Quick Coaching: Is food logging to see how food makes me feel a good idea?

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Something like food logging (not calorie counting) isn't bad or wrong but the question is will it give you the results you’re hoping for?

When you stop dieting and become an intuitive eater, many people hope to think about food less - logging in any form puts more attention on what you eat

- Have to think about the food twice - eat it and write it down

- See all the food you ate that day - way too easy to take stock of your day and think i shouldnt have had so many carbs etc

- Hard to be present when logging 

- False sense of control - if I don't write it down I'll go out of control

KEY POINT: Nothing is bad or wrong - but we need to look at the intention of it and whether it will give you the results you want.

This is relevant to ANYTHING with food and movement.

Your intention behind eating a salad

Your intention behind working out

Your intention behind food logging

Your intention behind being a vegan

Your intention behind eating all the chocolate


Will this allow you to get what you want?

If you feel restricted eating vegan - will you ever find food freedom?

If you log your food and it makes you think about food more often - are you going to be able to stop thinking about food all day?

Take these 2 things into account whenever you are considering something in this journey.

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Welcome to How to Love Your Body. On today’s episode we are going to be talking about something that may get a little misinterpreted in the IE world. 

Before we get started there’s a free worksheet you can grab by clicking HERE to help you assess what IE means to you, how you can be more gentle with yourself, and how to celebrate yourself. 

IE is not about celebrating eating less. 

People may think this because things like this get “celebrated” 

  • “I stopped after one cookie.”
  • “I passed on the stale donut in the staff room.”
  • “I went out to eat, ordered what I wanted, and only ate half.” 
  • “I usually feel like dessert every single night but tonight I didn’t” 
  • “I listened to my body and realized I only wanted a slice of pizza with a nice salad to go along with it. Usually I want the whole pizza!”

It does seem as though eating less is being celebrated when touching on these handful of examples…. 

And we want to tell you why it’s not about that at all - and tell you what it IS all about.

 The IE world is not celebrating eating less - what it is celebrating is…..


  • Being in tune with your body
  • Feeling good in your body 
  • Stopping the bingeing because there’s no restriction 
  • Enjoying dessert without needing to eat it ALL in one sitting because you know you can have it tomorrow or whenever. 
  • Knowing what is worth it to you and if you don’t feel like eating stale donuts because you actually won’t even enjoy it - awesome! 
  • Having a healthy positive mindset around food. 
  • Being able to actually see the progress you are making in healing the relationship with food and your body 
  • That you feel at peace, hopeful, and happy that it CAN be different - you don’t have to live in a miserable world with food anymore. 


THIS is everything we are celebrating!! It truly is amazing! 

AND if you told us… 

-You got too full and didn’t tune in 

-You binged after a few months one night 

-You couldn’t stop after one cookie

-You didn’t leave food on your plate 

That doesn’t mean you have failed and it doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to be celebrated - it doesn’t mean you are a bad person and it doesn’t mean you are doomed and can’t ever heal the relationship with food and your body and find wellness without the obsession. 

It means you are learning, growing, evolving, having awareness, being curious and are human! - When things happen that you don’t like or wish didn’t happen or things that you beat yourself up for -- THOSE are the times when you learn the most!! It’s really about being gentle and compassionate with yourself and giving yourself a break. 

So whatever happens - You leave food on your plate one night or feel too full the next - THAT’S OKAY. There will always be an ebb and flow to the way you eat on any given day - tune into your body and know that you can always in every present moment choose what feels good to you - whatever that may be. 

You are always being celebrated as an UnDieter! 

Don’t forget to grab your worksheet HERE

A celebrity recently posted about her weight loss and there was a response from 2 different sides. This episode was inspired by Adele’s recent weight loss but what we talk about is true for anyone you know who loses a significant amount of weight.

One group of people were praising the weight loss and one group were upset by the weight loss.

The first group are dieters - those who believe that skinner = better, that weight equates to health, these are people that subscribe to the main stream diet culture that we live in, no surprises at all here really. We know people get praise for weight loss, it’s one of the many reasons we can even get sucked back into wanting to lose weight ourselves. This reaction is Predictable and quite frankly boring. We all knew people would have this reaction, they always do, its old it’s played out so lets move onto the next perspective that is mostly what we’re seeing online now.

