss - your life will always be about weight loss, the hunt for weight loss, often the desperation for weight loss.

It doesn’t matter if you lose some weight, you’ll be in fear of gaining it back (and you likely will if not more), if you don’t lose weight, you’ll be jumping onto the next program, working your butt off to make that butt smaller, and if you gain weight... ? GOOD GOD! It’s just an emotional rollercoaster and shame filled time.

There is no winning when we make our lives about losing weight.

We spend decades trying to be smaller - for what? WHY? And at what cost…

It is up to YOU to stop the cycle, the madness, the hyperfocus on weight loss.

It wont just fade away (even if you lose the weight, listen to episode #79 if you dont believe us), it wont magically disappear at a certain age, we’ve worked with women in their 70s struggling with this crap.

It has to be YOU that stops the cycle. 

And how do you do that? Decide to dive into something else - its going to be scary as hell, but it wont hurt you. I promise. 

UnDieting is the way to go my friends - to learn more about that be sure to get on one of our masterclasses at bit.ly/undietmasterclass.

How to undiet with chronic illness that sometimes necessitate certain diets/ food restrictions?

This is absolutely possible. I have celiac disease and I don’t eat gluten (on purpose) and am completely free around food.

It is 100% mindset - I am not focused on weight and have let go of all or nothing thinking so I don’t use celiac disease as an “excuse” to restrict foods - I eat EVERY yummy gluten free version thing out there. Cookies, pizza, muffins, bread…

But if you have an illness and are prescribed a VERY restricted diet, this is something I would search for an expert in. Many anti diet dietians can let you navigate this beautifully. 


What if your body physically hurts a lot at a higher weight and that’s why you fear gaining?

This is a very valid question but also - there are many things you can do that facilitate pain reduction without it being about weight loss.

UnDieting does not mean you:

  • Stop exercising or strength building
  • Stop going to physio
  • Stop going to massage
  • Stop stretching 

Take care of your body - in UnDieting all you’re doing is letting go of the obsession around weight and food and getting into a life of genuine wellness.

“Research shows that positive health behaviour, regardless of body size, can reduce mortality risk to the point where there is NO difference between those in smaller or larger bodies” (Andrea Hardy, RD).

If you’re ready to find balance and wellness without the obsession be sure to join our undiet masterclass this week at bit.ly/undietmasterclass

We will be covering:

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