Whether you just started your Intuitive Eating journey or have read the book many times be sure to tune into this episode to get more nuance and insights in the first and most vital principle of Intuitive Eating - Rejecting the Diet Mentality!

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How to Love Your Body Podcast - Episode 190

In this episode, Lauren and Jenna have an honest conversation about their own personal lives, the challenges around UnDieting, and life in general. We are all going through this human experience together. We hope you find this conversation refreshing and that you can relate in your own ways.

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This week is a biggie - Jenna and Lauren are discussing social media, it's pros and cons and how you can incorporate it (or limit it) in ways that serve you.

This will be different for everyone and there is no judgement on what works for you but listen in to stop and question things for yourself. Where is social media helping you? Where is it hurting?

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On this episode Lauren and Jenna talk about 3 ways to eat with ease. They dive into releasing all or nothing thinking, seeing food as neutral, and trying out the UnDiet Your Mind: Eat with Ease 60 day journal. 

Eating with ease is more than just using tangible tips, it's shifting the way you think about food. It's UnDieting your mind. We are here to help you do that in this episode. Tune in to the full conversation! 

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In this episode Lauren McAulay and Jenna Free discuss the obstacles that come with being conditioned to think like a dieter. This includes being conditioned with beliefs around fat phobia, healthism and the many problematic habits we adopt as dieters.

Learn how to begin shifting this conditioning so you can move forward in your Intuitive Eating Journey!

Be sure to look into our UnDiet Your Mind app if you want to continue working on undoing the conditioning that Diet Culture instilled in all of us! You can learn more at www.thebodylovesociety.com/app

December 1, 2021

Ep 186 - UnDiet Your Mind

In this episode on How to Love Your Body, Jenna and Lauren are talking about all of the benefits and features of the 100% diet culture free UnDiet Your Mind App! It launches December 1st, 2021! To hear ALL about this amazing non diet tool to add to your non diet toolbox - tune in! 

You can sign up for the App at www.undietyourmind.app

You can read more about the App here. 

If you would like to get the UnDiet Your Mind Journal for free - it comes with the yearly subscription of the app (only for US and Canada). Offer lasts only TODAY, December 1st, 2021! 

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xo Jenna and Lauren 

In this episode Lauren and Jenna discuss how beauty culture fits into the work of smashing diet culture.

After a spicy no makeup conversation on Instagram this topic is continued here on the podcast.

Interested to dive more into your relationship with makeup and other beauty products/ rituals?

Tune in here!

We discuss the work of Helen from @notyourmanicpixiedreamcurl  .

She does powerful work in taking down beauty culture and she knows a lot more than us :). 

This topic brings a lot up for people so if you're not ready to look closer at beauty culture and question how we interact with it that's fine! You can just skip this one.

Love, Lauren and Jenna

PS - Don't forget the UnDiet Your Mind app launches on December 1st! Get on the waitlist at bit.ly/undietappwaitlist to get all the details and a 50% off coupon code.

In this episode Jenna and Lauren have a conversation about it being okay to not always feel good in your body. Sometimes it feels as though Intuitive Eating puts a lot of pressure on feeling food in your body. But what happens when you don't feel good in your body? Does this mean you are doing Intuitive Eating wrong? Does this mean you have failed? Absolutely not. Tune in to listen to the full discussion and learn what IS the main focus in Intuitive Eating. 

The 100% non diet, Intuitive Eating, Health At Every Size APP is launching December 1st with 50+ and counting non diet experts - get on the waitlist here

Lauren and Jenna discuss the importance of an abundant mindset in the UnDieting process. 

From feeling free around food to being able to tap into what feels good for your body, an abundant mindset makes it all possible.

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In this episode Jenna and Lauren talk about diet culture that surrounds us. It could be surrounding us from our most deeply loved family members and friends which makes it that much harder. Learn more in this episode about the conversation on boundaries, living in the grey area, and what is worth it to you to give your energy and what's not. Tune in!

The UnDiet Your Mind App will be available on Dec 1 along with the UnDiet Your Mind: Eat with Ease 60 Day Journal - get on the waitlist here so you don't miss a thing! https://theundiet.lpages.co/undiet-your-mind-waitlist/

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