The second group were mad, they were triggered, they were upset. These are the people who are working on their own relationship with food and their bodies. They are working to get out of the diet mentality. They see a prominent person go from being a fat person to a thin person and it causes feelings - these may include worry that maybe they SHOULD be pursuing weight loss after all, and disappointment that yet another prominent, fat woman has now fit herself into the mold of what a famous person is supposed to look like, one less fat woman to represent other body types in the media. 

It IS upsetting when we see ourselves in someone and that person changes in a way that we no longer identify with, it feels like a break up almost. Like “you understood me and now you don’t”. 

We get it!

And it is okay to respond in whatever way you responded - having compassion for every person is the best way to find peace for yourself. Most people still live entrenched in diet culture not even KNOWING they live in a diet culture - we all lived in that space at one time or another. 

Our response to this persons weight loss is about US, not them.

Just like we always say, others people’s comments about your body is about them not you, it’s the same thing here.

So yes praising weight loss promotes fatphobia and we could talk about that for the whole episode but we’ve already seen a ton of people discussing this side of things- and it’s obvious for those who already are working on disentangling themselves from diet culture which is everyone listening to this podcast.

What is less obvious is why comments like this are not useful either:

This is a comment I saw on an article from the fat acceptance side of the argument.

"She will probably just gain the weight back since DIETS DON'T WORK".

Yes, drastic weight loss is usually not maintainable. BUT IT IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.

Can you imagine if we made comments like this about another woman on a topic other than weight loss? Like- oh she won the lottery? She’ll probably spend it all and be broke again anyways… 

And truthfully It’s completely fine if she gains the weight back, it’s fine if she doesn’t - it’s her body and it has nothing to do with us.

We know someone else’s weight loss can be triggering and we might turn to undermining the person who has lost weight - this is not the answer.

The key is to heal OUR relationship with our own bodies so that others’ bodies don’t effect our body peace.

If no one reacted to her weight loss - her post didn’t even mention weight, she was thanking front line workers during the pandemic - 

Bodies would just become free to fluctuate and do what they will without judgement, shame or praise.

Ironically, this would also be a world where we wouldn't feel like we have to manipulate our bodies in order to not be judged, shamed or to seek praise…

Win win all around.

If you are ever upset by someone’s weight loss, turn it around to you - what does this reaction say about my beliefs about bodies, weight and the trust I have or lack of in my own body.

Triggers are hard but they are helpful. It gives us so much insight into what we can continue to work on.

Also - we want people to stop judging our bodies, we want the world to accept all bodies, we want our bodies to be nobody’s business but our own but then we so easily have so much to say about someone who has lost weight.

NOBODY’S BODY IS OUR BUSINESS - whether they gain weight or lose weight it is not our place to say a word.

If you are looking to find more peace in YOUR body so other’s weight loss doesn’t affect you be sure to take a look at our 4 week course - it will be open until May 30th. We go over food, movement, body image and mindset all from a body acceptance and non diet perspective. www.thebodylovesociety.com/course

Hello and welcome to another episode of How to Love Your Body - this is Jenna and Lauren and today we are going to be talking about quieting your inner critic. 

You can follow along with the worksheet that goes with this episode here www.thebodylovesociety.com/105

You know the mean girl inside your head that makes you believe anything they say? She is something that gets to be handled because when the thoughts inside your head are constantly telling you how bad, unworthy, and such a failure you are - it will take you a heck of a lot longer to get to a place of love  and food and body freedom when you have such a negative nancy pulling you down. 

So what do to with the inner critic when her head is roaring? 

Acknowledge her and have compassion for her- she wants to be heard. She wants to be loved. She wants to be comforted. Even though she’s being such a mean girl - it’s the only way she knows how to communicate. It’s her cry for help - for that love and attention. 

Of course you aren’t going to agree with the mean things she is saying - what you can do is understand her - and tell her that you understand that it’s hard. To have compassion for her because it’s clear that she’s suffering. Give her the acknowledgment that she’s looking for - tell her that you are there for her and you have no judgement- you can say “ thank you for sharing, but the things you are saying are not my truth.”

Just by allowing the inner critic to have a voice allows it to come up and then be placed into the background. You don’t give anymore energy to it. When they get loud, you listen to them, and let them be on their way as you hold a space of compassion and understanding.

She is a part of you but that doesn’t mean she gets to be the boss of you. You take the power back.

Here are some tangible activities you can do to quiet the inner critic. 




    After this episode or whenever you get a chance (make it a priority) - write a stack of  reminders for yourself on post it notes- Empowering messaging, loving messages, motivational messages, inspiring messages- whatever will give you that boost to remember what you deserve and who you really are.

    You can say things like: 


  • I am beautiful 
  • I am a badass boss babe 
  • I am an amazing mom 
  • I can do hard things 
  • I am lovable 
  • Take a breath, be present! 
  • Etc… whatever feels good to you that will keep you going each day. 

Post them in all the places you regularly see- places like the mirrors you always look in, your car dashboard, your work space, anywhere. 


It may seem kind of silly or corny but you will see the difference when you wake up and maybe are already starting a tough day and you see all these reminders that give you the feel good boost you may need to keep that inner critic / mean girl in the background and not blaring in your ears. 

Another activity you can do is - RELEASE/ REFRAME JOURNALING


Whenever the inner critic is going off and nothing seems to stop her- get out your journal and write down the story she is telling you. Get all the words out on paper. It doesn’t need to make sense or have the correct spelling - just write and write and dump the words onto paper. All the feelings all the emotions- everything. It can be in messy handwriting, it can be whatever- just go all out. 

Once it’s all out and you’ve said it all - reframe the story. 

Don’t re- read what you wrote - there’s no need to go back through that. 

Rip up that paper and start a fresh new page. 

Now, begin with writing 10 things you’re grateful for- gratitude can always shift your energy into a new state. Most likely a better feeling state- 


After you dive into gratitude, get into the reframe part and write to yourself everything that you need to hear. That you are an amazing woman, that you deserve to be heard and supported by others. That your voice matters. That it doesn’t matter the size of your body but the size of your heart. That you are doing the best you can and you are exactly where you are meant to be. Tell yourself everything that you need to hear in this moment. Don’t get in your head - this is not coming from the inner critic - they had their turn- this is coming from your truth. From the part of you that knows you are worthy no matter what.

This reframe will allow you to quite that inner critic without suppressing it - shift your energy- and move forward. 

One last thing you can do- Is this someone I would want to be roommates with? 

When you hear the inner critic start to get loud and mean - ask yourself if this were my roommate would I tolerate this kind of behavior? Would I allow someone that I lived with to speak to me this way? Would I want to spend time with them? - most likely you would run as far away from this person and immediately evict them from your living space. And if it wasn’t immediate- I’m sure it would only be a matter of time before you’ve had enough. 

If you wouldn’t want to physically live with a person like this - why would you allow something like this to live inside your head all day long? That seems like torture! It’s time to evict that inner critic - so just simply being aware of “Oh wow, that sounds really mean, would I want to live with a person like this?” That can be your signal that you don’t tolerate this kind of behavior and to take action to “evict” this voice inside your head that doesn’t serve you. 

So there are a handful of tools you can use when you are starting to hear those mean voices come up - and remember that we all have those voices and it’s human. You aren’t going to quiet them completely 100% of the time - and that’s okay- the thing is - now you have tools to not let that voice run your life. You’ll have days when it’s louder and days when it’s quiet - and with the awareness and doing the work on yourself you’ll have many more days of peace and quiet!

Remember to download the worksheet to really dive into the work of quieting that inner critic at www.thebodylovesociety.com/105


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We had a pretty controversial post on Instagram about this with lots and lots of comments so getting this topic on the podcast felt appropriate! 

The reason is was so controversial is because we had a handful of dieters who couldn’t accept the fact that getting compliments for all their hard work is damaging - in a way they may have felt threatened that they wouldn’t be getting the external validation they so desperately need from the world to let them know - “hey you’re body is smaller, you are now worthy and enough.” 


Of course this need for external validation was something that was learned from diet culture - dieters aren’t bad or wrong for wanting this validation - it’s just how diet culture has groomed us as humans - no one is bad or wrong but our intention of bringing up this topic is not to demean anyone - just share our opinions on this …. 


So what’s so damaging about the phrase “Have you lost weight? You look so good!” ?


  • Most importantly - it perpetuates diet culture, it says “being thinner is good, and you’re thinner now so yay, you are now beautiful”. We want to get to a place where losing weight doesn’t get praise and gaining weight doesn’t get “concerns”... it’s all just natural body fluctuation and all bodies are good bodies. If you also are wanting to change diet culture this is a great place to start, keep the positive and negative comments of others bodies to yourself.




  • It can negatively impact someone with an eating disorder. That need for external validation becomes so great, that now there is pressure to keep the weight off even if it’s in a very unhealthy and obsessive way.

  • There is deep shame when the compliments stop - meaning that someone is no longer losing weight/ maybe gained all the weight back and more and now there’s no more external validation. That weight loss is the only way to get people to notice them - it’s like a hit of dopamine when someone compliments weight loss which keeps you coming back for more - and when the compliments stop it's like a punch in the gut. 



  • The focus on weight loss to be noticed by others becomes far more important than actually feeling good in your body and creating a healthy relationship with food. It turns into the “I’ll do ANYTHING to be in a smaller body” no matter what it takes - my freedom, my sanity, etc. It becomes the only thing that matters and someone’s life could be revolved around thinking about food, what their next meal is, what they can and can’t have, what the number is on the scale and when they’re getting in their workout- leaving no more room or energy for anything else that actually matters in their life. And this is the danger behind compliments - it can change the course of someone’s life in such a negative manner it’s sickening.

  • It is inappropriate to comment on anyone’s body ever. This is crossing a boundary - it doesn’t matter the opinions someone has if it be a positive or negative opinion in their mind - not their body not their business. A woman's body is her own and no one gets to have any ownership around it besides them. Think what you think in your head - but keep it to yourself.

    Just a note: This is not about making people feel attacked for weight loss - it’s sharing that focusing on your weight or anyone else’s weight can be a very dangerous line into the misery of dieting and EDs.



As we always mention- weight loss is NOT bad. It’s the obsessive focus around weight loss and changed (toxic) behavior that we are talking about - being intuitive, feeling good in your body and your mind, moving in ways that you enjoy, eating fruits and veggies that you love, and ice cream that you desire - that’s all fabulous - and when you have the intention of living with wellness without the obsession - your body is going to do what it’s going to do. 

This is about stepping away from the number on the scale and stepping into how you feel in your body and your mind. 

Live your life the way you want to live- just remember to hold the boundary - that commenting on other peoples bodies is unnecessary AND when someone compliments YOUR body for appearing smaller, don’t say thank you, instead regard it as a neutral comment, like you would if someone said, you have a purple shirt on today, “Oh hmmm…”. This stops the idea that YOU see thinness as a compliment, every bit helps shift others’ view on weight loss and commenting on others’ bodies.

Remember that you are enough as you are - in this body that you have today. 

On today’s episode we are going to be talking about the ebb and flow of intuitive eating and UnDieting. 

You can download a free worksheet HERE.

Let’s dive in to today’s topic :

We talk a lot about the ebb and flow of intuitive eating and this is what we mean by it.

It means that intuitive eating doesn’t look the same everyday- and that is totally okay and normal and to be honest it really is the BEAUTY of Intuitive Eating! 

Some days may look a little lighter, a little more nutritious, a little more green, and a little more colorful. Which could include loaded salads, veggies, salmon, brown rice, and asparagus. 

Some days may look a little more dense, carby, less color, less nutritious, and filling! That could mean a pastry, pizza, and desserts! 

Some days may look a bit more of the in between, green smoothie, pizza, salad, and a glass of wine or a cookie 

Your days may look like some of these, all of these, or anywhere in between - we aren’t saying this is exactly what your days have to look like - we’re pointing out this is how it could look and they are all different and it’s all a part of Intuitive Eating. 

And here’s the thing- you aren’t TRYING to eat lighter on the more nutritious days and you aren’t feeling shame and guilt on the days you eat less nutritious and more dense. And you aren’t compromising and saying you’ll eat more balanced on the mixed day of eating… 

It all happens NATURALLY. It’s just what your body does, how it feels, and what it signals to you. You will be more hungry on days and less hungry on days and medium hungry on days - we aren’t robots who eat the same thing everyday, the same portion size, and perfectly balanced- that’s dieting actually, and it treats us like we are robots. As humans  We get to be flexible and flow! 



Even on the lighter days of eating you are eating food you WANT, that satisfies you, and that you enjoy! You aren’t forcing down nutritious food because you have to, you actually like it. (and maybe you never have days like this because you always have dessert or something - THAT’S OKAY. We are not glorifying the lighter days- we are pointing out they can happen if your body is feeling it that day. 


You get to eat however your body wants to eat AND add in some logic with how you want to feel. 

Each day you ask yourself “what will feel good right now? What will taste good? What sounds satisfying?” And that may mean ANYTHING! It could mean that pizza it could mean that salad it could mean both. It could mean whipping up a loaded green smoothie because you’re feeling like you haven’t had veggies in a while or it could mean ordering chinese food because that’s just what would make the soul feel good (and your taste buds too). 

Allow yourself to relax and ride the ebb and flow of your hunger signals, taste buds, and how you feel in your body. 

And just FYI- we know we talk about feeling good in your body - but you don’t HAVE to feel good in your body 100% of the time- that is an absolute choice! You choose the way you want to feel - it’s not some rule we created for you. 

This is your life - you choose what you eat, you choose how you feel - and on any given day it may look different. No one gets to tell you what to do or how to eat or how to live. This is an INTERNAL choice- you go within and ask yourself what it is that you choose - and then you choose- no validation from others just your own intuition and you get to trust yourself and trust your body that you are on the same team and you both know what’s best for you. 


Remember to download your free worksheet at https://theundiet.lpages.co/ebb-and-flow/

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When everything is going to hell around us, food and body issues can stick out like a sore thumb just waiting to be obsessed over!

So it’s absolutely normal if you’re feeling tempted to get back on a diet right now or even just “try to be sensible, healthier etc” -- but we know that any type of trying to restrict is just a diet, no matter what you call it.

Here are 3 reasons that this could be happening right now and how to shift back into what you know is true - that the best way to honor your body and find genuine wellness is to continue repairing your relationship with food and your body.

3 Reasons this might be happening right now

  1. Control - Or lack thereof. Right now there are so many things that are out of our hands (in reality we actually have control over very little in life but our routines make us feel like we’ve got it) and the uncertainty of how long life will be like this can make us look elsewhere for something to control and keep in check. If your thoughts right now are, if this goes on for a long time I can’t keep living like this! Then yes you can make a shift but it doesn't have to be towards trying to control, restrict or diet. It can simply be to tune in more and prioritize your needs a little more.

Not moving at all and want to start? Go for a walk today, that's it. Start small and see where it goes, might be just a couple walks a week, might be some intense living room workouts or some gentle stretching. 

Feel bad in the way you’re eating? Tune into your body, You can make changes without it being restrictive at all.

  1. Feeling like you’re eating more and exercising less - God forbid, have to FIX IT! 

 Sit with the idea that it’s OK to be eating more and exercising less right now. This is a global pandemic and we are going to have phases in life when we are moving less and eating more. That is OK! This is so against what diet culture tells us but it's true. If you just don't have the ware with all to really tune into what movement and food your body needs right now. Give yourself a break. As the weeks go on you might feel ready or you might not be ready until the world opens back up a bit and that's ok. Honor what you need right now and that might mean not prioritizing food and movement right now.


  1. Messaging we’re seeing - We’re sure you’ve noticed the endless memes going around talking about how much weight people are going to gain during quarantine, how much food they can’t stop eating, how many snacks they are having - yeah it’s all supposed to be funny but when it comes to our UnDiet world - diet culture memes are not funny - they are most likely triggering and not to mention FULL of shame and judgement. Not only are you most likely seeing these memes on a daily basis (unfollow if you can) - you are probably seeing many messages to workout more at home, stream the live workout classes, get on an immunity boosting meal plan - diet culture has always been noisy - but now it’s even louder! Don’t let these memes and this pressure to move / eat less. Just remember you can focus on feeling good in your body - movement and eating things that make you feel good can be awesome but no need to obsess over it. Think back to what we mentioned in #1 & #2 - you can do things to feel good - no problem - but do things you enjoy and still allow yourself to eat all food and take a rest if you don’t feel like moving - we are in a pandemic - we are staying home to be safe and help the world not to obsess over our bodies and food and shame ourselves. 

If you are ready and wanting support in this continued time of self isolating we are offering an affordable 4 week program that covers food, movement, body image and mindset. The work we will do together will continue your work in repairing your relationship with food and your body while in isolation and also in general so you’ll feel more confident in this work even when the world opens back up. You can learn more at www.thebodylovesociety.com/course

We are covering this topic because we did a poll and 90% of our audience were interested in learning more about intuitive drinking.

If this topic does not relate to you, you choose to abstain or are bothered by the topic of drinking then this is an episode you might want to skip.

This episode is brought to you by our quarantine quiz which you can take to receive 1 personalized undiet strategy to make food easier while youre in self isolation. You can take the quiz at www.thebodylovesociety.com/thequiz

Drinking can also react to having a diet culture mindset around it.

If you’re worried about the calories, or have a screw it attitude because those couple drinks ruined your healthy day, drinking can be another difficult area.

So here are three pointers on how to drink intuitively:


1. Focus on how you feel when drinking instead of following what’s going on around you:


We had a client who was wondering about intuitive drinking because they would often go out with coworkers and everyone would drink so should she just not go? No! If you want to attend these events thats great, you can just listen to YOUR body and do what feels best for you. Sometimes a couple glasses of wine might feel good, sometimes a tea, sometimes a pop, sometimes a vodka soda. Tune in! 


2. Make empowered choices: Know yourself. How many drinks usually feels good for you? How much feels like too much? When you know this about yourself, you can then make empowered choices. Even if you CHOOSE to have an amount that you know will make you feel crappy tomorrow, thats fine but choose it. Don't be completely unaware, and then beat yourself up for the next 3 days because you “shouldnt” have done that. 


3. Untie diet culture and drinking: Do not worry about eating when drinking -- if you are restricting food then after a couple drinks when your inhibitions are down you can get stuck in a screw it moment with both the food and the drinks. Be sure that you are working on your relationship with food as well so that you are free to eat and drink freely. Yes you may want some snacky foods when you drink, and thats fine!


Don’t forget to take our quarantine quiz and get your personalized UnDiet strategy to make food easier while in self isolation at thebodylovesociety.com/thequiz 

Welcome to how to love your body - in this episode we are going to be giving you 10 small tips to help cope with food while in quarantine - as we are working with a lovely group of women right now in our 4 week course called How To Love Your Body Online Course and Community - we’ve noticed that food is very much a challenge and we thought it would be helpful to give you these 10 tips to help get through the days that you are home all day and it seems like all you want to do is eat. 

Before we begin we want to share - for our 100th episode we are doing a GIVEAWAY - rate / review our podcast in the next 48 hrs and enter to win the How to Love Your Body online course for free. - The winner will be chosen on Thursday April 2nd. We will tell you more about the course at the end of the episode.

Let's get started. 

First - there is nothing wrong with eating - so this is not about getting you to eat less because you are wrong for eating . NOT AT ALL. 

The intention behind this is to help you feel at peace being at home while surrounded by food knowing you can eat it whenever, that it’s all allowed, and you don’t need to feel like that’s all you think about all day… we want to help clear your mind. 

Just a little note: You don’t have to do ONE thing we mention below if you aren’t in a space to do so - take what resonates, leave what doesn’t because you can honestly do whatever the heck you want and that’s your right! 

So here are 10 small tips to help: 


  • Create a routine that gives you joy:

    This is not about creating a food routine. This is about incorporating things into your day that you enjoy - of course you may feel limited right now but what are some things you can do each day that make you feel good - for ex. Things that are keeping me sane- every morning I talk a walk outside with my 2 dogs and my daughter. When we get back home- I make my coffee, go back outside, and we play in the front yard. Just knowing I have my walk and my coffee with some fresh air each start to my day is so helpful as it feels like a routine - and I enjoy it. I also know that I will add work into my day during nap time which I enjoy (I set the mood with my essential oil diffuser which feels zen and peaceful- lots of times I work in bed which feels good.) Another part of my routine - well taking care of my toddler - but after I get her dinner, bath, and to bed - I either work more, listen to my audible book, watch TV, or lay in bed and catch up on podcasts of IG lives from my favorite people. Knowing I have all of this in my day to look forward to feels good. I have a sense of routine. So what can you add into your day that you look forward to? 



  • Add mindful activities:


We can get into a rut of engaging in only mindless activities (especially right now when we are limited to our homes)  - it could be scrolling on your phone, watching tv, playing video games / games on your phone etc - when we get caught up in mindless activities ALL DAY LONG it can be a big reason food may be your main focus all day - its something that engages us. So of course you are going to do some mindless activities each day ESPECIALLY in quarantine but if you are sick of thinking about food all day and eating food all day because it simply doesn’t feel good - adding in some mindFUL activities can help. What are mindful activities? Things that are engaging and keep you in the present moment. This could be painting, writing, journaling, being with your kids (BEING TRULY PRESENT with them).. Or anything where you realize you didn't think about anything but the thing in front of you for a bit. What gets you present? How can you fit these things into your dayS?


  • Tackle one thing a day:

    Maybe you’ve always wanted to organize your closet / dresser and now you have the time - but it may seem like a really big daunting task because there is just so much - what can be helpful it to break it into sections - do one drawer a day or one small section a day so it doesn’t feel like so much - tackling one thing a day that doesn’t overwhelm you can help you feel productive - and that can feel really dang good. It’s just another something to focus on other than food. And productivity - even if it’s something small can make a difference. Reminder: you are not forced to be or feel productive - you don’t have to accomplish a damn thing during this quarantine or pressure yourself into anything you don’t want to - but if it seems like something helpful to YOU personally - try it out.


  • Always remind yourself you can eat what you want when you want:

    These tips are not about distracting yourself not to eat - we want you to remind yourself that you can eat whatever the heck you want, food is allowed, it’s not bad or wrong, you can’t have too much or too little, it’s what your body is asking you for. So just a tip - eat what you want / know it’s there and you can also simultaneously tune into your body and listen to its signals - tapping into what feels good. And just be aware while eating. Call it Allowing with awareness! (and sometimes we may zone out and not realize until we are overly full and that's ok, in these times practice compassion, don't be hard on yourself, that won't get you anywhere)



  • Eat enough:

    Eat meals you enjoy that actually fill you up - grazing will just keep you grazing all day which will keep the food focus on the forefront of your brain. There is no routine that you are forced to follow but when your body is asking to eat - make sure you eat enough to fill you up! If you are full and content it alleviates the constantly thinking about food all day. 


  • Create connection:


Loneliness / not physically seeing friends and family at this time can be really tough - that’s why it’s so important to do the best you can under these circumstances - FaceTime with friends/ family daily if that sounds good to you. Or get on a group zoom with your girlfriends once a week - Virtual ladies night (or coffee date)! How can you keep connection alive on the daily even if it’s virtual. It can alleviate the boredom and loneliness if that’s something you are experiencing.


  • Get outside if available:

    If available to you - get outside and get some sunlight and fresh air. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes or less - this is an absolute mood booster. We need sunlight to help with our mental state - if a walk can’t happen, open a window, walk in the front yard or backyard and just be - if you have a balcony sit outside for a while with a book/ coffee/ beverage etc How can you incorporate fresh air into your life each day?



  • Improve your sleep:

    Do your best to get some sleep at night. Yes, you may have kids that doesn’t allow you to get a full night's sleep - but if you’re able get to bed a bit earlier and have a bit of a routine - I know many people have trouble sleeping so figure out something that can be helpful to you - is it a bedtime routine with some sleepytime tea? Taking a shower before bed? Listening to a meditation as you fall asleep - my favorite right now is listening to my audiobook on a sleep timer while I fall asleep - and if I wake up in the middle of the night - instead of scrolling on Social media which only makes my sleep worse - I just put my audio book back on a sleep timer and fall back to sleep to that. So figure out what works for you and how you can improve your sleep - even just a little bit.



  • No judgment- give yourself a break!

    This is not about perfection - if tomorrow you sit on the couch all day, watch TV, and eat FINE - that’s okay. If you are trying so hard and you still feel the struggle with all this food stuff - THAT’S OKAY! Give yourself a break - we are in such a weird time - and you are doing the best you can right now. So don’t put high expectations on yourself and then beat yourself up for not reaching them - it’s about doing what you can each day to bring some joy, do something you enjoy, and make the best of this situation we’re all stuck in. And if all you can do that day is do nothing - then that’s great. You are doing the best you can. This stuff is challenging - and soooo many people around the world are feeling it too. You are not alone and you are not doing anything wrong - you are not failing or any of that nonsense - you are a human trying to get through this uncertain time. You are doing great. 



  •  Get support:

    -Follow people you enjoy on social media that feel helpful to you
    -Keep listening to helpful podcasts like this one :)
    -Watch IG Lives that a lot of accounts are doing
    -Look into therapy online

    -How to Love Your Body Online Course - we recently launched a 4 week course that we are now offering as a digital course. If you do find yourself struggling with food, movement, body image, and your mindset around all of it - this is a helpful course to get you through this time of quarantine - as we specially address the most pressing issues that are being faced. You’ll get 4 modules to listen to, with a workbook each week so you can process the information, and a bonus of our “coach on your shoulder audio bank” - which is 20+ trainings on the most asked questions we get in our UnDiet community. 


For our 100th episode we are doing a GIVEAWAY - rate / review our podcast in the next 48 hours and enter to win the digital course for free. - The winner will be chosen on Thursday April 2nd.

Doors - open to the course for everyone on Friday 4/3! 

You can learn about the course at  www.thebodylovesociety.com/course 

PS -  We have created a new quiz for you guys to get more personal guidance on which 3 steps would be most powerful for YOU to take to make food easier right now -- you can take the quiz at thebodylovesociety.com/thequiz

We are here to support you through this time (and always!) 

Welcome to How to Love Your Body, our first episode live from self isolation.

Today we are going to be talking about 4 tips to make this time easier with food and body. These tips will cover food, movement, body image and mindset.

Lets dive right in.

Tip 1: Food 

  • Satisfaction- it's important to eat food that will actually satisfy you. It's also important to eat ENOUGH. When you find yourself eating food that you actually don't want to eat and doesn't fill you - that can cause you to snack all day long. You just never feel complete. So when it's time to eat - choose something that sounds good to you. Allow yourself to have enough of it to help you feel content. Then you can move on with your day and not think about it until you're hungry again. If you find yourself grazing - it most likely means you didn't eat a satisfying meal that filled you up.

Tip 2: Movement 

  • Get creative, get flexible- since we are all quarantined - you may be restricted from workouts that you enjoy. Gyms, workout studios, hikes, and beaches are all closed. SO -- how can you get creative in doors? Stretch? Online exercise video? Garden? Clean? Walk in your front yard or backyard? Go up and down your stairs if you have them? Play with your kids? Rest? Yes, you can also choose to rest. At this time allow yourself to be okay with moving in different ways. This is about your mental health. Yes, it's great to move physically but what can you do to move in ways that are good for your mental health?

Tip 3: Body Image 

  • Now that you may be around mirrors even more since you're in your homes - make sure to not body check! Wear comfortable clothes - yes, pj's are welcomed. :) Or get dressed for the day if that makes you feel better. Now is the time to realize that we are in quarantine - and maybe your looks/ body is the least interesting thing about you? (it's true- you are so much more than your body!).

Tip 4: Mindset 

  • Be present, take it day by day - this is a very unusual time for all of us right now. So do your best to be as present as possible.

If you want more support as we go through this Quarantine - we cover all things food, movement, body image, and mindset in our 4 week course - it’s called  How to Love Your Body Online Course and Community -- we'll help you get through this challenging time so you can have a healthier relationship food and you body and movement, even after the world settles into a new normal.

We begin on Tuesday, March 24th -- you'll get your first module and can dive right in -- you'll get 4 audio trainings + a workbook each week all geared toward this very specific time in our lives-- it will fully address how to handle being quarantined, not just the general stuff. Also accompanied by a private Facebook group where you will get daily coaching from Jenna and I and will be supported by other women going through the same thing.

On Thursday, March 26th we will be on our first of 4 live video conference calls for more coaching with us AND best of all - face to face connection with a safe, loving, and supportive community! We need to stick together more than ever right now, even if it's virtual.

You can go to www.thebodylovesociety.com/course to get more info.

We are excited for the first week to drop tomorrow - all about food- binge eating, over eating, emotional eating (stress/ boredom), how you can make food easier, and food mindset. Then we’ll see you on our first live call on Thursday!

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